Can You Spray Paint Nylon Fabric? How to Paint Nylon Easily

When you want to hide multiple errors, defects, or scratches, paint can usually cover them all with one swipe of the paintbrush. Then paint is a great tool to use as it can be turned into so many brilliant and vibrant colors. You can get a new look at a very low cost.

Can you spray paint nylon fabric? Yes, you can paint nylon and they say that you can do it just like you can paint canvas. When you get ready to paint, you can use your paint brush using bold strokes or a spray bottle for a more modern effect. It is up to you how you paint your nylon items.

To learn more about how to paint nylon, just continue to read our article, it gives you the information and directions you need to make a bright color change in your life. There are all sorts of paints you can use to make your nylon look even better.

How Do You Color Nylon?


There are several ways to do this and one you have already read about in a previous article. You can dye nylon using different dyes but the drawback is that you can only dye darker or the same color. With paint, you can go lighter if you want and when you put on enough coats of paint.

The key to painting nylon is to use the right kind of paint that works on that material. Then be prepared to use more cans of spray paint than you figure. One large cushion was budgeted for 2 cans of spray paint but the project ended up taking 4.

There are many factors involved why this overrun is so. First, you are not as skilled at spraying paint as you thought. Second, you forgot to calculate the wind strength in your activity. Third, you just over sprayed too much and used too much paint.

Finally, there was not as much paint in the can as you thought.

Can You Paint Nylon Fabric?

The answer to this question is positive. In fact, nylon is a preferred canvas because it is lightweight, it can absorb moisture well, and dries very easily. Those factors make nylon a top choice when you want to express your creativity through painting.

The most important part of painting nylon is to make sure you wash it first. The material needs to be clean for the paint to adhere to the fabric like it is supposed to. Once you have washed the material, let it air dry where no dirt can be blown onto the fabric.

One thing to watch out for and that is the paint may seep through to the other side of the fabric. That means you need to put a cardboard down or a canvas sheet to protect whatever your nylon material is lying on.

Make sure the cardboard or the sheet is bigger than the nylon piece you are altering. That protects against overspray.

Can You Paint Cordura Nylon?

Yes, this is a possibility as well. The paints to use can be either latex or acrylic which provides you with an unlimited supply of colors. Plus, you can take your time in creating the design you want.

One thing you should do and this is like when you go and dye nylon, is to do a test to make sure the paint will adhere properly and not wash off quickly. Acrylic paint is said to be impossible to wash off so when you use that option make sure you are prepared and ready. One mistake can spell disaster.

Then if you want a mat finish, you can cover your painted nylon fabric with mat varnish. This will seal in the paint as well as protect it from any friction that may cause it to be scratched off.

Whichever paint you use, make sure you know exactly what you want to paint and where. Then cover those spots with masking tape to prevent them from being painted.

Can You Spray Paint Nylon Fabric?


It may take several coats but you should be able to spray paint nylon. There are specialty paints out there that are designed to be used on fabrics and they are not those options that require a fabric medium to work.

It is called upholstery paint and you can get it in the spray format and make your task a little easier. Make sure to read the labels of all the spray paint cans to make sure they will work on nylon. Not every spray can or will be designed to cover any imperfections nylon gets into it.

Nylon does not come in just soft material that you can wear. There are harder versions of the stuff which makes it even easier to paint using a spray can. Plus, you can combine brush painting with spray painting depending on the look you want for your nylon outfit.

The trick to using spray paint is to have a steady hand that you can move smoothly. Don’t linger too long in one spot either.

Best Spray Paint For Nylon Fabric

Fabric paint would probably be the best paint you can use when you have decided to cover your nylon items with a new look. These fabric paints are made by different brands that are reputable and not so reputable.

Amazon is the best choice when it comes to looking for fabric spray paint. It has a wide selection of both sprays and brushes on paints so you can decide once you look at the colors and the price.

You can also try this company for top paints that will work on nylon items. These are mostly brush-on paints but you can be creative and use a screen if you want. If you want a top brand name, then Rust-O-Leum is a great brand to go with.

They do know their paints especially the spray variety. Or just go to your local paint store and see what they have to offer. They can give you some great advice as well.

What Paint Sticks To Nylon

Fabric paints will stick to nylon as those paints are made to cover and adhere to clothing materials. They are easy to get a hold of and your local fabric stores may have some in stock. If not there, try your big box stores as their selection may be greater as well.

Then there is latex paint, but you may need a sealer to make sure it does not get rubbed off or ruined when your clothing comes in contact with a door, another person, and so on.

Acrylic paint adheres to nylon as well and to make it look even better a mat varnish or even a clear varnish should preserve the look you created for many years to come. A little practice would be helpful before you start on your main painting project.

What kind of Paint Do You Use on Nylon Fabric?


The first step you need to take to find the right paint for nylon is to read the label. Not just the instructions or the descriptions but the caution and warning sections as well. Those pieces of information will let you know if the paint is nylon friendly or not.

