The Bernina 2000DE Serger Review (Price, Manual-Parts

The Bernina 2000DE Serger Review (Price, Manual, Parts)

Singer may be the granddaddy of all sewing machines but Bernina may be the company with all the class. This is an upscale company so you should expect class especially with the price you have to pay for a new machine. However, price does reflect quality and Bernina has the quality.

The Bernina 2000DE was made in the later stages of the 20th century and from the reports we have seen, it is a fine sewing machine worthy of the Bernina name. Parts are not hard to come by a but the manual may be a different story. A good used 2000DE runs between $200 and $300.

To learn more about this sewing machine just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about just in case you are offered this model for cheap. take a few moments to get caught up on this nice machine.

Our Bernina 2000DE Serger Review


Even when used, the machine is supposed to be a fine-tuned sewing machine that still works like it was new. It comes with 4 thread spindles that make sure you get the thread you want when you need it.

Plus, there is an up and down needle button that helps make your sewing life a little easier. Combine that feature with the free arm and you can maneuver your fabric with ease. That is what sewing machines are supposed to be about.

They are to make your sewing life easier not more difficult and the 2000DE does the former not the latter. The color on some of the models may not be the most exciting color you have ever seen but then, the 2000DE was made to sew clothes and create fashion trends not be one of them.

The dials are all on the end of the machine and not on the face which may make operation more convenient for some people. Not everyone will like the design but it has its purpose.

With its durability, it does seem to have a long lifespan as the machine is still sewing 17 to 30 years after manufacture.

Downloading Bernina 2000DE Manual

One of the things that surprised us is that the comprehensive sewing machine website, Ismacs, didn't have one listing for Bernina. It is worth noting as it does have a lot of information about other brands.

We do make note of it as it is one of our go-to websites for downloading manuals. None are here. Even our other go-to website manual libs only carries the 2000, not the DE or even the hated DCE.

One place that does have a downloadable manual is at this location. You have to scroll to the bottom to get to it. If you own other Bernina sewing machines and do not have the manual this site has plenty.

Bernina does carry some of their manuals and they are easily accessed online. You will have to contact them to see if they still have the manuals for their earlier models. Just click here to get to their manual page.

This website offers Bernina manuals for free and it also just lists the 2000 and not the 2000DE. Finally, you can try this website. It has many different Bernina sewing machine manuals and the 2000DE may be under the Bernina sewing machine serger section.

We place some of these links just in case you have lost the manual to other Bernina sewing machines.

Bernina 2000DE Serger Price


One of the original sewing machine prices for this model was $1500 and that was back in 1991. Things have changed since then and the going price for a good used 2000 DE is between $200 and $300.

Some people have it on sale for $500 so expect to pay different prices depending on the location of the seller and the seller herself. We found only one at eBay and it was selling for $285 and it looked like it was in good condition although the color of the machine is nothing to brag about.

If you want a hard copy of the manual, it is selling at eBay, at the time of this writing, for $30. eBay and Craigslist are good places to look if you want deals. The latter outlet had a machine on sale for $200 and the condition was supposed to be quite good.

So if you are paying more than $300 you may be paying too much unless the machine is in pristine condition and has no flaws. The lower price does not indicate problems, it is just the going value for that model.

Where To Buy Used Bernina 2000DE Serger For Sale

You may laugh and scoff when we mention yard sales, estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets as viable places to find used sewing machines. But you never know what treasure you will find at those places.

Many a person has walked away with a sewing machine in great condition, for a very low price, after checking those individual outlets. After this search, you can try the classified ads in your local paper or Craigslist. One person found a nice machine for $200 approx. proving that it doesn’t hurt to check old school or traditional outlets for good deals.

eBay is always a good place to find used machines in good condition. However, when it comes to Bernina, you may be out of luck as we only found 1 2000DE on sale at this time. you will find a lot of other Bernina sewing machines at eBay and their prices are similar to the 2000 DE we saw.

