Can You Dry Cashmere in the Dryer? 12 Drying Cashmere Tips

Cashmere is as expensive as it is precious. You want to be as careful as possible while washing and drying it so that you don't ruin your cashmere wearable. The soft luxury wool is commonly used for making shawls, cardigans, and jumpers. Its yarn is generally derived from Cashmere and Pashmina goats found in the Kashmir valley of India.

Used for hundreds of years as textile and clothing yarn, Cashmere is thrice as insulating when compared to regular wool. Today, China and Mongolia are the leading producers of the yarn.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a Cashmere sweater / hat / glove / sock / coat / jacket / trousers / pajama / scarf / blanket equal care has to be taken while washing and drying it. In this article, we provide you with a handful of useful tips for you to use when drying your Cashmere possession.

What Happens If You Dry Cashmere?

If you own a valuable Cashmere clothing item, it is only natural that you'll want to know the best way to clean and dry it. If you'd like to go DIY with cleaning and drying your cashmere sweater/shawl and related material, here's what you need to know – don't leave it in the dryer after washing it.

What happens if you dry Cashmere? Well, if you do not know the right way to dry Cashmere, you could end up shrinking it. If you leave out your cashmere sweater to wire dry in the Sun, you might end up with a sleeve sag or worse. Read on below to continue learning about the Do’s and Don’t’s of Cashmere drying.

How is Heat Detrimental to Drying Cashmere Clothing?

If there’s one advice you will find freely shared about Cashmere item drying, it is to never dry Cashmere made material using heat sources. Why is this? How is heat detrimental to drying Cashmere clothing? Heat drying your Cashmere clothing item using absolutely any heat source can make your Cashmere clothing shrink faster than you can blink. It is why heat drying is never recommended for drying washed Cashmere products. Below we have shared the several alternate methods you can use to dry your Cashmere item.

Can You Dry Cashmere in the Dryer?


You use the dryer to dry most of the clothes that you machine wash, but is it possible to do so for your Cashmere garment as well? If you're machine washing your cashmere knitwear, you will also be wondering whether it would be alright to dry it in the dryer.

So, can you dry Cashmere in the drawer? The answer is no, it is not advisable to dry Cashmere made products in the drawer. The machine dryer can compromise or even damage the integrity of your Cashmere fibers, and agitating it excessively could result in piling. The best way to dry your Cashmere clothing item is to lay it flat to air dry in its natural shape. We discuss more specifics of drying your Cashmere material as we proceed through this article.

Is there any exception to this machine drying rule for Cashmere clothing?

Well, yes. If you must, you can dry your Cashmere cloth in the dryer for a handful of minutes, but only if you're using the air dryer option. Also, never exceed more than a couple of minutes of drying time when using the dryer for an immediate drying intervention on your Cashmere cloth.

You can risk permanent or semi-permanent damage if you do so. Take the apparel out and lay it flat to dry the rest of it on a towel or drying rack for the best results.

Can You Tumble Dry Cashmere?

Is tumble drying a good option for drying your Cashmere garment? Let us clear your doubts. Can you tumble dry Cashmere? Yes, you can but only if you wish to risk damaging the delicate fibers of your Cashmere cloth.

Not only tumble drying, but you should also protect your Cashmere garment from any heat source, which could potentially cause harm to your Cashmere wearable. The heat from your dryer could be extremely detrimental to the health of your Cashmere's fibers. Let's teach you more about the proper way to dry Cashmere cloth.

Can You Spin Dry Cashmere?


Machine drying Cashmere items is usually advised against. We know by now that machine drying options such as tumble drying are not suitable for drying your Cashmere knitwear after you've washed it. We answer whether certain machine drying options are applicable for drying out your Cashmere clothing after a wash.

Can you spin-dry Cashmere? You might be relieved to know that while most other machine drying options will probably damage your Cashmere garment, you could still preserve the quality of your Cashmere knitwear by spin-drying it on a short or extremely low spin cycle. Make sure to turn this clothing inside out first, before placing it in the dryer.

Can You Dry Cashmere on a Radiator?

Some of us use the warmth from our radiators to dry wet clothes. While this is perfectly fine for most clothing material, is it okay to dry your expensive Cashmere shawl/scarf the same way? Can you dry Cashmere on a radiator? The easy answer to this is no. You should keep Cashmere items away from any heat source when wet, as already discussed above.

Doing so can burn the fibers of your Cashmere and the color of your Cashmere garment too can lose its shine. More Cashmere drying tips are provided below.

Does Cashmere Dry Quickly?


In need of Cashmere drying tips? Then, you'll probably want to know how long wet Cashmere material takes to dry. Does Cashmere dry quickly? Unfortunately not, your Cashmere apparel can take a couple of days to dry. Since you're not allowed to wring dry your Cashmere clothing or dry it using heat, drying Cashmere clothing can take a while.

