What Year Was The Singer 9410 Made? (Reviews, Price, Parts)

A serial number is going to be the most important piece of information when it comes to dating your sewing machine. Some people have a receipt dated to one year, yet the serial number shows their sewing machine was made years earlier. There are reasons for that.

What year was the Singer 9410 made? The closest answer we got was 1948. That may have been the year the original 9410 was made but we cannot confirm that date without a serial number. What makes this difficult to confirm is that due to the War Singer made castings in one year and then assembled and sold them in a later year.

To learn more about the Singer 9410 just continue to read our article. It provides the best information possible concerning this model of sewing machine. We do not believe it was 1948 but without the serial number, it is impossible to date the machine.

When Was the Singer 9410 Made?


This is a very good question. From the design of the machine, one would think that its initial construction and selling date is a lot more recent than the 1948 date we provided above. In fact, that date cannot be verified as even Singer does not list a date for when they sold this sewing machine.

The best we can do, since no one is mentioning the years it was made, is to give you a chart that has all the serial numbers listed on it. All you have to do is find your serial number and then go to the chart to find when your specific model was made.

Keep in mind that if the 9410 was made in the 40s its casting serial number and its actual date of assembly will be two different years. That is because Singer stopped making sewing machines to concentrate on the war effort.

They did that even though they had a 3,000,000 backlog of orders. Keep in mind that if your serial number does not have a letter in front of it, your machine was probably made before 1900.

That link takes you to the most comprehensive serial number list we have seen in all the years we have been writing this website. It is thorough and covers all the serial numbers including all the ones starting with different letters.

Singer 9410 Sewing Machine Reviews

We can only speak for the reviews that we were able to read at the time of this writing. These reviews are based on people’s experience with the sewing machine and everyone’s opinion will be different.

One positive review couldn’t say enough good about the machine. The reason for such high praise maybe because their sewing machine was made a little stronger because it was sent to a school.

That owner liked the machine and is now using it to teach her daughter how to sew. Other users and owners were not so positive about the machine because of the many issues they encountered.

The issues that gave them a more negative experience were the bobbin was not unwinding properly, they could not attach the speed controller, they did not like the plastic parts, stitch quality was low and tension was always a problem.

Then there was a problem with how the feed was always going to the left which did not sit well with one user. Suffice it to say that the 9410 was not the best sewing machine Singer produced in its long career of making sewing machines.

Singer Sewing Machine Model 9410 Price


30 years ago, this machine may have sold new for $200 which seems affordable and realistic for the features it came with. Chances are you will not make that much if you are trying to sell your model on eBay or other traditional outlets like garage sales.

On eBay, one model is going for $94 while another is trying to fetch #134, and still, a third seller is looking to get $114. A 4th seller is looking to receive $155 for their model 9410.

If you are buying, your best place to go for a deal would be the government auctions that are carried out throughout the year. This link takes you to one such site and the 9410 is being sold for under $35.

You may find similar deals at a garage, estate, yard sales but flea markets tend to be on the higher side of the price scale. That is because vendors there know the products they are trying to sell and want to get as close to the actual value as possible.

The other place to get a good deal is to talk to relatives or friends. If they aren’t selling their machine they may know someone who is.

Downloading a Singer 9410 Manual

This is not a download option but sometimes it pays to get a hard copy and then make a backup copy just in case you lose the original. Singer is selling a 9410 owner’s manual for $15, not a great deal but it works in the pinch when you can’t find one elsewhere.

This next link will take you to a company where you can view the manual and download it. We have used this website ourselves and it is very handy to have around when you need information in a hurry.

Here is another link where you can either read a preview online or download a copy of the manual. If you do not want to pay Singer $15 you can go to this link and get their version for $6.

Finally, our go-to manual website has one you can download and read at the same time. This link will take you to their web page and then you can decide what you are going to do once you get there.

