Babylock Jazz 2 Reviews, Problems & Price: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to sewing machines, the number of models really haven’t changed since the invention of the sewing machine. Over 150 years ago there was a multitude of models to buy and there still are today. That makes it hard to select just one.

There seem to be several versions of the Babylock Jazz 2 but the latest model seems to be a better one due to the new upgrades. The Jazz II price is between $699 and $1299.

To learn more about the Babylock Jazz sewing machine, just continue to read our article. It delves into the machine and gives you the nuts and bolts about its quality and other aspects. If you think Brother owns Babylock read our article on this issue found here.

How Much Does a Baby Lock Jazz 2 Cost?


One store we looked at online had this sewing machine priced to sell at $699. Unfortunately, the machine was out of stock at the time of this writing at that company. But do not get your hope sup as the regular price is listed as $1299.

Moore’s has the same deal going on as that online outlet and you should be able to find it in stock at this time. At that price, it may not stay in stock for very long. Given the features built into this machine, it is a wonder it is not sold out across the country.

The same price and discount are also at Schiller’s so Babylock must be trying to give away Christmas presents by cutting the price down by almost 50%. Anne’s Fabrics has the same machine but they do not post a price for it. You can check that option out at this link.

Sadly, we did not find any listing for this sewing machine over at Amazon. Your price will depend on the type of deal stores have running and expect to pay more when you go to the traditional or dealer outlets.

Babylock Jazz 2 Pros and Cons

Every product has positive and negative aspects of it. If they didn’t this would not be an imperfect world. Here are the pros and cons of the Babylock Jazz II to give you a full picture of this product. It helps to get both sides of the story before you buy.


  • Supposed to make sewing and embroidery enjoyable and effortless
  • 12 inch space to the right of the needle
  • Sews up to 1000 spm
  • 6 built in LED lights
  • 28 designs to choose from
  • 7 mm stitch width, 0 -4 mm stitch length
  • Metal construction
  • Top loading bobbin
  • Electronic foot control
  • Threading reference diagrams
  • Thumbscrew holes for add ons
  • Side thread cutter
  • And a lot of included accessories

There are too many features and positives to list in this small space.


  • Found in limited stores
  • Little height right of the needle for comfortable working
  • Loud buzzing noise from the pedal
  • Throat space too small
  • May be a bit on the heavy side
  • High cost even when discounted
  • Only 28 stitch patterns built-in
  • Make shake a lot when running
  • Lots of negative reviews which may or may not be true

Babylock Jazz 2 Reviews


It is hard to find good reviews for this sewing machine. One location we went to was titled Babylock reviews but every machine they reviewed was a Brother. In their final verdict, they talked about how wonderful the Babylock machines were yet recommended their readers to by a Brother.

If you read our web page at the link we put in at the beginning of this article, you will see that Brother and Babylock may not be the same company. We did find one positive review and the owner just loves her machine. She could not say enough nice things about it.

Then over at a sewing discussion forum, opinions were divided and the same complaint we had was mentioned. The Jazz II is said to have replaced the manual needle up and down the lever with an automatic one so that is a big upgrade right there.

There were a lot of negative reviews written about the original Jazz sewing machine but those were written about 15 years ago or so. The Jazz II is supposed to be a vast improvement over that earlier model yet few people review it.

Even in the threads dedicated to the Jazz II people are talking about every other brand that they own and not the Jazz II. You will have to take it for a test drive to see for yourself but be careful, the salesmen may try to steer you to more expensive machines.

Common Babylock Jazz 2 Problems

The Babylock Jazz II is not going to be without its share of sewing problems. One of the first issues will be the tension. It may take a while to learn how to set the tension and make adjustments when you need more or less on the thread.

Any real common problems you experience should be associated with the needle. Have you inserted it correctly? Got it all the way up into its holder? Is it bent, broken, or dull?

Then you should create a checklist of common problems so when you go to clean your machine, you can clear those up before they become a bigger issue. The checklist should include a cleaning schedule and a lubrication chart to make sure you do not forget to do those necessary tasks.

