What Is Olefin Fabric? (Is Olefin Fabric Safe and Soft?)

Fabrics come and fabrics go. That is the way it seems as fabric manufacturers keep reinventing the wheel when it comes to developing new materials for you to sew with. The biggest problem is trying to

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The Elna Lock Pro 5 DC Serger Review (Price, Manual, Parts)

For hardcore sewers, sergers may be the ticket to help them get all their sewing projects completed on time. They are versatile, help cut time and make sure you have the thread you need when it is time

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The Singer 5050C Sewing Machine Review (Year, Price, Manual)

Everyone knows the name Singer. This company has been around for so long and its models copied so much that you can’t travel anywhere in the world without finding someone who knows what a Singer sewing

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The Bernina 2000DE Serger Review (Price, Manual-Parts

The Bernina 2000DE Serger Review (Price, Manual, Parts)

Singer may be the granddaddy of all sewing machines but Bernina may be the company with all the class. This is an upscale company so you should expect class especially with the price you have to pay for

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Icons and Stitch Symbols Sewing Machine – Serger (Full List)

When sewing machine companies use symbols it is usually because there is not enough room on the sewing machine for all the words needed.It will be impossible to create a full list of serger stitch symbols

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How to Sew a Poncho Easy – Poncho Sewing Pattern and Fabric

Ponchos are very comfortable clothing items to wear and can protect you from chilly weather no matter which country you live in. Plus, they are very stylish, colorful, and easy to make. it will only take

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What Is Plaid Pattern? (Gingham Vs Plaid Vs Tartan)

Some plaid designs have special or heritage meanings and you would need to know the history of the family to understand the plaid design associated with their name.What is plaid pattern? Plaid is comprised

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DIY Ripped Jeans: How to Rip Jeans and Leave The White Thread

Jeans are very comfortable. That may be stating the obvious but they are. One way people make them even more comfortable is by ripping the denim themselves. This is not hard to do and helps people bring

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20 Different Types of Scarves (Shapes, Winter, Guys, Muslim)

The number does not matter... That is because there are so many different types of scarves, that different websites leave too many types off their lists or count some twice. The safest thing to say is

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The Singer 6212C Sewing Machine (Review, Manual, Value, Year)

For many people, the older Singer sewing machines were the go-to machine to use and purchase. They were solidly built and it was easy to get parts when something went wrong. Not every model had a lot of

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