How to Get a Free Sewing Machine (16 Ways Worth Trying)

Getting a gift is one of those good aspects of life that boosts the spirits, makes you feel good and more. Getting a free sewing machine may seem impossible but it is a doable objective and yo do not have

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How to Take Drawers Out of Ikea Alex Drawers (Helpful Guide)

Storage spaces are a must. One way to get good storage space is to add a nice dresser with drawers to it. The extra drawers can help you store fabrics, threads, sewing tools and more. With the extra space,

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Trilobal Fabric Characteristics: What is Trilobal Used For?

The design people make says something about them, their talents and their judgment. Embroidery is no different. From the use of patterns to the use of the right threads, what one creates says a lot about

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What Is The Best All Metal Sewing Machine? (7 Options)

The modern age is not doing sewers any favors. The sewing machine manufacturers have switched to cheaper construction materials so your sewing experience is not always pleasant. The machines do not last

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10 Thick Fabric Types and How To Thicken Fabric

Not all thick fabrics come with great colors and cute designs. Sometimes you have to turn to thin fabrics to get the look you want. That is where having a little experience and a few tricks up your sleeve

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Spool Cap Substitute: DIY Replacement and Helpful Guide

It isn’t news as things break. Even in sewing different parts tend to break at the wrong moment delaying your sewing project till you can fix or replace the part. It is a good thing you are handy and

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Michaels vs Joann vs Hobby Lobby (Find Out The Best)

Fabric sources do not come in a one size fits all fashion. The different fabric stores all have their good points as well as their faults. The good thing about having multiple sources for fabrics and accessories

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Does Polyester Stretch? (How to Stretch Polyester Clothes)

A good stretch is always helpful. It pays to have clothes that will stretch with you and not lose their shape or integrity. That is why when doing sewing projects you need to consider the stretch factor.

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What is Hatchi Knit Fabric? (Where to Find It By The Yard)

You may be confused. One of the more difficult aspects of sewing is that there are so many different fabrics as well as the names of fabrics. You need a scorecard to keep all the names and types of fabrics

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Does Nylon Shrink or Stretch? (How to Stretch Nylon Fabric)

The world of sewing and fabrics is a very interesting world to be involved with. Not just because you can use your creative talents and be innovative in your fashion designs. But because you have a large

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