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Does Chenille Shrink? How to Wash Chenille Blanket or Sofa

Chenille is a popular fabric. The reason it is so popular is that its look changes almost every time the light hits it from a different direction, it changes its color or looks. That makes this a very

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Does Bamboo Shrink? How to Wash Bamboo Without Ruining It

Shrinking in size is great if you are trying to lose weight. But when it comes to bedding or clothing, shrinking is never acceptable. To protect against shrinking one has to be careful about how they launder

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Can You Bleach Bamboo Sheets? How to Bleach Bamboo Sheets

Bleach is a touchy subject. It is a great cleanser for certain fabrics and it is not so great for others. It is hard to know when you should use bleach and when you should not. Then too many people think

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Can You Dye Bamboo Fabric? (How to Dye Bamboo Yarn)

There are many reasons why people decide to dye different fabrics. One main reason is that they applied bleach at the wrong time and they need to restore their clothing item to their original look. Whatever

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Does Spray Paint Come Out of Clothes? Regular Spray vs Fabric

Even if you do not have a graffiti artist in your home, spray paint does get into clothes and it is not a nice situation when it does. Spray paint can spread easily as well. Overspray, the wind, or other

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Can You Dye Black Fabric White? (How to Dye Black Clothes)

There are some people who just don't like black clothes. Or their black clothes have faded too much and they want to change the color of those items. It is a monumental task to change something from black

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What Is The Best Fabric For an Ironing Board Cover? (Padding)

Almost everyone hates to do this task. Yet for some clothes it has to be done. In order to get the ironing done properly, one must have the proper ironing equipment. That equipment extends beyond the iron

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Can You Use Oil Pastels on Fabric? (Using Oil Pastels Guide)

Oil and water may not mix but oil and fabrics can. All you really need is a little bit of creative talent, some good stencils or designs, and your creative expression has found a new way to show the world

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Can I Dye My Clothes Black? (Dyeing White Fabric Black)

Whether you want to be Goth or just enjoy looking slim when you wear black clothes, the black color appeals to many people. For some, the darker color hides the dirt better or they make their light-colored

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When Do You Add Fabric Softener To The Wash? (Helpful Tips)

Getting clothes soft is a matter of timing. If you don't have it or are forgetful then you may miss out on the optimum time you need to add the fabric softener to your laundry load. Getting the right timing

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