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Can You Dye Canvas? (How to Dye Canvas Shoes Easily)

Repairing laundry mistakes. These little errors happen all the time. The key is not to get upset or whine about the problem. Just learn how to fix them in the best way possible, learn from the mistake

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Does Sherpa Shrink? (How to Shrink a Sherpa Jacket Easily)

Knowing your fabrics and their purpose will help you avoid fabric nuances like shrinking and stretching. Since Sherpa wool is used more for lining there are a lot of depends factors involved especially

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Does Canvas Shrink When Washed? (How to Shrink Canvas Items)

Water is not everyone’s friend. Different fabrics respond to water in different ways. Even the heavyweight fabrics tend to lose their size when washed in the wrong water temperature. How much each fabric

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Can You Dye Lyocell? (How To And What Dye To Use For Tencel)

Change the color change your personality. It can happen as you opt for a brighter more brilliant color, you can let that change influence you. The compliments you may get should boost your confidence and

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Does Tencel Shrink? (How to Shrink Tencel Lyocell Easily)

Shrinking is only good when you want that action to be done. If you shrink the kids, not a good idea but when you want to shrink fabric so it will fit, then that may be a good idea. The only problem is

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Can You Bleach Tencel Lyocell? Getting Stains Out of Tencel

It's nice on laundry day not to have difficult clothes to clean and dry. It makes housework more enjoyable and goes by faster. When you get those easy to care for products, you should hang onto them as

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Does Tencel Wrinkle? (How to Get Wrinkles Out of Tencel)

You are probably in the mood for more good news when it comes to laundry issues that plague most fabrics. The dreaded wrinkles that make you look like you slept in your clothes all night are not as troublesome

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Does Rayon Shrink in The Dryer? In the Wash? (Helpful Guide)

Most of us will say that yes rayon shrinks. But that size difference may come from too many trips to the buffet or too many second and third helpings. In those cases, all fabrics shrink and not with the

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Does Wool Fade in The Sun? (How to Fade a Wool Rug)

The sun feels good on your back and shoulders as it warms you up. Yet, the same sunlight that helps you face the day and feel good can also fade your favorite items. Making sure that you place your wool-covered

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What Kind of Paint To Use on Rayon (How to Paint on Rayon)

The right tools for the job. That adage applies to painting fabric as well. If you gather the right tools then the only thing you have to worry about is communicating the message you want your painting

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