How Much Does a Babylock Crescendo Cost? (Is It Worth It)

Every year it seems that the prices for sewing machines keep going up. The reason behind that rise in cost is that sewing machines are becoming more and more sophisticated. The better the machine, the higher the price tag.

How much does a Babylock Crescendo cost? It seems that this machine costs so much that the manufacturer won’t let anyone display it on their websites. You have to get the price via e-mail and even the Babylock website does not include a price. What we can tell you is that 5 years ago this top machine was selling for between $3200 and $4300.

To learn if the Babylock Crescendo is worth the very high cost just continue to read our article. It searches out the information and presents it to you so you can decide if you want to spend the money to upgrade your sewing time or not.

Babylock Crescendo Price


It is a deep dark secret to uncover if you want to know how much you need to pay for a Babylock Crescendo sewing machine. That is if you want to know this year’s price. The best we could do so far is to find out that this sewing machine costs about $5000 in 2018.

We searched Amazon and they were not listing any models for sale on its website. Also, we looked at a variety of sewing sites including sewing forums and the prices we got were all old news.

This doesn’t surprise us as manufacturers do not want to discourage potential buyers from making their purchase. From what we can see from the specifications the cost is very indicative of what you will get when you make your purchase of this top sewing machine.

Also, keep in mind that retailers will charge different prices for these machines. You may not get a consistent quote when you talk to different retailers.

What Feet Come With Babylock Crescendo

If you are not superstitious and numbers do not bother you, then you will be happy to hear that there are 13 different feet included with the Babylock Crescendo. What follows is a list of all the feet you will receive:

  • 1. Digital Dual-Feed System Foot
  • 2. 1/4" Quilting foot with a guide
  • ​3. Buttonhole
  • ​4. Overcasting
  • ​5. Monogramming
  • ​6. Zipper
  • ​7. Zigzag
  • ​8. Blind stitch
  • ​9. Button fitting
  • ​10. Free-motion quilting
  • ​11. Free-motion open toe quilting
  • ​12. Free-motion echo quilting
  • 13. Straight stitch foot

That is an impressive list of accessories that help make using this very complicated yet special sewing machine a lot easier to do. This amount of feet is one reason why you are going to be paying top dollar for this quilting machine.

What Size Bobbin for Babylock Crescendo


The bobbin size for the Babylock crescendo does not appear to be as big a mystery as the price. The size this machine takes is a class 15. It does have some special features that come with this bobbin.

First, you get special markings on the bobbin cover so you can set your needle where you like it to be. Next, there is a quick set bobbin winder and a needle plate with a scale in both inches and centimeters.

This Babylock sewing and quilting machine has the bells and whistles if you do a lot of difficult sewing and quilting projects.

How much does the Babylock crescendo weigh?

This is another piece of information that is easy to find. The total weight of this machine reaches only 34 pounds, give or take 1/10 of a pound. It is not a lightweight machine but then it is not that heavy either.

Babylock Crescendo Reviews


When starting your search for a new sewing and quilting machine, you need to read reviews. One of the places you do not go to to find out how good the machine is or how to operate it is the retailer.

In a lot of cases, they do not know much about the machine as they never use it. Their job is to sell the machine and in fulfilling that purpose, they may come across as cold and heartless.

Don’t let that reality scare or discourage you from buying the Babylock Crescendo sewing machine. You need to find people who have used the machine to get your pros and cons.

We checked what may have been the very first review of a Babylock Crescendo when it came out in 2012. The dealer had not even been sent the promotional material but this reviewer could not say enough good about the Crescendo. It was a very positive review that has been echoed over the years.

An approx 2020 review also has come up with a positive review as they seem to be amazed that the sewing machine has continued to be given great features and parts. The only negative thing the reviewer had to say was that the machine was heavy and very expensive.

A third positive reviewer liked the stadium light and the sewing space that was available on this machine. Those were her selling points that tipped the scales in favor of buying this top machine.

A final reviewer called the Babylock crescendo a beast but added that it sewed like a dream. In other words, they may not have liked the weight or the design but they were very happy with the performance and results.

Any complaints that we found other than the weight and price were minor issues that could easily be solved. The fact that you may not get dealer support is another issue and should be taken up with the manufacturer.

