How Much are Bernina Sewing Machines? Are They Worth It?

Sewing may be your favorite hobby, but you do not want to spend a lot on a sewing machine. That is an okay concern as you can get a top sewing machine for a reasonable price. Bernina has quite a few waiting for you to look at and take home.

How Much are Bernina Sewing Machines? To own a Bernina sewing machine you are looking at paying anywhere between $200 and $800 depending on the machine and its features. There are more expensive models out there but they are priced too far out of most people’s price range.

To get the info on how much a Bernina sewing machine costs and the answer to are they worth it, just continue to read our article. It covers the topic and answers the question if the Bernina sewing machine is worth its sale price.

Why Buy a Bernina Sewing Machine

The reason you buy a Bernina sewing machine is because they are well built, use top of the line construction materials and they last. Their longevity justifies their price tag.

The company uses an all-steel bobbin system and other great parts that are durable and able to stand up against the test of time. These machines also provide a real sewing atmosphere which is a good contribution to your sewing time.

Also, the machines seem to work effortlessly no matter what sewing project you throw its way. When you look at the price tag for a Bernina sewing machine, you know you are paying for the quality you want.

Plus, the Bernina machines come with top of the line features that help you be decorative without losing a lot of time. Those are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a Bernina sewing machine.

How Good are Bernina Sewing Machines?


These sewing machines are so good that some of them can sew up to 900 stitches every minute. That may be more speed than you need but it is always nice to have that extra speed around just in case.

In addition to that, some models have a semi-automatic threader speeding up your threading time. You can concentrate on your sewing project instead of wasting time threading the machine.

Finally, the machines last. That is a good thing as you do not want to be spending money every year or every few years for a new machine. They are durable machines that can outlast their competitors with ease.

Many owners do not spend a lot of money on repairs either. That durability comes in handy when you are on a budget.

Why are Bernina Sewing Machines So Expensive

One of the main reason for the high price of the Bernina sewing machine is that they are well built. The company does not sacrifice quality to save a few dollars on manufacturing costs. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Also, you get a lot of fine features built into their machines. The Bernina company has listened to its customers and have taken steps to make sure their machines meet the needs of those who use them.

Then the company takes the time to be innovative and to make sure those innovations will work for their customers. The top reason is that Bernina cares about its reputation and the type of product they sell.

How Much Are Bernina Sewing Machines


You are going to find that Bernina sewing machines are going to be a high-ticket item. Even at Amazon, the models on sale are over $1000. Used Bernina machines on eBay are also selling high.

Those prices start about $300 and go up from there, with only a few models dipping below that lower threshold. You really do not want to know what a Bernina long frame quilting machine costs. But we will tell you anyway- $22,000.

Another store has them ranging from the low hundreds up to $6,000 and more. You may have to save for a few years before upgrading your sewing equipment to a Bernina model.

Check the price of all Bernina sewing machines available on Amazon here >>

Bernina Sewing Machine Models And Prices

There is some good news in all the high prices we have been listing for you. Bernina does make a model called the Bernette and there are about 6 different types you can choose from.

This series of sewing machines are for the budget-minded people who cannot afford a regular Bernina but still want the quality and longevity the company puts into its sewing machines.

The Bernette’s can go as high as $700 but usually you will find them in the low hundreds range. That is they sell for less than $300 on average. When you are pinching pennies, it is good to know that you can still save money and get the quality you want in a sewing machine.

Here are some pricing exemples from

  • Bernina 880 Plus - U$15000
  • Bernina 770 QE - U$6500
  • Bernina 590 E - U$7500
  • Bernina 480 - U$2800
  • Bernina 335 - U$1200

Are Bernina Sewing Machines Worth The Money?


Yes they are worth the money. One thing you will find in a Bernina sewing machine is tradition. That tradition is a family one and their family reputation depends on the quality of the product they produce.

Besides family tradition and a long history in making sewing machines, Bernina also takes the time to research its products to make sure the right construction materials are used. They know that if their machines break too easily, they will lose customers and revenue to their competitors.

You may say that the company does business the old-fashioned way. They make sure their product is the best before selling it to the consumer. After all, they well know that word of mouth can destroy their business even after 100+ years of being in the business.

Are Bernina Sewing Machines Made in Switzerland?

There are two factories that produce the Bernina sewing machine. One is still in its hometown of Steckborn and the great-grandson of the founder has no desire to abandon this location.

The other factory is in Thailand and it pays its workers above minimum wage to ensure that the Bernina products are worth having the Bernina name attached to them.

All the products produced by the company, are developed and tested as prototypes in the Steckborn plant. The Thailand plant only manufactures the sewing machines delegated to it. It usually takes no part in the design, etc., of any of the prototypes it manufactures.

Also, the Steckborn plant was modernized and made eco-friendly in 2012. The company is well aware of its production responsibilities and has taken the steps to make sure it is environmentally friendly.

Which Bernina Sewing Machines Are Made in Switzerland?


The Steckborn facility handles the production of the top of the line Bernina products. The B 880 series, and the Q 20 and 24 models are made in this plant. Also, the long-arm quilting machines are made in Switzerland to make sure the quality is the best it can be.

