Can You Dry Linen in the Dryer? Drying Linen Without Ruin It

There are always questions when it comes to the cleaning care of different fabrics, there are always questions that need to be answered. What makes the answers so difficult is that not everyone has the same experience so they say opposite things.

Can you dry linen in the dryer? It is possible to dry linen items in a dryer but only if they have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk before you buy the clothing item. The best way to dry linen clothes is to lay them flat, Clothespins, etc., may leave marks or cause the linens to stretch a bit.

To learn how to dry linen correctly just spend a few minutes reading our article. It helps you care for your linens. The information included here should provide some cleaning tips as well.

Can You Dry Linen?

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Yes you can but the method of drying is what you have to be concerned about. Linens do tend to shrink when too much heat is applied to them. That is if they have not been pre-washed or preshrunk during the manufacturing process.

Linens are a delicate fabric in some ways and the best way to dry linen clothing is not to put them in the dryer. Hang drying is okay if you can secure the clothes without using clothespins or clips.

Laying the linens flat is the ultimate way to keep your clothes from getting harmed.

What Happens If You Dry Linen?

It is possible that you may ruin your linens, it doesn’t matter if it is clothing, bedding, or curtains if you dry them in the dryer. It all depends on how the linens were made and the quality of the fabric. Higher quality linens should not be harmed as much as lower quality ones.

Tumble drying, even if safe from shrinking, is not recommended as the dryer can shorten the lifespan of many linen products. If the linens do shrink, a little spritz of water and an iron can help stretch them back to normal size again.

Can You Tumble Dry Linen?


This is not a recommended way to dry most linens especially if the fabric is of low quality. Tumble drying can help lower the lifetime use of the linens you own. The best way to dry linens is to find a very flat area and lay the items out flat without leaving bumps or hills in the fabric.

It is also not wise to completely dry linen clothing or bedding. Leave them a little damp when you pull them out of the dryer. That makes them easier to iron. You may experience some shrinkage if you tumble dry those clothes, etc., made out of linen.

Why Can't You Tumble Dry Linen?

The first reason why you can’t dry linen is for the fact linen is a natural fabric and those natural fibers can shrink. While you can stretch linen it is best to avoid this step as you have better things to do with your time.

Another issue that arises when you tumble dry linens is that they do not last as long. Drying takes its toll on this fabric and it is not a strong material to begin with. If you do use your dryer, use the lowest and coolest setting possible. Linen and heat are not friends.

How To Dry Linen Sheets?


It is possible to hang dry your linen sheets. But how you hang dry them is also important. Linen is not a strong fabric and clothespins and other clips have been known to leave marks on the clothing or bedding and curtains made out of this fabric.

If you have the room, the best way to dry any linen item is to lay it out flat. This helps stop wrinkles, creases and makes sure the material doe snot get damaged in any way. Just don’t lay it over wood when damp as the wood may cause some staining to take place.

Can You Dry Linen Shirts?

It is okay to dry linen shirts but it is not always the best idea. The best way to dry linen shirts is to let the dry cleaners handle those cleaning duties. The dryer can lead to fading of the color in those shirts and blouses.

Also, you run the risk of shrinking those shirts even if they have been preshrunk. If in doubt and you do not have the budget for a dry cleaners, lay the shirts out flat on your tables or beds.

Drying linen can be tough as it is a very vulnerable fabric to clean.

How To Dry Linen Shirts


As has already been mentioned, dry cleaning is the best way to clean and dry your linens. The dry cleaners have the right cleaning materials and equipment to make sure your shirts come out looking great.

If you can’t use that option, you can hang dry linen shirts over a rack or just by laying them flat on a table or other flat surface. If you want to use your dryer due to a lack of time, use the coolest setting possible and pull the shirts out before they are completely dry.

If any damage has occurred, you can use your iron to help solve those issues.

How To Dry Linen Tablecloth

If you use your dryer, make sure to pull the tablecloth out of the dryer while it is still damp. Then iron away any rough spots or wrinkles but do not completely dry the tablecloth.

Keep it a little damp and let it air dry the rest of the way. If there is some embroidery work on that tablecloth you will want to hand wash it and let it hang dry. Just find a hidden spot to place the clothespins or clips. Forget the dryer in this case and go old school

How To Dry Linen Curtains


There are several options available to you. One is the dryer as it is the most practical way to dry your clothing and curtains. If you use this option, you should dry the curtains individually and without any company. Curtains need room to move to get dry.

The better options are to hang the curtains in the sun or in a breezy spot where the wind drives enough air through the linen to remove the moisture. Laying the curtains out flat is not practical if you do not have a large enough flat space to use.

Can You Dry Linen Sheets in The Dryer?

This is the most time saving way to dry any linen fabric including linen sheets. It saves you time, energy, and even space. So yes you can dry linen sheets in the dryer. Is it the best method to use, not really.

If you are going to dry your linen sheets the best thing to do is never dry them completely. Let the air finish the job for you. Also, like curtains, wash linen sheets individually. If you put too much material in the dryer the linens may not dry evenly.

Does Linen Dry Quickly?

It doesn’t matter what form the linen fabric comes in its drying ability is one of the best in the fabric world. It does dry very quickly and that cuts down on your laundry time.

This ability to dry quickly is a good reason for hanging them up to dry and letting the sun or the wind handle the chore. You save on energy costs and your linens are safer when hung out to dry.

If you use your dryer it is recommended that you pull the linens out before they are completely dry. This helps protect those linen items and makes ironing a lot easier to do.

Does Linen Dry Faster Than Cotton?

Linen seems to be better than cotton in several ways. It is a highly praised fabric that has a lot of benefits that make it a better fabric to wear than cotton. One of those benefits is that linen does dry faster than cotton will.

Other benefits that come with linen is that it is anti-microbial, resists moths and it seems to get better with every wash. That makes linen a better fabric to wear no matter the event or the season.

The slower drying time saves you a little work and lets you wear the linen clothing items the same day they have been washed.

Some Final Words

It is possible to dry linen but you have to be careful as it is also a delicate fabric that needs special care. If it hasn’t been preshrunk then you can expect to see some shrinkage if you dry your linens in the dryer.

The best way to care for linen shirts is to take them to the dry cleaners. It may be a little bit expensive but at least you didn’t ruin them through a laundry mistake.

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