What Is Slow Stitching? (Slow Stitch Tutorial and Projects)

If you haven't yet heard about slow stitching, then you're about to. After spending the past couple of years building up a quiet following, slow stitching is set to go mainstream.What is slow stitching?

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Extra Thick Quilt Batting: How Thick Is High Loft Batting

When you want soft and comfortable you need to look past the exterior fabric and concentrate on the quilt fill. That is where you will find the real softness of any quilt. That is one of the good things

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Needle Guard For Sewing Machine (10 Sewing Safety Rules)

Risk and danger are subjective issues. Each person has their own idea of what is or isn’t risky or dangerous. Each person should decide for themselves how they will handle the same issue when it comes

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Royalty-Free vs Public Domain Quilt Patterns (Copyright Law)

Can you or can’t you. That is the question when you are looking at different quilt designs to use for your own quilting project. When you come across a pretty fabric design you should check to see if

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Tencel vs Modal:11 Differences Between Tencel and Modal

The two fabrics in the comparison may be similar but there are subtle differences that set them apart from each other. Those differences are what help influence your decision to use a particular fabric

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What Is Polished Cotton Fabric Used For? (Tips + Definition)

In the world of sewing, there are more styles of fabrics than days in the year, or so it seems. To both the novice and experienced sewer this can be an overwhelming situation to consider. Every once in

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Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter Review, Price, and Problems

When you only have one machine to use to quilt, you are stuck with all the nuances, the problems, and other issues that come with that specific machine. But when you have a larger selection to choose from,

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Mounting Brackets: How to Attach Sewing Machine to Table

When you need space, the old drop-in sewing tables came in handy. Not only did they protect your sewing machine when it was not in use, but it also provides extra tabletop space when needed. But times

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Do You Need Batting in a Quilt? (Quilt Without Batting Guide)

Sewing is flexible. While certain techniques and fabric parts are always needed, not everyone is mandatory. Even when doing the same project. One sewer can add those optional aspects while another will

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What Can I Sew With 2 Yards of Fabric? (25 Sewing Projects)

All you need is the idea. Then you know how much fabric to buy to turn that idea into a reality. creating sewing projects is not the hard part, it is thinking them up that can be difficult at times. When

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