This direction is for all paints you can use on nylon-like fabric paint, acrylic and latex. Not all fabric paints are universal and may not be suited for the nylon material you want to be covered. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Also, you may need to mix in a fabric medium to make other styles of paintwork on nylon. Keep that fact in mind when you go shopping for paint for your next project. Not every paint is a stand-alone paint that doesn't need help when you are working with nylon.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Nylon Fabric?

Yes, you can and this is one of the better styles of paint you can use to cover nylon. Of course, not all acrylic paints are the same so you may need to add in a fabric medium when you use a brush on a version of this style of paint.

When it comes to the spray can version, you would not need to take that step. But again, read the label to make sure the contents can be used safely on nylon. Another spray version would be to mix regular brush-on paint with a fabric medium in a water spray bottle and spray your color onto your fabric or another nylon item.

That option gives you a unique look that you may like. Check out all your options and see which one works best for you. To preserve your effort, make sure to seal the acrylic paint with a nice coating of varnish or lacquer.

Best Way To Paint Nylon Fabric

The least messy way would be to brush on the paint because you do not have to worry about over-spraying, wind, or an unsteady hand. For those who lack the spray painting talent or are too inexperienced, this is the best option for you.

Then there is putting the paint in a water spray bottle and this doesn't really need a steady hand as you are going for a unique look that expresses what you are feeling at the moment.

For those who do not like to use a brush and have some talent in spraying paint, then spray painting is the best option to use. Your steady hand will prevent any mishaps from taking place and you can cover your nylon item fairly quickly.

In all three cases, the biggest problem you have to watch out for are the runs. This is where too much paint got in one place at the same time and the paint starts to run down your canvas. You have to be careful when painting anything, including fabric.

How To Paint Nylon Jacket


The procedure you will use depends on what look you want on your nylon jacket. If you just want to change the color, then spray painting the material is the best and quickest way to get the job done.

If you want a design, draw the design first, then cover the areas you do not want to be covered in the new color. No matter which way you go you will have to wash the jacket first to make sure it is clean and ready to handle the paint.

When it comes to drying, avoid the dryer and hang dry the jacket in a safe place where dirt or playful kids with dirty hands won’t hit the wet paint. Painting nylon is like painting on canvas fabric and just take your time. There is no need to rush your work. Just make sure you know where you are going when you start painting.

How To Paint a Nylon Tent

This may be more difficult than you realize. While the tent may be made of nylon it is often coated in chemicals that make the material waterproof. With that coating on the fabric, it will be hard for the nylon to accept and adhere to the paint.

Also, the paint is not flexible. That means that when you go to roll up the tent and get it ready to be packed up a mountainside, the paint will crack. If you don't like the bright color on your tent, it may be best to simply buy a camouflage net to hide your tent from strangers hiking by.

While you may achieve initial success with paint and using a silicone sealer, every use will take some of the paint off. This is not a permanent solution to ugly bright colors. It may be better trying to dye the tent rather than paint it.

How To Paint Nylon Rope

This project will depend on how much of the rope you want to paint. First, make sure the rope is not chemically treated to resist water or moisture. Then pick your color and you can choose a spray version if you are not going to paint a lot of the rope at one time.

Next, be prepared to do several thin coats. One thick coat ends up cracking and peeling during every use. You can try to dip the rope into the bucket of paint if you want to cover all of it. But this may end up with a coat that is too thick and you have wasted your time and money.

Or you can fill a spray bottle up with the paint color you want, add your fabric medium, and touch up different spots to make the rope look better. Your results will depend more on the rope, how it was treated than the painting style you use.

How Do You Write on Nylon Fabric?


Since nylon is dye friendly, writing on nylon fabric is not as hard as you may think. A good fabric pen will help you write what message you want to convey to those who see you wearing the nylon material.

This fabric pen should be designed to write on nylon fabrics. If it isn’t then you have again wasted your money and time. If you are not good at freehand writing, you should use a ruler, stencils, and other aids to make sure what you are writing looks professional.

Then because nylon accepts dyes and inks so well, you may get away with using a ballpoint pen. But this ink may wash out and not stick to the fabric. This is a temporary option when you only want to keep the information for a short time.

How To Remove Paint From Nylon Fabric

If you use the wrong paint, put a too thick of a coat on, or used the wrong nylon fabric, this will not be a problem. The paint will crack and peel right off without giving you a hard time. You may just have to worry about any paint residue and some good cleaners should take care of that problem in no time.

If you used the right paint, etc., then you need to know what base the paint was made with. If it was oil, water, or alcohol then you use the right cleaners for that base. Just be aware that the cleaners may not treat your nylon material with kid gloves and some damage may occur.

Some Final Words

Painting nylon seems like a fun, creative project to take on. It gives you something to do and you can impress your family and friends with your talent. The key to painting nylon is to know your paints and know your fabric.

That way you can get the right paint every time, plus you can get the right cleaner in case you made a mistake.

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