For us, if you are looking for all the bells and whistles to make sewing a lot easier, you can’t go wrong with using a Babylock Crescendo. It has the features and a large touchscreen that is easy to read.

It will be up to your personal preference as every sewing machine is different and your experience may not be as positive as others. The biggest thing you need to worry about is the price and it doesn’t look like it will be coming down any time soon.

Baby Lock Crescendo vs Brother Dreamweaver


One of the things about the brother Dreamweaver is that it is not the top of the line Brother sewing machine. That means that it is a very impressive machine capable of competing with the Babylock Crescendo.

The Crescendo is Babylock’s response to the brother Dreamweaver and the two machines are the same. The main difference between the two, and you should guess it right away, is the price. The Dreamweaver is a lot cheaper than the crescendo.

What Brother has done is to create a series of Dreamweaver sewing and quilting machines and have divided the features among them. The XE VM6200 seems to be the closest model to the crescendo and even has its laser light, just like the latter machine.

Both have a lot of fine features and both have a very large touch screen so you are not going to be missing out if you choose one or the other.

Babylock Crescendo vs Aria


Again, you are not going to b seeing much difference between the two machines. Once you spoil your customers by giving them top of the line and a myriad of features you really can’t backtrack and rob your customers of those special tools.

The Aria is the lesser of the two machines as it doe snot seem to come with the needle guide beam or the laser sensor pen. Both of those items are standard on the Crescendo

Other than that you are getting the same machine if you buy one over the other. Both machines will sew like a dream and you have those bells and whistles on hand to help you do difficult stitching.

Which machine you choose will depend on your sewing projects, your preferences and if you want to spend the extra money on those two additional features the Aria does not have.

Babylock Crescendo vs Janome 9400


One of the drawbacks to the Janome 9400 in this competition was its noisy motor. You may get tired of having that loud motor in your ears as you sew for hours. Another difference is that the Crescendo seems to handle thicker fabrics better than the 9400.

Plus, there are fewer tension issues with the Crescendo. That fact makes your sewing project go a lot smoother. It is also possible that the 9400 does not come with a convertible foot.

These drawbacks do not make the Janome 9400 a bad machine. It just simply means that the crescendo is the superior model and is probably the best of the two. Where the Janome may top the Crescendo is in its special needle plate with its 1/4 inch foot.

Which one is best for you will be ultimately up to you. Some people like the Janome over the Crescendo so it is a toss-up. It is hard to judge between all the sewing machines as which is better is a very subjective competition and while the 9400may not have as many good features as the Crescendo it may work well for many sewers.

The only thing you have to watch out for here and in other comparisons is that you do not get a lemon. It happens and when you do keep in mind that those problems are model specific and do not ruin the whole series.

Used Babylock Crescendo for Sale


The Babylock Crescendo has been around for about 8 years now. There should be plenty of used models on sale throughout the different market outlets dealing in sewing machines.

eBay is one place to look but you may have to be quick as these are very good machines and they may go very quickly, especially if they are priced right. Buying used is a smart idea because Crescendo is not exactly cheap.

As you have seen you are looking at paying several thousand for a quilting machine when it is new. You may have to do a thoroughly local search of your sewing machine dealers to see if they have any used Crescendos they have taken in on trade.

Trading in old machines is an old practice and some people may give up their machines for one made by another company. What you have to be wary of will be its price and the condition it is in.

Make sure to question the dealer on the condition as you do not want to be paying a lot of money for something that will break down in a month or two. The old saying is that when you buy used, you are buying other people’s problems.

When you buy a used sewing or quilting machine, you do not want to fix those old problems and spend more money than the purchase price.

Some Final Words

Buying a new Babylock Crescendo sewing and quilting machine is like buying a very good used car, price-wise that is. We have quoted some old prices already and during the writing of this article, we came across a $6200 cost for a new machine.

Getting a Crescendo is certainly a big financial investment but what you are getting for your money may make it all worthwhile. All you have to do is look at the features this sewing machine has and you may convince yourself that you are justified in buying the machine.

Here are two links to help you read all the features- link #1 and link #2. Once you review those lists you will see why Babylock crescendo is a great machine to own. Should you buy used? That is a question only you can answer.

Used Babylock Crescendos are still worth the money you have to pay, you just have to decide if you want to take on someone else’s problems or not.

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