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Can You Bleach Satin? How to Bleach Satin Without Ruining It

To bleach or not to bleach, that is the question. Bleach is a powerful stain remover but it is not made for every kind of fabric. Check your cleaning labels to make sure you can bleach those clothing items

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Does Satin Wrinkle Easily? How to Get a Crease Out of Satin

Ironing is a dreary job, but it has to be done for some fabrics. The wrinkle-free items are enticing but they may not always be what you want to wear. No matter what you try to do, wrinkles and ironing

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Can You Dry Satin in the Dryer? (How to Dry Satin Guide)

When it comes to doing the laundry your schedule influences how you wash, dry, and take care of your clothes. That is why most people buy the best washers and dryers around. These machines help you be

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Does Muslin Fray and Pill? How to Use Muslin Fabric Properly

Every fabric has a right and wrong way. In sewing with, cleaning, or even wearing, there is always a right and wrong way to use fabric. Learning both ways helps you use those fabrics right and lets you

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Can You Wash Satin? How to Wash Satin Sheets, Dress, Bonnet

Treating fabrics the right way is one way to get them to last you a long time. It is also the way to have their colors stay nice and bright for years to come. Satin is a delicate fabric so special care

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How to Wash Muslin Fabric Without Ruining It (Drying Tips)

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Or so they say and that old saying helps people work hard to keep their clothes and fabrics nice and clean. But fabrics do not all respond to the same cleaning tactics

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How Do I Get a Stain Out of Silk? (Grease, Oil, Ink, Blood)

Stains are worse than wrinkles. At least with wrinkles, you can iron them out for the most part. Stains are another story and they take some extra work to get them off your favorite clothing items. Each

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How to Hem Silk by Hand or Machine Easily (Pants, Scarf)

Silk may be beautiful, but it’s got a terrible habit of fraying if its edges are left unfinished. Hemming Silk 101 How Do You Finish Silk Edges?Can You Hem Silk?How To Hem Silk By

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Is Silk Static Free? (How to De Static Silk Clothes Easily)

If you’ve experienced static while wearing silk clothing, you already know first-hand how uncomfortable it can get. You have your clothes clinging on to your body, your hair standing up, and you most

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Bleached vs Unbleached: Can You Bleach Muslin Fabric

There are those people who think bleach is the answer to every fabric problem. Unfortunately, not all fabrics respond to bleach the way they expect, and these people are left with an ugly mess on their

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