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What Year Is My Brother Sewing Machine? (Old Brother Models)

Age is all in the mind, except when you need to date a sewing machine. Then age becomes very important as it helps you find the value of your sewing machine. For some machines, this task is more difficult

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Vintage Vs New Sewing Machine: Are Old Machines Better?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. While sewing machines get upgrades and fancy stitches, you can still only do one stitch at a time, thread the machine in one way, place the needle in

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Who Made and When Was The First Sewing Machine Invented?

History is fun. You get to learn a lot about people, their inventiveness, and their struggles. The lessons you learn are very helpful in modern life as people need inspiration from those who came before

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How And Where to Sell Sewing Machines (Vintage, Online)

You won’t get rich, but you can free up a lot of space in your home by selling your old sewing machine. Even a top of the line Bernina sewing machine will depreciate a lot and what you get may be lower

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The Jones Sewing Machine Company History (Value and Review)

History is more meaningful than you may have given it credit. The subject goes beyond dates and names of places. Studying history can provide inspiration, motivation as well as ideas on what to do with

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Vintage Pfaff History: When Was My Pfaff Sewing Machine Made?

Not all companies originate from other businesses looking for tax breaks or diversification. Some start as family-owned businesses and use good business sense to expand and grow. Most sewing machine companies

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The Vintage Coronado: Who Made Coronado Sewing Machines

Knowing the machine’s history helps you decide if you are going to buy that particular sewing machine. Unfortunately, so many good brands or what seem like good brands are simply Singer’s 15-91 in

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Who Made Sewmor Sewing Machines? (Value, Models, and Parts)

Old sewing machines never die. They just get rebadged and shipped to whoever wants one. The fact that old sewing machines were built with parts that lasted a long time it is understandable why so many

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History of Davis Sewing Machine Company (How To Date)

Learning history is not all about dates. It provides some great information and lets you hear the rest of the story. When it comes to sewing machines learning history helps you separate the good brands

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Who Made JCPenney Sewing Machines? (How to Thread and Use)

History loses a lot of data. That is one of the sad aspects of history. Time seems to not only heal all wounds but it seems to make facts and information disappear as well. This is the case when it comes

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