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History of Davis Sewing Machine Company (How To Date)

Learning history is not all about dates. It provides some great information and lets you hear the rest of the story. When it comes to sewing machines learning history helps you separate the good brands

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Who Made JCPenney Sewing Machines? (How to Thread and Use)

History loses a lot of data. That is one of the sad aspects of history. Time seems to not only heal all wounds but it seems to make facts and information disappear as well. This is the case when it comes

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White Sewing Machine Guide (Models, Value, History, Review)

Vintage sewing machines are real workhorses. While they do not have all the bells and whistles of the modern computerized sewing machines, they were built tough. Those old vintage machines last and last

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The Vintage Elite Sewing Machine History and Review

There are many vintage sewing machines. Not only from the pre World War 2 era but from the era right after the war when America was helping Japan rebuild after its devastating wartime loss. Because of

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Antique Wooden Thread Spools Value (20 Recycle Projects)

Everything has a value. Good sewing machines have value, new ones do, and even the old wood spools have a little value left in the. They may be empty but these wood spools command a fair price when you

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How Old is My Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine? (Models Review)

Your Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine may not be a Montgomery Ward machine. That is because it was always made by another company and Montgomery Ward just slapped their names on it. To keep costs down, they

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The 1920s 1930 Fashion Trends: What Are Banjo Sleeves?

Fashions come and go. Cuffed pants for men were popular in the early 20th century then disappeared for a few decades before turning up again in the 1970s or 80s. Only to go out of style soon after. Not

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