The Ultimate Moisture Wicking Fabrics List (Pros and Cons)

You may have heard the term but may not be sure what a moisture wicking fabric is. That is okay as there are many people in the same boat as you and they want an answer to that very question. Moisture-wicking

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Is Polyester Warm Enough? (Is It Good For Winter and Snow?)

Not everyone is blessed with living in a nice warm climate. Many people have to endure the hardships that come with winter. Those people are always looking for the right fabric that will keep them warm

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Velvet Material Colors: What Color is Velvet? (Red – Blue)

Like the leaves of Autumn there really is no one color of fabrics unless you count original white as a color. Fabrics come in all colors and depending on what is in style for that year. If you want a different

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Vantablack Fabric: Can You Buy Vantablack Clothes?

Not all interesting colors can be purchased. There will be times where you will see a color that just attracts your complete attention. Then you find out you can’t purchase it. There are always different

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15 Tips For Sewing With Heavy Duty Thread and When To Use It

When you have lots of layers to sew or you are working with some fairly thick or stiff fabrics, a heavy-duty thread can be your friend. The key is knowing when to use this thread and how to use it correctly.

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Leathaire vs Leather: What Is Air Leather Made Of? (5 Tips)

Manufacturers are always working to come up with a perfect material that mimics natural fibers. it is basically an impossible task as nothing can match natural no matter how hard one tries. Leathaire is

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Does Dri Fit Shrink? How to Shrink Dri Fit Clothes (6 Tips)

You may think that athletic clothing is given extra manufacturing to prevent shrinking. If they are made from 100% polyester or other synthetic materials that may be the case. But if they are a blend you

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How Big Is a Half Yard of Fabric? (Full 1/2 Yard Dimensions)

Not every project requires a full yard of material. Sometimes you only need a little bit to complete one section of your project. The trouble is that the fabric stores do not sell fabric by the fractions.

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Can You Varnish Fabric? How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Fabric

Preserving works of art. At least in the view of some people that is what painting on fabric is called. Once that work of art is done, you will want to preserve it for posterity and for future archaeologists

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Can You Put Detergent In The Fabric Softener Dispenser?

In the old days, you had to know when to add the soap, bleach, and fabric softener if there was any invented at the time. Nowadays the washing machine will do it all for you if you let it. The only thing

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