Can You Dry Satin in the Dryer? (How to Dry Satin Guide)

When it comes to doing the laundry your schedule influences how you wash, dry, and take care of your clothes. That is why most people buy the best washers and dryers around. These machines help you be more efficient when it is laundry time.

Can you dry satin in the dryer? This will depend on what kind of satin you need to dry. Satin sheets can be hung to dry or put in the dryer on low heat. Satin clothing should be laid flat and kept away from direct heat sources like sunlight and dryers.

Drying Satin in The Dryer

When you are beginning a sewing project using satin it is a smart move to wash satin fabrics with hot water and then dry them in the dryer on the hottest setting. That will get rid of the shrink factor and allow you to clean those clothes safely when you are done.

As for other satin items, it is best to follow the instructions on the cleaning label. Since satin is made from different fibers their cleaning instructions may vary. Some satin items may be safe to put in the dryer while others will be dry clean only

For sheets, you should dry them on low tumble and remove them before they are fully dry. Once you do that, hang them to dry the rest of the way. Clothing will be a bit different and you should not go against the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to keep the sating garments safe.

Can You Tumble Dry Satin?


Some satin items are safe to be dried in a dryer on tumble dry. But the ones you select for that drying process should state on their label that tumble dry is okay. The cleaning label will be your key guide when it is time to clean your sating items.

For example, if your sating items are made from silk or acetate, do not handwash, or use the dryer. These items can be dry cleaned only. Satin made from other fibers should be turned inside out and washed in cool or warm water using a mild.

To dry make sure to hang them out of direct sunlight and keep from direct heat.detergent. The sunlight may fade the garments and the direct heat may damage the fibers. It is always best to let the satin items dry naturally.

Dryers may be more efficient but not all fabrics can handle the tumble action or the direct heat dryers use.

Can You Dry Satin Pillowcases?

If you are talking about air drying then yes you can. This is the best method to dry most clothing items and bedding. Air drying does not have high heat making it very safe to dry even when the temperatures reach over 90 degrees F.

Drying in the dryer is okay as well. You need to use low heat and remove the pillowcases from the dryer before they have completely dried. After you do that hang the pillowcases up and let them finish drying.

If you follow the care instructions that come with the pillowcases, you should be fine. The different materials used to make satin will have different endurance levels and offer more freedom or more restrictions when it comes to drying the items.

Some pillowcases may say to dry on a no-heat cycle. But when you use your dryer be careful not to dry the pillowcases with other fabrics. The friction can cause some damage as well.

Does Satin Dry Quickly?


This will depend on the type of fibers the satin garments or bed sheets are made from. Different fibers dry at different speeds and they are not always close to having the same drying time.

Satin made from silk may dry slower than satin made from polyester or cotton. But it will dry faster than satin made from rayon and nylon. The latter fiber may take the longest to dry of them all.

There are other factors involved when drying satin which may slow down the drying time. The outside air may be too cool to support a quick drying time. Or the fabric had too much excess moisture in it. That will slow drying time down as well.

You may have to play it by ear as you may own sating garments and bedding made from all different types of fibers. The drying time will not be constant for you when that situation arises.

How do You Dry Satin Sheets?

The best way to dry any delicate fabric like satin is to hang dry them. Without question, this is the best way even though it takes longer than a dryer. Dry cleaning is the next best way if you have the budget for that method of cleaning and drying.

When you use the dryer it is best to dry your sheets one at a time to avoid friction damage. Then use no heat or a low heat setting removing the sheets before they become fully dry. Hang dry the rest of the way.

Drying satin sheets is not that tough. It just takes a little concentration and memory power. These fabrics are not the same as other fabrics and you just can’t place them in the dryer and forget about them.

Special care is needed and if you want to keep them in top shape hang dry them when you have space. It only takes a few minutes and you do not have to interrupt your busy schedule to pull them out of the dryer.

How to Dry Satin Clothes


The best way to dry satin clothes is to lay them out flat on a towel and let them dry naturally. First, you would have to roll the satin clothes in a towel to get a lot of the excess moisture out.

Then lay them flat inside or outside away from direct sunlight or you may cause the clothes to fade a bit. You should lay them on a towel so that they do not get dirty again by lying on a dirty table or rock etc.

Look on the cleaning label to make sure your satin fabrics can be dried in alternative ways. A lot will depend on the fibers used to create those clothing items. Then you can always dry-clean them if you do not have time or the space to dry them naturally. Dry cleaning is always a safe drying method to use.

Drying Satin Dress

The process to dry a satin dress is similar to the one described above. The key is to be gentle and take a lot of care as satin is a delicate fabric and can damage easily. Avoid using your dryer unless the cleaning label says the sating dress can handle that method of drying.

When washing the satin dress turn it inside out whether you are hand washing or machine washing. Use cool or warm water. Then use a towel and roll the dress up in it to rid it of excess water.

After that lay the dress on a towel and let it dry stretched out flat. You can dry inside or out but keep the dress away from direct sunlight. If need be you should see if the dress says dry clean only first. Then send it out to the cleaners if it does.

How to Dry Satin Shoes


It is possible that your nice satin shoes got soaked in the rain or got dirty. Special care needs to be taken in cleaning those shoes as satin is not a tough fabric like leather or other shoe materials.

There are a couple of methods you can use to dry satin shoes. The first is to use a dry thick cloth and dab the shoes. You do not want to rub them as that may cause water streaks.

The goal with the hand towel is to remove as much moisture as you can. Then let them air dry. The other method you can use is to remove the insoles and let them dry separately. Replace the insoles with newspapers.

Then, let the shoes air dry and keep them out of direct sunlight or away from direct heat sources like vents. Air drying is the best method for satin shoes.

Some Final Words

Drying satin in a dryer can be risky. You should only do it if the care label tells you that it is a safe option to use. When you use the dryer keep the machine n no or low heat. Then if you do not want to risk ruining your sating items, hang drying is the best method.

Then you can always go with the dry cleaning method. Many satin items, especially the ones made from silk or acetate, require dry cleaning only. That is a safe method to use if you have the budget for it.

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