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How-Old-Is-My-Singer-Sewing-Machine-(Value,-Models,-History) (2)

How Old Is My Singer Sewing Machine? (Value, Models, History)

Just about everyone has heard of the company and the sewing machine that bears its name. Now you can learn its history.How old Is my Singer sewing machine? 1851 saw the first Singer sewing machine come

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How Old Is My Viking Sewing Machine? (Models, History, Value)

Old age is not the time for the rocking chair. As people age, they tend to slow down and look for a comfortable rocking chair to help pass the time. But not so for sewing machines. These older machines

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The-Antique-Vintage-Vesta-Sewing-Machine-(Value,-Dating) (2)

The Antique Vintage Vesta Sewing Machine (Value, Dating)

When you want an antique sewing machine, there are plenty to be found in Europe. A lot of great sewing machine companies got their start on that continent and spent a lifetime selling their machines there.

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The Nelco Sewing Machine (History, Value, Models)

There once was a man named Al Jolson. He was born in Russia and was a very gifted entertainer who was labeled as the greatest entertainer to have ever lived at that time. All he shares with the founder

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How to Date a Franklin Sewing Machine (Value, Models)

No, it was not started by one of the founding fathers of the American nation. But having the same family name may have helped it get a foothold in sewing machine industry history. But like many other sewing

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How Old is My Husqvarna Sewing Machine? (Old Models Review)

When you want to learn about a sewing machine company you may get a lot more than you bargained for. The history of European companies will surprise youHow old is my Husqvarna sewing machine? If you are

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How Old is My Elna Sewing Machine? (Old Vintage Elna Review)

Getting older doesn't mean getting worse or ready for the junkyard. It can mean like fine wine, it just gets better with age. That is the way it is with some sewing machines. They get better the older

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How to Date a Featherweight Sewing Machine (History, Cost)

Knowing how old your sewing machine is goes a long way in determining its value. Once you get the value then you can decide if you want to hang onto your machine or sell it to make a few extra dollars.To

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The Vintage Fleetwood Sewing Machine (History, Models)

All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it is called fool’s gold because it looks great and shines as gold does but in reality it is just a fake metal. That is the reality of many vintage sewing machines.

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The Globe Sewing Machine Company and Price (510, 550, 896)

Sometimes you can get a lot of interesting facts and other times you are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find anything on a given topic. The different makers of sewing machines are not excluded from

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