When Do Sewing Machines Go On Sale? (Best Time to Buy + Tips)

Sales are every consumer's best friend. You get to save money and the discounted prices allow you to get a better model than you had planned on. it is always a good idea to keep your eye open for a sale. You do not need dealer loyalty to take advantage of a sale. Saving money is more important.

When do sewing machines go on sale? There are two good times of the year to find a good sale. One is the holidays as many are looking for that perfect gift for their loved ones. The other time is when dealers have to count their stock. They would rather cut the price for an inventory sale than count what is on their shelves.

To learn more about the best time of the year to find sewing machines on sale just keep reading our article. It lets you know the ideal times and the right locations to live in to cash in on those discounted prices.

Do Sewing Machines Go On Sale?


Yes, sewing machines go on sale. A quick internet search or a scan of your newspaper will let you know which store is having a sale at which time. Sewing machines are precision devices but that does not mean they do not get discounted.

Manufacturers want their machines in every home and not on their warehouse storage shelves. They will make the sewing machines more affordable when they get too much stock on hand.

Then when dealers do not want to count their leftover merchandise, they put some good sales on. Those heavily discounted prices for top-end machines make buying a better sewing machine more attractive.

The only drawback to some people is if they live in the wrong region or out in smaller communities where the population is not so great. Those groups of people may not see a lot of sales as there aren't enough sewers to support cutting those prices.

You may have to drive to larger, more populated areas if you live in those smaller communities to take advantage of a sale. Or you can shop by mail or online and get the cheaper sewing machine sent to you. Just figure in shipping and handling costs to see if it is still a good deal.

When do Sewing Machines Go On Sale?


The biggest time of the year for sales is around the holidays. Many retailers are taking advantage of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday fads and putting their machines on sale for Christmas presents.

Those two dates are situated around Thanksgiving when everyone is home for the holidays and in the mood to spend some of their hard-earned cash. Another holiday date is Christmas where you will see sales both before and after that popular western holiday.

Then you can find good sales when it is inventory time. Dealers want to move older models off their shelves to make room for the newer ones so they cut the prices of those older models. These inventory sales can happen at any time of the year depending on the financial year of the dealer.

But holidays are not the only time sales happen for sewing machines. There are international quilt festivals or other sewing celebrations where dealers come in and offer great deals.

The one in Houston happens at the end of Oct and the beginning of Nov. All you have to do is look for the one taking place near you and you are set to find a good sewing machine price.

Plus, you may find sales happening around special days like Mother’s Day. Many a husband will want to give a special gift to their wives as they appreciate the contribution their women have made to their lives.

The best thing to do is to start searching for those special occasions to see what the dealers are doing. They do not make any money unless they move those machines off their stock room shelves.

Best Time to Buy a Sewing Machine


The best time to buy a sewing machine is when you can get the best deal possible. You may have to work for the low price and talk to different dealers before making a decision. But that work is worth it if you are saving hundreds of dollars.

The good thing about sales is that you can get a more expensive machine for about the price of the machine you thought you could afford and were stretching the budget a bit. You have to look for those times when the dealer is a motivated seller.

Trade shows, sewing festivals, and similar events the dealers are motivated as they do not want to return to their stores with the same amount of machines that they left with. You can try Black Friday and Cyber Monday but some retailers may only make one or two machines available at a very attractive price.

You need to be selective and not jump every time the word sale is mentioned or placed in front of your eyes. Compare sales to make sure you are getting the best price and also check to see if the dealer will take trade-ins and lower your cost even further.

What do I Need to Know Before Buying a Sewing Machine?


Buying a sewing machine is like buying a car. You need to check out all the standard options, the extra features you get, and so on before you buy. One thing you do not do is buy a machine just because a friend has one.

You should consider how much you sew and if you are going to need all the bells and whistles on your new sewing machine or not. The money you save by buying a sewing machine that fits your sewing hobby will make you feel good.

Here are some other things you need to know before you buy a sewing machine:

1. Look For The Basics

These include a full metal rotary hook and one that spins in a circle not simply spins back and forth. Then there is the ease of cleaning. The machine should open up to make cleaning inside a lot easier. You will want to be able to clean it yourself regularly to save money.

An open arm is essential and fortunately, most new machines have one so this is not going to be a big concern. To avoid having thicker materials jam on you, the sewing machine should have universal pressure. This pressure automatically adjusts from thick to thin and back again for you.

Finally, find a machine that threads easily and avoid lots of plastic.

2. Stitch Options

How many are included as standard is important. If you are not an experienced sewer or do not do a lot of sewing you may be able to get away with a few stitch options. Make sure to have the basic stitches like zig-zag, straight, stretch straight, blind hem, buttonhole, and tri motion.

3. Mechanical Or An Electronic Machine

This is what you have to decide is best for you and your sewing time. The mechanical machine means you do all the adjustments by turning the different dials. The electronic option does it all for you.

Also, make sure whichever model you get allows you to work with several layers of fabric at one time. Just be prepared to pay more for those types of sewing machines.

4. Optional and Standard Features

Make sure the sewing machine comes with the features you need. it doesn’t pay to buy an expensive machine only to find out that it does not have a vital feature you use all the time. Even if it is on sale.

Plus, you should figure out if you are going to expand your sewing skills soon. If so, then you will want a machine that can add new features to help you develop your sewing skills.

5. Machine Weight and Size

Analyze the sewing space you have and find a machine that will fit that space and still let you sew comfortably. If you have to lift the machine regularly, buying a heavier one is not going to be good for you.

If your machine will be stationary then the weight is less of an issue.

6. Stay Within Your Budget

You may have to go to a used machine to make sure you do not overspend. But make sure you buy the machine that fits the amount of sewing you are going to do. Also, check the service and warranty guarantees before you buy.

Some Final Words

Getting a machine on sale is a great feeling especially if it is one you couldn’t afford. Just make sure you find the right deals and warranty coverage before spending the big bucks.

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