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How to Fix a Warped Tupperware Lid (Fixing Common Problems)

Tupperware has been around forever. Most likely you are related to someone who has owned or sold Tupperware products. Unfortunately, the plastic used by this company is not perfect. It has its own set

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Jello Package Sizes: How Many Ounces Is a Small Box of Jello?

Everyone loves Jello. But most people do not go as far as Utah has in its love for this flavored dessert. The state has made Jello its official state snack and even used it in one of its 2002 Olympic souvenir

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Rhubarb Weight: How Many Cups of Rhubarb in a Pound?

While a pound of feathers is the same weight as a pound of cheese, it takes far more feathers to reach that level than it does cheese pieces. Even with fruit, the amount needed to make a pound varies due

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Virtual Graph Paper: Finding Online Interactive Graph Paper

Your math days are coming back to haunt you. How many people remember those math classes where you had to make calculations then chart them on graph paper? Those math days have not gone away as you now

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Sewing vs Embroidery Thread: Are They The Same? (Difference)

Without thread, all you have are a few pieces of cut fabric and no good way to put them all together. But not thread is thread, there are subtle differences in different types so that any sewer can make

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How Many Fat Quarters in a Yard? (Fat Quarter In Inches/Cm)

Just like it is with making any clothing item, you need to measure accurately to make sure the item fits the person or the bed it is made for. When you come across new terms like fat quarters you need

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Charm Pack Size: How Many Yards of Fabric Are in a Charm Pack?

To save you the time and trouble of cutting your own squares, different manufacturers have created the charm pack. You get enough fabric on one of these packs to do some serious quilting. But not all packs

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How Many 10 inch Squares In a Yard of Fabric? (+5, 6, 12″)

Being frugal doesn't mean you are a miser. It just simply means that you want to get the most fabric possible out of a yard of material. All that action means is that you do not want to waste your money

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Needle Guard For Sewing Machine (10 Sewing Safety Rules)

Risk and danger are subjective issues. Each person has their own idea of what is or isn’t risky or dangerous. Each person should decide for themselves how they will handle the same issue when it comes

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DIY Sewing Needle Alternative: How to Sew Without a Needle

There will be those times where you can’t find your sewing kit or you forgot to pack it for your holiday or business trip. It pays to learn a few tips and tricks so you can make quick repairs in those

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