The Vintage Zenith Sewing Machine (Company, Price, and Review)

One of the first things you have to do is to put any thought out of your mind that the Zenith sewing machine was made by the famous Zenith television company. There is nothing in the historical records linking the two together and there is no record that Zenith, the tv company, ever made any sewing machine.

Not all sewing machine companies started in western nations. This is the case for the Zenith sewing machine. If our research is correct, the Zenith sewing machine company is found in 27B-3 New Rohtak Road, New Delhi, India.

To learn more about the Zenith sewing machine just continue to read our article. The article explores this overseas company. Its landing page shows their sewing machine models mimic those designs found in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Zenith Sewing Machine Company


There is nothing to tell about this company. The landing page for their website has not been completed and all that is really shown on it are stock photos, and instructions for them to fill out the page with interesting content.

The company places its contact information and location at two different places and in between those, you can see the different models of sewing machines it builds. The look of those machines is exquisite even though they take after antique sewing machines made in western countries during the early stages of the sewing machine development.

Some people have said that those models are exact duplicates of old Brother sewing machines but that cannot be confirmed at this time.

Zenith Model 168

Unfortunately, the photos on the landing page do not show the model numbers and any search for this particular model has come up empty. What we can say about it is that if it is one of the ones we have seen, is that its overall design is simplistic.

Its color is black and it is covered in exquisite artwork that helps it brighten any room it is placed. On the back front, is the forward and reverse lever and the machines look like they come with all metal parts.

All the parts for thread, bobbin, and needle look simple and easy to use.

Vintage Zenith Sewing Machine Price


It may be called vintage but these machines only have an old design that has been updated to make the machines look attractive. There were no Zenith sewing machines found at eBay so that confirms that these machines are not old at all.

The landing page may be still under construction as it doesn't list any price for the machines in the photo gallery. Plus, there are no additional pages to examine to see how much these sewing machines really cost.

Since they are made in India, we can only estimate that since these machines, for the most part, do not have a lot of bells and whistles on them, they will be very economical. The one modern-looking unit did not have a price tag on it either and it may sell for more.

Zenith Sewing Machine With Table


Over at Pinterest, there was one Zenith sewing machine that is installed in a nice wood sewing table or cabinet. Sadly, little can be seen of that table but it looks to be made of top quality, solid wood.

Its finish is like oak or similar material to make sure it held up over the years. This particular model may not be part of the Indian manufacturer’s lineup as it doe snot have the Indian Zenith badge. There is no information accompanying this sewing machine example so it is hard to say.

Finding Zenith Sewing Machine Parts

For the straight stitch model, this is not going to be that hard to do. We found 2 locations that had old parts that fit that style of sewing machine. The first one is listed here and the second one is at this location.

The latter parts store has spare parts for the models 706, zig-zag, and 360. The pictures of the sewing machines at those parts stores show an Indian Zenith style badge but in a different color. The ones on the landing page are blue while those are red.

Download a Zenith Sewing Machine Manual


One of the parts stores linked to in the previous section also has an owner’s manual for the straight stitch only. You can buy it here and it is in a PDF download file. This online option has 1 manual available and sad to say it looks like it is written in French.

All it says on the cover is Zenith and there is no model name or number that we could see. Then you can try this store. It seems to be the sales outlet for the Zenith sewing machine company. It also lists the prices of modern Zenith sewing machines in Rupees.

How to Thread a Zenith Sewing Machine

In looking at the machines, they all seem very straight forward and have the thread going in a straight line to the needle. You put the spool of thread on the spool pin and pull the thread out towards the front of the machine.

Next, pull the thread through the thread guide at the top front of the machine and then head down towards the take up lever. After putting the thread through the hole in that lever, take it around to the tension disk and go around that.

Next, you go back to the needle bar and thread through it. Finally, thread the needle.

Some Final Words

The Zenith sewing machine may be unheard of in North America as it seems to be marketed towards Asian and African countries. They look like solid sewing machines made with metal parts. Finding more about them is going to be the hardest part of owning and using one.

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