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Antique Wooden Thread Spools Value (20 Recycle Projects)

Everything has a value. Good sewing machines have value, new ones do, and even the old wood spools have a little value left in the. They may be empty but these wood spools command a fair price when you

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How Old is My Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine? (Models Review)

Your Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine may not be a Montgomery Ward machine. That is because it was always made by another company and Montgomery Ward just slapped their names on it. To keep costs down, they

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The 1920s 1930 Fashion Trends: What Are Banjo Sleeves?

Fashions come and go. Cuffed pants for men were popular in the early 20th century then disappeared for a few decades before turning up again in the 1970s or 80s. Only to go out of style soon after. Not

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