How And Where to Sell Sewing Machines (Vintage, Online)

You won’t get rich, but you can free up a lot of space in your home by selling your old sewing machine. Even a top of the line Bernina sewing machine will depreciate a lot and what you get may be lower than what you think you should get.

The first step to how to sell your sewing machine is to take the dollar signs out of your eyes. Your sewing machine may have cost you a lot of money but if people are not willing to pay your price then you won’t get a lot for it. Online is one of the best places to sell your old machine.

To learn how to and where to sell your sewing machine just continue to read our article. There are different ways you can market your machine if you advertise it just right. Keep in mind a professional sewing machine shop will pay a lot less than you anticipated.

Where Can I Sell My Old Sewing Machine?


The first question you have to answer is do you really want to sell it. If it is a family heirloom or a vintage model and you have the storage space keeping it will save you a lot of time and frustration as well as possibly boost the value of the sewing machine.

If you still need to sell it there are lots of places you can go to in order to let people know it is available.

Traditional methods

  • Classified ads - your local newspaper has classified sections where you can place an ad. There are lots of smaller classified newspapers where you might place an ad for free.
  • Put up posters - you can go to the different sewing or fabric shops that do not sell sewing machines and ask to place a poster up.
  • Put up posters - you can go to the different sewing or fabric shops that do not sell sewing machines and ask to place a poster up.
  • Contact sewing repair or sales shops - they are always looking for good spare parts or interesting machines to sell.
  • Contact antique shops - if the sewing machine is old enough then they may be interested in buying it.
  • Auction houses - you won’t make a lot of money but it may sell quickly.

Where to Sell Sewing Machines Online

A good internet search should help provide you more specific locations than we can offer here. The shortlist below is just to get you started and on the right track. One of the drawbacks of selling online is shipping costs.

You need to know those costs before you set your price. Then your potential buyer may lower is offer because they can’t test the machine out. This is a bit harder than it seems

  • The internet - eBay is a good place to sell your sewing machine
  • Internet companies - like this one may buy your sewing machine, just be honest and provide the details
  • Craigslist & other internet classified ad websites - these are good locations to advertise your old sewing machine

There are lots of places you can go to sell your old machines. It will take a little time to go through them all to see which one will meet your needs. Read the fine print as it is possible you have to pay for a commission at some of those internet places

How to Sell Sewing Machines Online

There are some steps to take prior to filling out the required information at different internet classified or auction websites. Here are those steps first:

  • 1. Does your machine work? - this is the most important aspect of selling your machine. Make sure it is in good running order, if possible before you advertise.
  • 2. Research the value - this is also vital as you do not want to sell at a price that is too low.
  • 3. Take photos - A photo equals a 1000 words and shows what kind of condition your sewing machine is in.​
  • 4. Go to a dealer - they may pay less but the machine may be sold rather quickly.

Next, if you go to the online companies or auction houses you will have to fill out forms giving all the details you can about your sewing machine. At these times you will need to know the model number, the serial number, the brand name, its age, and if the machine works or not.

Remember, always be honest. Lying or fudging the details will not help you in the long run.

How to Sell Sewing Machine On eBay


eBay has its own requirements you have to meet in order to sell your sewing machine through them. The first page you need to look at is right here. According to that page listing up to 50 items per month is free. You only pay after you make a sale.

You can use the keyword box and type in the words sewing machine to get a little help in creating your ad. Just click on the picture you think represents your sewing machine, hit new or used when that screen pops up and then sign in to your account.

If you do not have an account, you can create one in no time and then follow all the tips and guidelines eBay has set up to help you sell your items. Make sure to have photos ready to upload so people can see your sewing machine.

Plus, you should have a good description ready to type in. That will make the process go a lot faster. If you have any questions you can always check their FAQ page to see if they are answered. That web page is at this link. Scroll down a long way if you do not see those questions.

Beneath those questions, they also have a few words of aid that will help you decide to use this service or not. It will take you a few minutes to sign up and follow all the instructions to get your photos uploaded and online.