Thailand handles the entry-level machines on up to the 7 series. They also produce the Bernette model as that is the company’s cheaper line. The Thailand plant has been in existence since 1990 and is still owned and operated by Bernina.

This company is also the last of a dying breed. They are the only company still making their sewing machines in what is considered to be ‘the west’.

Where Are Bernina Sewing Machines Made Now?

The company has no desire to leave either of their two plants. They have set the Thailand facility up where it ensures the workers are well taken care of and also helps keep the quality levels of their products from falling below standard.

Also, the owner of the company has no desire to move its operations out of Steckborn, Switzerland. That city holds a lot of tradition for the company and it holds its inspiration. The mountain Piz Bernina is located nearby and provides the company owners with the symbol to keep reaching for the highest possible goals.

The company uses that inspiration to help it overcome any obstacles in its desire to produce high-performance sewing machines. The company explores the best avenues in sewing machine technology to make sure their product is better than their competitions’.

This attitude has paid off for Bernina as it produces top quality sewing machines that will last their owners for decades.

Who Makes Bernina Sewing Machines?

The Bernina company has had its home office in Switzerland for 120 years and counting. Their machines are made by the local Swiss people who take pride in producing a top-quality product that owners will treasure for a lifetime.

Also, the company has a plant in Thailand. And while it does not produce the top of the line models that the Swiss plant does, it still is held to the strict quality standards the Swiss plant uses for their production models.

Who Owns Bernina Sewing Machines?


For the company itself, the owner is a fourth-generation member of the Gegaulf family. Hanspeter Ueltschi is the great grandson of Karl Friedrich Gegaulf and has taken the company to new heights.

This may be a rare thing as many family-owned companies have either sold out to other conglomerates or are too small. Aside from the Mars chocolate company it is hard to find large family-owned corporations like Bernina.

The family also are the sole owners of both manufacturing facilities, which makes everything nice and simple for the company as well as give it better oversight of quality control.

The individual owners of the actual sewing machines are quite loyal. While the machines are not for everyone, there is a wide representation of owners throughout a variety of social classes.

It is a good thing that the company puts out a lesser priced line. That helps build a loyal customer base and lets everyone experience the Bernina difference and quality.

What Bernina Sewing Machine is The Best?


The final determination of this topic is going to be up to personal preference. It’s always hard to say which is the best because people have found their best in a variety of different Bernina models.

If we had to pick one model or series of models, we would have to say the Q 20 & 24 series. Those are two of the top of the line models being manufactured in the Switzerland based plant.

The Swiss are well known for the appreciation for top quality products that use top quality construction materials. They are also known for their disdain for inferior products made from inferior construction materials.

A good second best to the list would be the B880 series. This product is also made at the Swiss plant and the reasons are obvious. The family-owned company wants to make sure they continue to produce the best sewing machines possible.

Which Bernina Sewing Machine to Buy?

This is also a difficult question to answer because Bernina produces so many of the best machines possible. But if you had to choose one, you may want to go with the Bernina 330.

It is easy to use and has a 30 stitch memory system to help you get the pattern you want. Plus, this machine is a cut above the entry-level models while having a modest sticker price of about $1500.

If you are a little more budget conscience, then you may want to go with the Bernette B37 model. It comes with a variety of options that you get to pick from. You can customize your sewing machine while paying about $600.

In the final analysis, it is going to be up to you which Bernina model you purchase. You are the one who has to pay for it and use it. That means you should explore the Bernina sewing machine line and find the right one for you and your sewing needs.

Check the price of all Bernina sewing machines available on Amazon here >>

Who Sells Bernina Sewing Machines?


The company has an option for you to buy directly from them and you can pick your features which may add to the overall price. Another place you can buy a Bernina machine, online, is found at this link.

Currently, they are running a sale on their inventory including the Benrina models they have in stock. Now may be a great time to get a good deal on a top sewing machine.

Other places you can find them at are eBay and Amazon. eBay may be more used than new while Amazon doesn’t have a wide selection nor a cheap price. If you click this link, you will be taken to the Bernia web page that helps you locate a Bernia dealer near you.

Or you can keep checking the classifieds to see if someone is parting with their machine for whatever reason they may have.

Where to Buy a Bernina Sewing Machine?

In addition to those places mentioned above, you should be able to find a Bernina sewing machine in a variety of fabric or sewing stores. As well as traditional brick and mortar department stores.

We checked Wal Mart and one of their web pages had a Bernia selling at $2,000. Unfortunately, it is out of stock at this time. Used furniture or sewing supply stores may have a few models on hand.

Or you can check with the different sewing forums to see where you can find a Bernina for sale. One thing is for sure, the Bernina sewing machine is probably one of the better appliance investments you can make.

The sewing machine is designed to last you almost your entire lifetime.

Some Final Words

The cost of the Bernina sewing machine may be out of your price range but if you get a chance to purchase one, you should take it. These machines are well built and they are built by the last family-owned sewing machine company in the world.

Also, the effort put into manufacturing these machines, as well as the innovation, makes owning these machines worth every penny. But if you cannot afford one still, you have some good news.

The company does produce inexpensive models that should fit your budget. You get the same Bernina quality for a lesser cost. Also, a used sewing machine from this company is probably as good as many of the news ones the company’s competitors market.

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