What is and Where to Buy Molnlycke Thread?

You need good thread to create some fashion masterpieces. Sometimes, modern thread just won’t cut it as it may not be durable enough for what you want to use it for. There will be those times when you

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Singer Spartan Sewing Machine Review (Price and History)

One thing is for sure. If you love sewing, you can find the machine that makes it all come together for you. One of those brands is Singer. It is a sewing machine company that has been around for quite

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Does Rayon Stretch? (With Wear, Over Time, or When Wet..)

Stretching is always good. It helps your muscles limber up, gets you ready for yoga and other exercises and it helps your clothes fit a little better. Having a little stretch make sure you can walk comfortably,

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How to Wash a Sherpa Jacket or Blanket Without Ruining It

Washing is not always a friend to clothing items. That is one of the issues you have to face in this technological world. Clothing doesn’t always match up with the machine you currently own. Take for

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How does a Sewing Machine Work (Helpful Mechanism Guide)

When technology helped invent the sewing machine it was supposed to make your sewing life a lot simpler, easier and faster to do. Learning how a sewing machine works is a great way to keep your sewing

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How to Sharpen Sewing Needles at Home (6 Easy Ways)

Sewing is a great hobby. It can help you slow down, focus and calm down if you are angry. Sewing can give you time to think while doing something constructive. That is a good thing. To make sewing even

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Does Fleece Shrink? Should You Wash Fleece Before Sewing?

Not all clothes are made from the same fabric. That makes sewing a lot more fun and challenging. You get to be creative, innovative and fleece is a great fabric to achieve those characteristics.Does Fleece

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Best Serger on the Market Buying Tips

Best Serger on the Market: Buying Tips and Our Top 4

When we look at how the clothes from most fast-fashion stores look like, what’s the first thing that pops in our mind? Is it the type of fabric they use? How about the sheer variety of choices — all

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The 4 Best Sewing Machines for Beginners Easy to Use Guide

The 4 Best Sewing Machines for Beginners: Easy to Use Guide

We've all seen our mothers and grandmothers sew, but never knew why they did it. We are used to buying our clothes at the local mall, without giving them much thought. However, sewing is one of the best

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Can Sewing Affect Pregnancy Can I Use a Sewing Machine

Troubleshooting 25 Sewing Machine Problems and Solutions

Certainly, nobody is born with a perfect set of built-in skills on how to diagnose sewing machine problems.But above all, whenever there is a problem, there is also a suitable solution out there.The truth

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