Can You Iron Corduroy? (How to Wash Corduroy Helpful Guide)

You may ask. Do people still wear corduroy? And yes some people find it to be a great fabric especially when it gets cooler out. Plus, corduroy in some instances has a very good look making the wearer look like a professor at a college somewhere.

Can you iron corduroy? Yes, you can iron corduroy but you have to be careful when you do it. Too much pressure and you could ruin the pile or the raised ridges. Also, too much direct heat may do the same thing. Use light but firm pressure when ironing to help avoid those results.

To learn more about ironing corduroy just continue to read our article. It will also provide information on washing the fabric as this material can be a bit tricky to clean at times. Take a few minutes to get all of this important information.

Can You Wash Corduroy?

Yes, you can wash corduroy but you have to be careful how you wash this material. One of the problems with washing with a non-cold water temperature will be the color bleed that occurs. That is why you should stick to cold all the time when your corduroy items need cleaning.

The one item made from corduroy that should not be washed would be those jackets made from this material. Washing in a washing machine will ruin the structure of the garment and you will end up paying a lot of money to have it restored or replaced.

Also, you should avoid washing the material with those fabrics that produce lint. Corduroy seems to attract lint and adds to your cleaning duties.

Is Corduroy Dry Clean Only?


No, it isn’t. You can get away with washing different corduroy clothing items in your washer without worry. The only exception to the rule will be your corduroy jackets. As we just mentioned washing this clothing item is not helpful and will ruin it.

If you have had success at washing corduroy jackets then you are one of the lucky ones. Usually, the structure of the jacket is ruined and you will have to go out and buy a new one. You can take the risk if you want but there is no guarantee your jacket will come out the same as it went into your washing machine.

When to Wash Corduroy Pants

First, you need to check the care label to make sure that particular pair of pants can be washed or not. Not all corduroy can be washed and it depends on what the manufacturer did when it was making that set of clothing.

Then, you should button up and zip up the pants after turning them inside out. Wash alone or with like-colored corduroy clothing items just in case there is a dye bleed or lint producing fabrics are included in the wash load.

The latter two results you want to avoid at all costs as they do make for more work when you do not need more laundry work. You can try to add a tbsp. or three of salt to your wash load to help contain any dye transfer.

What Temperature to Wash Corduroy

Cold water is the best temperature to use when washing corduroy clothing. Especially when you are cleaning the dark-colored versions. The darker dyes seem to run faster and easier than the light-colored dyes and cold water prevents that from taking place or at least slow it down.

Avoid using high heat when washing this material as it can shrink on you as well. Shrinking corduroy is something you want to avoid as it will add more work to your already heavy laundry workload.

Also, you do not want to overfill the washing machine with more clothes. You can crush the pile if you do.

Corduroy Wash Setting


You have a choice if your washing machine is built with a lot of choices for you to make. The best cycle to use would be the gentle one and that should come with a short spin cycle. You want as little agitation as possible.

Then if your machine allows it, you can also use the reduced crease setting. Either one should handle corduroy clothing quite well. Then you should separate the clothing according to color with the dark going with dark and light going with light.

Make sure to wash only corduroy items with other corduroy items and turn the clothing inside out to protect the pile. The light-colored corduroy may be washed on warm but only if the care label says it is okay.

What to Wash Corduroy With

Basically, you should be exclusive when it comes to washing your corduroy items. Corduroy should be washed with corduroy as you want to minimize any damage that can be done when adding other fabrics into the laundry. That damage can go either way.

Because of the dye bleed possibility, you should wash dark corduroy with dark corduroy and avoid any materials that produce lint. Then you should not fill the machine too full with clothing. The extra weight can crush the pile and ruin the look of those nice corduroy clothing items.

Air drying is the best option when it comes to avoiding the shrinkage corduroy can do.

How to Wash Corduroy

If you have read this far, you already know how to wash this material. Stick to the care label first and make sure to wash like items with like items. Also, watch your water temperature as you want to keep it on the cool side of the scale.

After washing, smooth out the seams, pockets, and plackets then hang up to air dry. Using your dryer may cause shrinkage that you do not want to have happened. What you are trying to do here is protect the pile and a dryer can contribute to ruining it.

