The Vintage Minnesota Sewing Machine (Value, History, Models)

Delving into history turns up a lot of interesting facts and bits of information. For example, the Minnesota sewing machine was not the name of the sewing machine company that produced or sold those sewing

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What Is Scrim In Batting? (With or Without Scrim How To)

When you need stability you make sure you use proper chairs, ladders, and other devices that won’t wobble or wiggle on you. Scrim is that solid foundation that helps batting remain where you want it

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Singer Sewing Machine 401A Troubleshooting (Fix & Repair)

Even Singer sewing machines break down or have problems with dirt and oil. As good as the sewing machine may be not one of them are immune to the common problems or a rise in the dirt levels. A little

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What Is Double Napped Flannel? (Helpful Guide)

Flannel is nice and warm. It's a great fabric for winter as it will help you stay warm all night long. Plus, it is often made from cotton, for the most part, so the breathability factor is ideal. Flannel

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How to Fix a Warped Tupperware Lid (Fixing Common Problems)

Tupperware has been around forever. Most likely you are related to someone who has owned or sold Tupperware products. Unfortunately, the plastic used by this company is not perfect. It has its own set

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5 Synthrapol Substitutes and Replacements (Ingredients List)

The state of California has labeled some bottles of this product as a cancer-causing agent. Yet other states do not share California’s belief. How you use Synthrapol will be up to you, you may want to

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The Singer 401A Sewing Machine Value, History and Review

No one made sewing machines like Singer did back in the old days. Their sewing machine models were some of the most copied ones around. All over the world, the different smaller sewing machine companies

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Jello Package Sizes: How Many Ounces Is a Small Box of Jello?

Everyone loves Jello. But most people do not go as far as Utah has in its love for this flavored dessert. The state has made Jello its official state snack and even used it in one of its 2002 Olympic souvenir

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Rhubarb Weight: How Many Cups of Rhubarb in a Pound?

While a pound of feathers is the same weight as a pound of cheese, it takes far more feathers to reach that level than it does cheese pieces. Even with fruit, the amount needed to make a pound varies due

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Virtual Graph Paper: Finding Online Interactive Graph Paper

Your math days are coming back to haunt you. How many people remember those math classes where you had to make calculations then chart them on graph paper? Those math days have not gone away as you now

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