Can You Stretch Suede? (How to Stretch Suede Shoes Easily)

A little stretch comes in handy. Getting fabrics and shoes to fit just right takes a little stretch. Luckily many fabrics have that little give to them so that they stretch out and conform to your body. That is a comforting thought when you buy shoes that fit a little too tight.

Can you stretch suede? Yes, you can stretch suede as long as you do it correctly. The easiest way to stretch suede shoes is to have a stretch spray made for suede, a shoe stretcher, and thick socks. If you have those items you can stretch your suede shoes easily.

To learn other tricks on how to stretch suede, just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to know to get your suede shoes and other clothing items to the right size.

Will Suede Stretch?


The reason sued is used in many shoe designs is that suede does stretch well. In fact, suede has the ability o mold itself to the shape of your foot making them nice and comfortable.

Also, suede comes with a natural memory foam that allows them to stretch and fall back into the proper position. The more you wear the shoes the more the suede will conform to your foot’s size and stretch out where you need it to stretch.

This may be uncomfortable for a few days or weeks but given time the shoes may be the most comfortable you have ever worn. Just be patient and endure by wearing thicker socks to protect your feet during this breaking in period.

Why Does Suede Stretch?

We are not zoologists here but the main reason why suede stretches is that it is made from areal animal skin which is turned into leather. The skin of the animal stretches as it gains weight so you could say that suede stretches because that is the nature of the material it is made from.

Suede is made from the skin of sheep, pigs, and cows, and if you know anything about animals you know that as they gain weight their skin grows bigger. There is nothing artificial about the stretch found in suede materials.

That is good news for you and those vain people who buy smaller sized shoes because they do not want anyone to know their true foot size. That natural stretch means after a while you get the best fitting shoes ever.

Can You Stretch Suede Shoes?


Yes, you can and one way to do this deed is to get a stretching spray made for suede. Don’t use any other type of fabric stretch spray as those should not do the job and the results may not be that great.

The shoes may stretch to about a half size larger but like sewing machines and fabrics, not all suede shoes are made the same. You may get more stretch than that depending on the type of suede material used and how the shoe was constructed.

Then there may be some suede shoes that will not stretch at all. That factor is due to how the shoes were made. When looking at suede shoes, make sure to ask the salesperson if the suede material and the construction will allow some stretching to take place.

Stretch Suede Boots to Fit Calves

There are several ways you can stretch the calves of suede boots to make them fit your leg size. The first way is to buy a stretch spray to relax the fabric. You get your best results using the spray.

Another way to stretch is to use a calf stretcher. This tool is good but you need to check the zipper to see if it will hold up and adapt to the new size of the calf. Not all zippers are made well even in suede boots.

The simplest way to stretch suede boot calves is to just wear them till they match your calves’ shape. Finally, soak them in water and wear them till they dry out. It isn’t complicated to stretch out the calves of your boots.

Stretch Suede Shoes Width


This process is not difficult either and uses some of the same techniques mentioned above. You can start with a spray stretcher and after spraying the shoes in the right areas, put on some thick socks and walk around in your shoes.

Next, turn to the trusty shoe stretcher and save yourself some aches and pain. Just follow the instructions that come with the stretcher to make sure you get the right fit. Normally a shoe stretcher will get you more than a half-inch boost in size.

It is possible to try using a hairdryer. Put on thick socks and then the shoes. Turn the hairdryer on and put the heat to the leather. Wiggle your toes and feet to help get the suede to stretch. Two minutes should do the trick. If not just repeat the process.

How to Stretch Suede Shoes

One option we have not talked about is freezing them. That is because you can ruin your shoes. It is basically impossible to control the amount of stretch you will get when you fill plastic bags with water, place them inside the shoe and let the freezer go to work.

The risks involved here are too great and may end up damaging your shoes. The best ways to stretch suede is by putting on thicker socks and wear the shoes until they are broken in.

If that doesn’t do it then you should invest in a shoe stretcher as that is also one of the safer ways to stretch suede. It only takes a few turns of the stretcher to get the shoes to a larger size and you may stretch them far enough to go up a full size.

Ways to Stretch Suede Shoes


The standard ways have already been mentioned but we haven’t talked enough about one of the risks. If your suede shoes come with zippers, you may have a problem when you stretch out your suede shoes.

Zippers are not all made the same so you risk damaging your shoe by destroying the zipper. You will have to check the zipper construction to make sure it will be able to stretch and handle the extra size. If it can’t then you should not use any one of the main ways to stretch shoes.

The basic ways to stretch suede shoes is to use a spray stretcher, wet the shoes, and walk around in them, use a shoe stretcher and wear thicker socks. None of these ways protect the zipper so you have to be careful when stretching shoes that have them.

How to Stretch Suede Shoes Without a Shoe Stretcher

Shoe stretchers are a great way to get a lot of extra width and length out of suede shoes. But you may not be in a position where you can afford one. There are good options and some of those ways include a few aches and pains.

If you have thick winter socks, you can put those on and wear the shoes all day every day until they stretch out. To make that option a little easier you can soak the shoes and do the same thing.