There are other manual outlets listed online but these few will get you started and if they do not work out, just conduct your own search until you find one that fits your needs.

A lot of the parts stores online also carry manuals whether they are downloadable or not depends on the parts store selling them. Check them out as well when you go to them to find needed parts. Those links are coming right up.

Finding Singer 9410 Parts


Finding parts for the Singer 9410 is not going to be that difficult. With the millions of machines this company has produced over the years, parts are going to be the least of your worries.

This first parts website seems to have quite a few on hand and at reasonable prices. But if you like to deal directly with Singer, then you need to go to their website that has the page selling parts. You can access that page by clicking this link.

Then if you want to save a little money, you can compare this website’s prices with those of its competitors to see if they really offer you a discount. Also, you can check Amazon, that marketplace seems to list a few items, including needles that should work on your 9410 sewing machine.

Other places to try would be eBay, flea markets, estate sales, and so on. You never know when you can pick up a parts machine for a really cheap price. Also, try your local auction houses that deal in appliances or similar items.

Your local repair shop will have parts but they will most likely want to install the parts themselves. But in a pinch, they will do just fine in getting your machine up and running again.

What Size Bobbin for Singer 9410?

It seems that, according to this website, you will need a class 66P Apollo bobbin for the 9410. This is a plastic bobbin and may not last a long time. In fact, some people reported problems with this version of bobbin.

Singer’s website provides two warnings. One is to make sure you only use a Singer bobbin in your Singer sewing machine. Their reason is that other brands of bobbins may ruin your tension or damage your machine.

Two, this warning tells you that even Singer bobbins are not all the same even though they come with the same class number. As you can see we did not just say class 66 as there are several of those in the parts list. You need the class 66P Apollo bobbin so be careful and watch the packaging carefully.

While it is possible to use other brands’ bobbin models this may not be the case for the 9410. You would have to make sure that the two different makers are designed the same way in order for the non-Singer bobbin to work.

Where to Find a Singer 9410


This model of machine was made by the millions so finding one for sale will not be that difficult. In fact, it should be as easy as finding spare parts or a manual. If you really like this model then you just have to know where to look.

The most common and traditional places where you will get a good deal will be classified ads. Those ads can either be in your local papers or online, local or national. Then you can try the different local repair and sewing machine shops to see what they have available.

Then there is always eBay and other online outlets that sell sewing machines. These options may have cheaper prices as they do not have a lot of overhead to pay for. A good search will find lots of these outlets.

If you like going out early on Saturday or Sunday mornings, then there are a myriad of yard, garage, estate, and similar sales going on each weekend. We say early because you have to get up early to beat the dealers.

Auctions are another good location to find some good deals on older 9410 sewing machines. Finally, there is the usual family and friends option.

How to Thread a Singer 9410 Sewing Machine

The innovation on this model of sewing machine was for Singer to make the tension discs, thread guides, and the take-up lever as internal parts. That means you do not have as many steps to take to thread this sewing machine.

If you need a diagram to help you, just click this link and it will take you to that diagram. The instructions are on the same page and you can double-check them after reading ours.

The first step is to raise the presser foot lifter and bring the needle all the way up. The latter step is done by turning the handwheel. The third step is to place your spool of thread in position on the spool pin. Notice it is a horizontal spool pin.

That means you need a spool cap to hold the spool in place. Place that cap on and get ready to thread. Bring the thread through the thread guide on the spool cap, then go left and lace the thread in the thread guide channel.

Follow the channel all the way down and then back up and then back down to the needle. Thread the needle from front to back and that is all there is to it.

Some Final Words

It is always important to find the serial number on your sewing machine in order to find out the year it was made. Without that number, it is next to impossible to date the 9410 or any sewing machine.

The serial numbers are not usually that hard to find and you just have to look on the base or under the machine to find it. It may be on a badge or have its own plate. Once you find it, you can go to Singer or the website we linked to above and find the year your model was made.

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