Love-Sew Reviews: Are Love Sew Wool Pressing Mats Any Good?

When the company is a mystery. By that we mean if you cannot find out anything about a company then you may want to hesitate before buying their products. Let your radar be your guide to make sure you

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Cotton vs Bamboo: 9 Differences Between Cotton and Bamboo

Fabrics all have their place. While some people sing the praises of one type there is almost the same amount of people singing the praises of another type. Which one is better depends on the people who

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Finding Vera Bradley Fabric by the Yard (Who Sells?)

The top line fabrics can be found by the yard if you look hard enough. That is a good thing because you get the same quality material without paying the upscale price. Don’t be surprised if the material

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How Many Fat Quarters in a Yard? (Fat Quarter In Inches/Cm)

Just like it is with making any clothing item, you need to measure accurately to make sure the item fits the person or the bed it is made for. When you come across new terms like fat quarters you need

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Does Bamboo Shrink? How to Wash Bamboo Without Ruining It

Shrinking in size is great if you are trying to lose weight. But when it comes to bedding or clothing, shrinking is never acceptable. To protect against shrinking one has to be careful about how they launder

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What is a Minky And Why Are Minky Blankets So Expensive?

Sometimes names or labels describe a product perfectly. Other times, they are very misleading. Everyone can agree that there is no better term for silk. Yet names like Minky can leave a person scratching

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What Is Polyamide Fabric Material? (Is It Toxic-Safe-Warm?)

Understanding the different fabrics and how they are made will help you design your wardrobe a lot better. Knowing which ones will keep you cooler, warmer, healthier, and safer is a big plus when you want

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The Antique Domestic Rotary Sewing Machine 153 and 151

If you do not worry about the dates, you can learn a lot of facts, including the stories behind the different sewing machines. The Domestic story is interesting because it involves brothers with one being

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Can You Bleach Bamboo Sheets? How to Bleach Bamboo Sheets

Bleach is a touchy subject. It is a great cleanser for certain fabrics and it is not so great for others. It is hard to know when you should use bleach and when you should not. Then too many people think

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The Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 5186 (Review, Manual)

Tracking down vintage sewing machine models is not an easy task. It is often like trying to solve a mystery and you have to be like Sherlock Holmes very sharp, observant, and know what to look for. In

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