Then you can use a spray stretch option which still requires you to wear the shoes as you go about your day. Some people have suggested heat and we included that option earlier but heat may not be a good method as it may rip the shoes.

How to Stretch Suede Shoes With Newspaper


The first step is to get a sock and crumple up some newspapers into smaller balls.

Next, fill the sock with the newspaper balls till it is tight and a little larger than your foot. Before you place the sock into the shoe, spray the interior with some stretch spray.

After that place the socks into your shoes and make sure they put a little stress on the suede. The sock will keep the newspaper from staining your shoes. Make sure to push the sock filled newspaper until it conforms with the shape of the toe box.

Use as much newspaper as you need to get the stretch you want. Once all that is done you wait 6 to 8 hours. Pull out the sock of newspaper and put your shoes on.

Can You Stretch Suede Shoes in the Freezer?

This is a tricky operation to perform as many experts say that due to the inability to control the expansion of the water in the plastic bags. They also say you should not use extreme cold as it may crack the leather and ruin the shoes.

If you want to risk it, then you need to place empty Ziploc or other plastic bags inside your shoes. Fill them with water making sure the bags conform to the shape of your shoes. Seal the bags and place them in the freezer.

After a few hours or overnight remove the shoes and they should be stretched. If the process went too far then your shoes may be ruined. If not you may be able to wear them without pain.

Stretch Suede Shoes Hair Dryer


This option is also tricky as some experts also claim that extreme heat is not good for suede shoes. But like freezing your shoes, if you want to risk it, just continue reading this section to learn how to do it right.

The first step in this process is to spray some stretcher onto the areas you want to make bigger. Next, you place your feet inside and start wiggling your toes and feet. As you do that, you turn on your hairdryer and for two minutes heat the suede.

The combination of all the actions involved should stretch your shoes. Just do not count on getting a large amount of stretch. You may be lucky to get the half-size most suede shoes stretch. Just be careful not to try and stretch a suede shoe not made to stretch.

Stretch Suede Split Hem Crop

Probably the best way to stretch these pants is by wetting them and wearing them until they dry. It is the easiest method and it doesn’t take much to wet the pants until they are soaked with water.

You can try wearing them without wetting them but that may take longer to get them to stretch and a bit more painful. If you need to stretch the length of the leg, again wet them and gently but firmly use your hands and pull the fabric in the direction you want them to get bigger.

If you are not sure how to stretch them correctly, you can always ask for help from a professional tailor or dry cleaners. Or other fabric professionals as they will be glad to lend a hand and help you out.

How to Stretch a Suede Hat

How-to-Stretch a-Suede-Hat

Suede hats can shrink if they are not worn regularly. That makes it necessary to stretch them out again to fit your head. The simple way to do this is to sit down and place the top of the hat on your knee or knees.

After that take both hands in the crown and pull outward. Hold that position for about 5 seconds then spin the hat to a new section and repeat. Do this method as often as it takes to get the hat to normal size.

The wet the material and wear it method also works for a hat. Just don't get it too wet. After getting the suede damp put it on your head and push it down till it stretches as it dries.

How to stretch a Suede Skirt

The easiest way and if you can handle the discomfort is to wear the skirt until it stretches to conform to your body. But the amount of stretch in a suede skirt is not going to be that much.

You can try wetting the area you want to be stretched and wearing it but again the result may not be that great. The best thing to do before you do anything is to return the skirt and find one that fits your body style.

Stretching takes a lot of work and you can’t return it after you have stretched it. It may be the most expensive cleaning rag if things do not work out for you.

How do You Stretch Suede Heels


It is possible that you may think that stretching suede heels is out of the question. But fortunately, it can be done if you are careful. The trick is not to stretch those heels too much or you may ruin the shoes.

Spray stretcher and wearing the shoes will do the trick while protecting your expensive heels. You can try using a smaller shoe stretcher and go up to about a half size.

Then you can use any of the other techniques mentioned earlier to see if they get you the change in the size you want. There are not a lot of different techniques when it comes to stretching suede shoes.

Suede Stretch over Time

If you can be patient and wait, suede and suede shoes will stretch over time. You just have to wear them regularly to get them to stretch to your feet or body. The good thing about suede is that it will conform to the shape of your body including your feet.

But it is also possible to stop the suede from stretching. You can either buy a pair of shoes that is made not to stretch or you can spray protectant on the material. Either way, you should be able to keep those suede shoes the same size they were when you bought them.

Does Suede Stretch More Than Leather?


Suede is a thinner and lighter weight type of leather so it may have more flex to it than regular leather materials. Leather is made to be strong and durable so stretching will be a tougher act to do and may take longer to get it to the right size.

On the other hand, suede is not always made to stretch. That means leather would have more stretch than those types of shoes. Suede is pretty flexible and versatile as you can get it in a variety of designs that work with stretching methods or atop stretching from taking place.

Some Final Words

Suede looks great on most people. It would be a shame to ruin them if you picked the wrong method to stretch the suede shoes you own. If you are not sure which method to use, even after reading this article, ask a professional for more advice.

Suede is too expensive to risk ruining by following the wrong advice.

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