Payment is made through Pay Pal and it may take a few moments for the buyer to make his or her payment to your account.

Can I Sell a Sewing Machine at a Pawn Shop?


It is possible. What kind of sewing machines and in how good of a shape, etc., the pawn shop will accept is up to the individual pawn shop owner. Like selling a sewing machine, yours should be in good working order.

You should oil it and clean it up as well as show off any special stitches it has by putting a sample on a fabric square. Then make sure you have the parts and accessories that normally go with the sewing machine.

Those items include feet, cover, bobbins, power cord, foot pedal, and more. Even with those items, the pawnshop may pay only 50% of the value. Make sure you know what the sewing machine is worth before going to the pawnshop.

That fee may change if your sewing machine was used by a celebrity, used in a famous project, or very old. Look at this link for some details. More information can be found at this pawn shop link.

Keep in mind that pawn shops are only interested in making money. They are not going to overpay even if you think your machine is very valuable. Pawn shops are usually the last resort place to go when you want to sell something.

Plus, they are not just going to take any old machine. The common sewing machines mass-produced are easier to donate than sell at a pawn shop.

Where to Sell Sewing Machines Near Me


This is not a hard situation to deal with. The hard part will be if you live in a very rural area or a very small town. You may not have the right type of business available to sell your old machine.

If you live in or near a big city, you stand a better chance of selling your sewing machine because you have ore places to go and use. The first place to go to is your local newspaper. Put in a classified ad or use one of those nickel classified newspapers to get the information out to the people you want to buy it.

Next, if your machine is old enough, you can make the rounds of the antique shops in your city. It may take a few visits before you find someone interested, but don't lose heart, just keep trying.

After that, you can go to the different sewing machine repair shops. They are always looking for spare parts. But do not get your hopes up buying for parts is not lucrative for you.

These are the best places to go to when you want to sell your sewing machine near you. Your locale may have other options but if your sewing machine does not stand out, have special features, or is not unique, you may find it a tough task to get done.

How to Sell Antique Sewing Machine


We are not going to spend a lot of time here as the list for these machines is the same for every other sewing machine that people want to sell. Your best bets are eBay, Craigslist, and antique shops.

Then you can go to sewing repair shops to see if they want the machine for parts or resale. Pawnshops will work if the machine is over 100 years old and still works. It is going to take a lot of patience when selling your sewing machine.

You can try the classified sections and online dealers but those options may be more hassle than they are worth. Be ready to negotiate or be ready to stand firm if the potential buyer doesn’t like the price or shipping costs.

How to Find the Value of Your Sewing Machine

Now that we have sparked your interest in selling your old sewing machine, we should pass on some links and information on how to determine its value. This information and links will help you decide to donate or try to sell.

  • 1. Brand Name - some are more valuable than others and you need to do some research to find out which ones those are
  • 2. Age - to be an antique, the sewing machine should have been made prior to 1900. The bad news is there are not a lot of them left in existence anymore. The good news is they can be valuable.
  • 3. Condition - good condition in working order is better than a bad condition in not working order. It will depend on the brand, the age, and other factors as to the value-added in this requirement.
  • 4. Find the serial number - this helps you determine the value.
  • 5. Model number - this will help determine the value but the bad news is many old sewing machines did not have them put on by the company. Singer was like this prior to 1960.
  • 6. Check with professionals - antique dealers have books helping them find the value of the antiques they want to sell. Ask them to help you research the value of your old machine.

Here are 2 links to help you get more information. Link #1 and link #2. You can also check our sewing machine blue book guide for more pricing information.

Another option

If your sewing machine is not worth much or no one wants it you can always donate it. There are lots of charitable places like women’s shelters, thrift stores, rehabilitation centers, schools needing spare parts or more machines, and so on.

Some Final Words

How to sell your sewing machine is like trying to sell a car, a bike, your stove, and your house. You have to find the right buyer for the machine. That takes advertising, maintenance work on the machine, and a little effort on your part.

Thankfully you have the internet to help you. The internet not only provides advice on how to sell your machine but also many different options to sell your sewing machine.

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