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Can You Spray Paint Cotton? (How to Paint Cotton Fabric)

When it comes to painting, all fabrics are not the same. It would be nice if they were for then you would be able to create different designs on your favorite clothing without worry. But that isn't possible

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Hemming Cotton Tips: How to Stop Cotton Fabric From Fraying

When you are sewing there are always a few issues that distract you from your work. One of those issues is fraying and with some fabrics that fraying starts right away and moves quickly. Stopping the fraying

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Whitening Cotton Fabric: How to Fade Cotton Fabric Easily

There are those who don't like the bright colored new look when they buy new clothes. They want those items looked used and broken in. When they get the chance, they take the tags off and put those new

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Can You Bleach Cotton? How to Bleach Cotton Without Ruining It

Getting whites whiter is the main goal when using bleach. This harsh chemical is devastating to colors so it is best used on white fabrics and save the colors for less harsh forms of bleach. But bleach

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Does Cotton Stretch? (How to Stretch Cotton Shirt or Pants)

Riiipppp!! That is not a sound you like to hear when you are bending over to reach something on the bottom shelf. While you can stretch somewhat, some fabrics do not go along and just tear themselves apart

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Can You Dye Cotton With Food Coloring? (Coffee, Turmeric…)

There are reasons why people dye their clothes. They do not look good anymore, to cover up bleach stains or they just simply want to change the color. No matter the reason there are many options available.

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Can You Bleach Canvas? How to Bleach Canvas Drop Cloth/Shoes

The dreaded B-word. Not nothing that should be censored, we are just talking about bleach again. For some people, bleach is easy to understand and use but chlorine bleach can be too powerful for its own

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Can You Dye Canvas? (How to Dye Canvas Shoes Easily)

Repairing laundry mistakes. These little errors happen all the time. The key is not to get upset or whine about the problem. Just learn how to fix them in the best way possible, learn from the mistake

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Does Sherpa Shrink? (How to Shrink a Sherpa Jacket Easily)

Knowing your fabrics and their purpose will help you avoid fabric nuances like shrinking and stretching. Since Sherpa wool is used more for lining there are a lot of depends factors involved especially

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Does Canvas Shrink When Washed? (How to Shrink Canvas Items)

Water is not everyone’s friend. Different fabrics respond to water in different ways. Even the heavyweight fabrics tend to lose their size when washed in the wrong water temperature. How much each fabric

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