Can You Dry Viscose in the Dryer? (How to Dry Viscose)

Friend or foe. Dryers seem to have split personalities. Some of the time they are great friends, like Dr. Jekyll, to you and your clothing fabrics. Then other times Mr. Hyde shows up and ruins just about every fabric you place near it.

Can you dry Viscose in the dryer? Viscose is usually pure rayon and rayon brings out the nasty part of a dryer. When Viscose is not blended with other fabrics then it is not safe to put those materials in the dryer. The blend has to have more than 30% of a non-Viscose fabric to withstand machine washing and drying.

To learn more about how to dry Viscose clothing and bedding items just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to know if you want your Viscose clothing material to last you a long time.

Can You Dry Viscose?


It is not wise to dry Viscose if it is not blended with other fabrics. Viscose will shrink when you put it in the dryer and turn the heat up. It is best to dry clean those clothing items made from Viscose material.

If you wash them, you may want to use cold water and then hang dry. Putting them in the sun will have the material drying the quickest. After you wash your viscose clothing, you won’t have to wait very long for it to dry.

Viscose has the reputation of being a very quick-drying fabric. Another thing if you suspect a heavy rainstorm to come along at some point in the day, don’t wear any viscose garments outside. The rain is a lot like the dryer, it is not a friend of the fabric.

What Happens When You Dry Discose?


If it is pure Viscose you should pre-shrink any material before you start cutting it up for your sewing project. Once the washer and dryer get a hold of the material you will lose a lot of fabric due to the shrinkage that comes with Viscose.

Now if you have a blended fabric with Viscose being 70% or less of the total amount of fabric you should not have too much trouble when you wash and dry the material. The blended fabric should help the Viscose holds its shape and not shrink.

If you hang dry the Viscose clothing items then you should not experience any shrinkage at all. Hang drying is the recommended way to dry those items if you are not going to send them out to the dry cleaners.

Hanging drying may take a little longer than the dryer to get your clothes dry but it is worth the extra time when you do not have to throw them out because they became too small.

Why Not Tumble Dry Viscose?


There is a way to tumble dry clean your Viscose fabric and clothing items. You need a garment bag, the low setting on your dryer, and about 30 minutes, and your clothes should be cleaner and dryer than they were before they went into the machine.

Barring that it is best to avoid using the dryer to dry any clothing item made out of pure Viscose. The pure nature of the fabric is too vulnerable to heat and will shrink by about a foot if you are not careful.

Even though the experts say that blended Viscose items do not shrink you should still be careful as nothing is set in stone. There is always a possibility that Viscose materials will weaken once the water from the wash hits hit.

That is another problem with this fabric. It is not strong enough to handle water and can ruin quite easily if you wash it for too long.

Does Viscose Dry Fast?


Pure Viscose comes with the reputation of drying very quickly. The weave of the fabric is what makes it capable of speeding up the drying time. Once you hang dry different clothing items you should not have to wait along time before they are ready to be worn again.

If the Viscose is blended with another fabric then you can safely use your dryer and get the drying time done even quicker. But the blended fabric must have a 30% or more presence in the garment or you may have trouble drying the clothes made from that material.

If you want real fast-drying then make sure to hang those clothing items outside when the sun is shining. The sun’s rays make sure those items get first-class drying treatment.

Before you know it those clothes will be ready to wear. It's the reason why so many people choose to wear Viscose materials.

How do You Dry Viscose Quickly?

How-do-You Dry-Viscose-Quickly

As we have just mentioned, the sun is the best way to dry those items made from Viscose material. Even if you hang your clothes inside the basement, they will not dry as fast as they would if hung outside.

For blends, you can use the dryer and the clothes will dry as fast as hanging them outdoors if not faster. If you do not have the time, then it is best to send them off to the dry cleaners and let the professionals worry about the drying time.

You probably have better things to do with your time than wait for Viscose fabrics to dry. Dry cleaning and hang drying are the only ways to avoid any shrinking if you wear pure Viscose clothing.

Some Final Words

Viscose fabric is a very delicate material to work with. Its vulnerabilities to water and heat, as well as the twisting that takes place in your machines, make it difficult to clean the material.

Special care is needed when working with Viscose that is why a majority of pure Viscose clothing items are marked dry clean only. That is the best way to clean those garments.

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