Then your Jazz II may create a thread nest at the needle which means you need to check both your upper and lower threads to make sure everything is correct. Then since the Jazz II is more computerized than the original version, you may have technical difficulties that you need a repairman to solve

Babylock Jazz 2 Accessories


If you are going to pay top dollar for a computerized sewing machine, you may as well get as many accessories as possible. The Babylock Jazz II seems to come with a lot of these little items to help make your sewing time a better experience.

First, there should be 9 snap-on feet to help you change fabrics. Then you should get a knee lifter, quilting guide, 4 bobbins, a vertical spool pin, a dust cover, and a seam ripper. A brush, screwdrivers, and other essential tools are also included in your purchase.

Then there are optional accessories that you can buy. These include a walking foot, a fabric guide, a Jazz Trolley, a Table, a 28 mm single fold bias binder, a 28 mm double fold bias binder, and a 3/4 inch loop binder.

Just about everything you need in a sewing machine is included in one form or another with this machine. If you are looking at a Babylock Jazz II that doesn’t list these items you should ask the dealer or salesman why they are not listed.

Accessories change over the years so don’t assume you will get everything we listed here when you buy this sewing machine.

Babylock Jazz 2 Dimensions

When it comes to sewing machines, size does matter. Not everyone has a spacious sewing room to do their work and plan their creations and a sewing machine that is too large may not work for everyone.

The machine measures 25 by 9 by 12 inches overall and it has a 12-inch length to the right of the needle. There is only 1 needle on this machine and it will provide up to a 7 mm stitch width and up to a 4 mm stitch length.

Its bobbin is a class 15 and the bobbin is wound through a standard bobbin winder. You also will get snap-on presser foot for easy changes but their size is not known. On top of all this, there are 24 needle positions to help you do every type of sewing project you set your mind on doing.

A small thread cutter is located on the side of the sewing machine and its size is not that large. Oh, and the bobbin is top-loading if that makes a difference to you or not.

Babylock Jazz 2 Weight


Under the specification sheets contents, there are 2 weights listed. First, the machine weight is 27 1/2 pounds while the gross weight is 36 1/2 pounds. If you live in an area that uses the metric system that translates into 12 1/2 kilos for the machine weight and 16 1/2 kilos for the gross weight.

Make sure you are capable of comfortably lifting this sewing machine as backs have been thrown out lifting lesser weights. Use your knees whenever possible and once you get it in a position enjoy using your new Jazz II.

There are lighter machines out there but they may not come with all the bells and whistles the Jazz II has on it. Nor will they come with all the accessories that are a part of this machine package.

It will be up to you to buy this top sewing machine and it does pack a sewing punch even for the price it comes in at.

Baby Lock Jazz 2 Warranty

The warranty seems to be similar to the industry-wide standard warranties we have seen. There is a 25 limited warranty from the manufacturer, so make sure to read the fine print to see what is or isn’t covered.

Then there is a 10-year parts warranty and 1 year on circuit boards. Electrical parts come with a 2-year warranty while the labor costs are only covered for one year. You may or may not get better coverage with other sewing machine brands.

Then, if you do not understand all the legal terms used in the warranty, do not ask the salesmen for an explanation. Salesmen may fudge a little just to make a sale. Find someone who is an objective party and who understands what the legal terms mean before you buy.

Warranties are notorious for being written in a slanted way towards the company and really offer no protection for you or your purchase.

Is the Babylock Jazz II Worth the Cost?


This is an important question because when you examine the regular retail price you may be wondering the same thing. At $1299 this sewing machine better have a lot of built-in features, options, and accessories.

Fortunately, this one does and what you get for your money is a lot of versatility in stitch patterns, needle positions, and a lot more. To see the full range of items this machine uses and are built-in, click this link to see its specs sheet.

After viewing that, review your sewing hobby and see if you do enough sewing to warrant spending anywhere between $600 and $1299 for a sewing machine that may be out of date within a year.

If you don’t do enough sewing to justify spending that type of money then you may be better off with a more budget-friendly option.

Some Final Words

The Babylock Jazz II is an upgrade over the Babylock jazz and if you owned or test driven the earlier model, you may be impressed by the upgrades in the newer version. This is a machine that is packed with top features that make your sewing time better than it has been.

Then with all the accessories, you can get with your purchase this might be the machine for you. test drive it to make sure and do not take our word for it. You need to see for yourself if it is the quality machine you want to own and use.

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