If the pile does flatten, a little brushing will be needed to get it back to its original shape. Just do the brushing while the clothes are still damp.

Can You Wash Corduroy Couch Covers?


There should be no reason not to unless the care label says not to do it. While you can wash most corduroy items, there are always exceptions to the rules. Couch covers should be simple to wash as long as you follow the above information already given in this article.

Make sure to stay on cold water as any shrinking can eliminate the ability to put those covers back in their original spot. Also, dry carefully to help avoid shrinking. Heat is not good for corduroy even when made into couch covers.

If the care label says dry clean only, then make sure to dry clean only. There is no sense in taking chances with expensive furniture and its coverings.

How to Wash Corduroy Couch Covers

Use cold water, the gentle cycle, and the right laundry detergent. If the care label says do not bleach, then do not bleach. You may find that an oxygen bleach will work best on corduroy but you still need to be careful.

Corduroy is not always the easiest fabric to wash. Then do not add a lot of clothing to the wash to protect the pile and make sure to turn those covers inside out. Hang drying is best as shrinking is always an issue with this material.

Avoid placing towels and other lint-producing fabrics in the same wash load as corduroy couch covers. The lint will go right to them.

How to Wash Corduroy Hat

Dark-colored hats need to be washed in cold water, again the main reason is the dye bleed possibility. Then light-colored hats can go with either warm or cold water. Once washed, tumble dry for about 10 minutes then air dry them the rest of the way. Or you can air dry for a bit then tumble dry for 10 minutes on low heat.

The lint issue is the same here so avoid washing or drying the hats with any lint-producing fabrics. Handle with care and do not ignore the care labels. They are there to help you get your hats clean and keep them with you for along time.

Can You Tumble Dry Corduroy?


You can but you should handle this option with great care. The dryer heat may be a little much for corduroy and the material can and will shrink on you if you are not careful. Keep the dryer heat to a minimum if you use this option.

Then like the instructions for drying the hats, you should not fully dry the corduroy in the dryer but remove them while they are still a bit damp. Once that is done hang them up the rest of the way. Or reverse the process.

Give the clothing and hats a good shake once you have removed them from the dryer.

Can You Iron Corduroy?

Yes, you can iron corduroy but usually, corduroy is a fabric that resists wrinkles. if handled properly from the washer to the dryer to your clothes hanger you should avoid having to iron this material. But sometimes wrinkles do creep in.

Ironing corduroy can be a bit tricky as you have to watch the pressure you place on the material as well as the heat level. The pile is your biggest concern when you iron and you need to take the right steps in order to protect that look and construction.

Iron with caution and try to avoid it if possible by hanging up the material to dry.

What Temperature to Iron Corduroy?

The care tag should tell you the exact setting you will need and it will depend on the type of iron you have if you can find that setting easily or not. The one you want is the delicate or wool option.

If your iron does not list the words, then go low when it comes to the temperature setting. Also, you can use steam if you want, just hold the iron up a bit before blasting the material with that steam.

Always iron with caution as you do not need to put a lot of pressure on the corduroy clothing to get those wrinkles out.

How to Iron Corduroy Pants and Jacket


The first thing to do is turn the items inside out. You do not want to have the heat and pressure directly on the ribs or the pile. Then use light but firm pressure to accomplish the same goal. Protecting the pile is most important when ironing this material.

Then use the lift and lower method of ironing as sliding the iron over will flatten the pile on you. Press with the tip of the iron only and let the steam do most of the heavy lifting for you. When you are done, turn the item right side out and brush the exterior lightly, follow the nap.

Iron Corduroy Shirt

The same instructions are going to apply here as well as corduroy is corduroy and it needs to be handled in the same way no matter how it looks. Just make sure to turn the shirt inside out and when you have to do the pockets move carefully so you do not harm the pile.

Use a pressing cloth if you want to. This helps a little but always press gently when ironing. Do the lift and move method avoiding the slide even though that is second nature to you. Let the steam handle the wrinkles for you and use the tip of the iron.

Some Final Words

Washing and ironing corduroy can be a bit tricky. That is because the material can shrink on you and you have to worry about the pile all the time. But if you are careful and follow instructions well, your laundry time with this fabric should go smoothly. Just err on the side of caution and you should be fine.

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