Other people have reported being given their model from family members or friends so that is always a good place to check if your heart is set on owning this model. repair shops, vintage sewing machine shops, and even antique stores are great places to look as well.

Especially the repair shops as you know the machine has been refurbished and checked out.

Finding Bernina 2000DE Serger Parts


Many online parts outlets may have what you need for your 2000 DE. This location is one that we see all the time when we write articles of this nature. Etsy says that they have some parts available so you can go to their website and check out their inventory.

Not sure how cheap that outlet is but it is worth a shot to find a hard-to-find part. For our readers in Chattanooga, Tenn., you can contact this outlet. They have some parts but not sure which model those parts go on.

Then there is this online outlet that makes searching for Bernina parts a lot easier. we do suggest that you check out your local Bernina dealer and authorized repair shops to see what they have in stock. if they don’t have it, they may know where you can get one.

Also, flea markets are known to have vendors who deal in all sorts of parts and that may not be a wasted search. Just don’t expect their prices to be as low as a garage sale price.

Your last place to look would be the classified ads. We have said before that picking up another 2000DE to serve as a parts machine is a very good investment as you can save in the long run.

Bernina 2000DE Needle Plate

This may be one of the easier parts to find and place on your Bernina sewing machine as we found many outlets in a quick search that have this part. we are not going to place links here as there are too many and the last section has many of the same links.

One thing we did not mention in the last section is that you can contact Bernina directly and see what they have on sale. They have a search function that has turned up over 10,000 results when the word parts were typed in. You may get lucky and find what you need through them.

If they can’t sell the part, they have different pages that help you find a dealer which may help you find the part you need. It is worth the effort as the needle plates are supposed to be one of the finest in the world.

Thin material is not supposed to be able to find its way underneath making your sewing time a little easier and less worrisome. With the good news that this part is readily available, you should be able to continue sewing without too much of a delay.

Bernina 2000de Accessories


There is some good news here as Bernina’s website does have an accessory page. You can find it by clicking on this link and explore it when you have the time. it is hard to find a separate website that deals in only 2000 DE accessories.

Some websites that come up in a Bernina 2000 DE accessory search will need to be explored to see if they have the one you want. With so many models of Bernina sewing machines out there it may take a little while to do your search.

Many of the parts outlets we already linked to also have accessories in their list of available parts. besides checking their web page, you can try the authorized Bernina dealers and repair shops. They may have something that will fit the 2000 DE even as old as it is.

You can also try the aforementioned garage, estate, yard sales, and the many flea markets that may be in your area. As we said, you never know what you will find when you frequent these little outlets.

The classified ads are a good source as well. It will take some searching but you should be able to find accessories as they may fit sewing machines that do not work anymore.

How to Thread a Bernina 2000DE Serger


Threading a serger is more complicated than threading a regular sewing machine. The first step is to find your owner’s manual to help you as any printed instructions may be confusing without the diagrams to show you how the different threads are supposed to go.

Next, when you thread, make sure your machine is off, then open the front cover. If you push the cover slightly to the right and then pull towards you, it should open up fairly easily. Lift up the presser foot.

Each cone will have different directions to follow and they can be quite detailed. This link takes you to the Bernina website that has the manual for the 2000. The company does not have an online manual for the 2000 DE and this was the best set of threading instructions we could find.

It comes with diagrams and seeing the images is very helpful when you get lost and are not sure what you should do. Words alone will not be helpful when it comes to threading a serger, especially one made by Bernina.

This link will take you to instructions for generic Bernina sergers and it may be helpful for the 2000 DE but we cannot guarantee that it will. The instructions can be as complicated as the actual threading so it is best to have as much help as possible.

Some Final Words

Bernina is a class act and the majority of their sewing machines are very classy as well as top quality. many are still sewing 40 to 50 years after their original production.

The good thing about buying a used Bernina 2000 DE is that you do not have to pay the original price for the machine. You can get a top-quality machine for a regular sewing machine price. Plus, it will still sew like it was new and keep sewing for many more years.

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