You need to be patient and wait for your Cashmere sweater/pullover to dry naturally. It will help preserve the quality and condition of your Cashmere item. Next, we review once again if it is somehow possible to machine dry Cashmere garments safely without destroying it and what are the steps we can follow to achieve this.

How to Dry Cashmere in the Dryer

If you’re in a hurry, you might want to use a machine dryer to dry your Cashmere clothing item. We have already informed you above how this isn’t advisable. Dryers apply heat which can shrink the delicate fibers of your Cashmere wearable. The best way to dry Cashmere clothing products is to let it air dry naturally.

However, we understand how straining the long wait time can be on your patience if you’d like your Cashmere cloth to dry quickly. If you are predisposed to using a dryer, you will want to know this – how to dry Cashmere in the dryer? The only way to safely dry Cashmere in a dryer is to utilize a cold air dryer. Want to know how you can dry your Cashmere sweater without harming it? You will want to continue reading then.

How to Dry a Cashmere Sweater


Want to learn how to expertly dry your Cashmere sweater without stretching out its threads? We tell you how. If you want to know how to dry a Cashmere sweater, you’ve come to the right place. The ideal way to dry a Cashmere sweater is to place it flat on a towel and then roll this towel up to absorb any remaining water. You can also lay it flat to dry on a clothing rack or, similarly place it between two separate towels for the same purpose. We discuss the best way to dry a Cashmere scarf next.

Drying a Cashmere Scarf

If you’ve recently been gifted a Cashmere scarf or bought one for yourself, you will want to know all about necessary care instructions to help you preserve the quality of this prized possession. How do you dry a Cashmere scarf without posing any harm to its material quality? Drying a Cashmere scarf doesn't have to be difficult. All you need to know is how to go about it.

The best way to dry a Cashmere scarf is to gently press the water out of the wet scarf, smoothen it out and place it to dry upon a clean, dry bath towel. Attempting to wring your Cashmere scarf dry or tossing it to dry in the dryer's heat will only cause it irreversible damage. Learn tips on how to dry a Cashmere blanket below.

How to Dry a Cashmere Blanket


If you own a Cashmere blanket or have recently acquired one, you will want to learn how to wash it best and keep it clean. You will want to familiarize yourself with how to dry it without damaging it. The “How to Dry” for a Cashmere blanket does not differ a lot from the suggested ways of drying other Cashmere fabric items.

After you’ve washed your Cashmere blanket, lay it evenly out on a long dry towel or another clean blanket. Remember to lay it in the shape you want your blanket to take after it has dried. Do not try to hang dry your Cashmere blanket or dry it using a heat source; you will end up destroying the fine material. Lastly, if you're in a hurry to dry your Cashmere clothing or textile product, you will benefit from the advice we have shared in the next section.

How to Dry Cashmere Faster

Say, you own a Cashmere sweater which you've just washed. Now, you know that you should ideally leave it to be for a handful of days so it can air out naturally, but what if you have a fashion emergency? You may always find yourself in a situation where you'd be in immediate need of your Cashmere garments to be dry.

To be able to access a recently washed Cashmere garment, you will want to acquaint yourself with methods on how to dry Cashmere faster.

  • You can dry your Cashmere product faster by laying it flat on an absorbent towel.
  • Then, you can roll up this towel and gently squeeze any remaining moisture from the washed Cashmere garment into the towel.
  • ​You can repeat these steps listed above until there's only a little moisture left, and your washed Cashmere clothing item is only minorly damp.
  • If you have a mesh air dryer, you can use this to dry out the remaining moisture from your wet Cashmere item. You could additionally concentrate a fan's power on it to aid in evaporating residual moisture from your washed Cashmere garment.

So what then are the best ways to dry Cashmere clothing? We sum up in the conclusion below.

What Have We Learnt About Drying Cashmere Linen?


Be it Cashmere clothing or Cashmere linen; you don't want to be uninformed when caring for it. Cashmere is considered to be a luxury clothing material for its value, both financial and otherwise. It is made of delicate fibers that can get easily harmed if you aren't careful about the force you apply to it. If you plan on washing and drying your Cashmere linen/clothing at home by yourself, you should take the time to inform yourself about the procedure to follow to avoid any material damage to it.

It is common knowledge that woolen items should only be machine washed in the most gentle cycle. Cashmere is softer and more delicate than most wool variants and so, machine washing is not recommended for cleaning it at all. You are strongly suggested to hand wash and air dry your Cashmere product.

Cashmere should be dried away from any kind of heat to protect it from stretching out and color damage. Machine drying Cashmere clothing inappropriately could lead to shrinkage and expansive damage to its fibers.

For this reason, the best way to dry Cashmere products is to just lay it out on an indoor drying rack and let it be for a few days until all the moisture in it has been absorbed. If you want to speed up the process and would like to wear your washed Cashmere clothing item sooner, consider laying it out between towels or gently using a cold air dryer.

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