Can You Wash Satin? How to Wash Satin Sheets, Dress, Bonnet

Treating fabrics the right way is one way to get them to last you a long time. It is also the way to have their colors stay nice and bright for years to come. Satin is a delicate fabric so special care needs to be taken when washing this fabric for your next big event.

Can you wash satin? Yes, you can wash satin but great care must be taken when you do so. Satin items should be hand washed using a gentle cleanser, cold water, and soaking them for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can use the delicate cycle on your washing machine if necessary.

To learn how to wash and keep satin clean just continue to read our article. It is filled with the right stuff so you can get your satin clothing and other satin items as clean as possible. It is not hard to keep satin nice and clean.

Can You Wash Satin Sheets?

Yes, you can but you should be careful. Once the satin gets wet its fibers are not as strong as they used to be, so it is easy to damage them. You want to use the delicate cycle and delicate laundry soap.

Keep the water cool or cold and when using your dryer keep it on low heat. The best way to dry the sheets is to hang dry them where they won’t get creased or wrinkled. If you iron, use a low to medium heat.

Satin requires a gentle touch and be careful when you wring the excess water out. You do not want to be too hard on the satin sheets

What Happens if You Wash Satin


The result of your washing satin will depend on which fiber it is made from. Washing satin made from polyester is a lot easier than washing the material when it is made from silk, cotton, or other fabrics.

If you use hot water though, you may cause the satin items to shrink between 10 and 20%. This does not work well if you are on a fixed budget and do not have any extra money for new sating clothes, etc.

Once cleaned satin bedding should be stored in an airtight container in a dark cool place. This protects them from any other damage that could come their way

Can I Wash Satin in The Washing Machine?

Yes, this is possible but you must be careful. Besides the water temperature, the washing machine can agitate too much and help ruin those sating clothing you like so much. Make sure the delicate cycle is chosen when washing your satin items in your washing machine.

Also, if your satin items are very delicate then avoid the risk and send those clothing and bedding items to the dry cleaners. Always check the cleaning label on the fabric to make sure you get the right instructions.

Not all satins are made to be washed by hand or in your washing machine. The manufacturer’s label will guide you in this task.

What Temperature do You Wash Satin Sheets?


Whether you hand wash or machine wash, the best temperatures to use are either cool or cold water. Anything hotter than that and you are taking a chance of shrinking those satin materials.

It is always best to err on the side of caution when cleaning delicate fabrics. One small slip up may ruin them and you will not be able to use those items again. Also, you need to use a gentle detergent one without bleach or other harsh chemicals.

Double-check the cleaning label as well. If it says dry clean only on it, then do not wash those satin fabrics.

What do You Wash Satin With?

If you are hand washing then a gentle laundry soap like Woolite will do the trick. You do not want to use any harsh chemicals on the fabric as those will only ruin them. Gentle handling is also called for when hand washing.

For your machine, you should wash sheets and blankets on their own. The friction in the machine and rubbing against other fabrics can cause damage to satin sheets. Avoid using chlorine bleach when washing them in your washer.

When the washing is done, gently get rid of the excess water and suds. Do not wring your stain items because that will harm the fibers.

Should You Wash Satin Before Sewing?

The consensus is that you should not pre-wash satin fabrics before sewing. The cold water needed for pre-washing will not shrink the material. Since satin is a delicate fabric you want it in tip-top shape before you sew.

Also, cold water or dry cleaning only is what is recommended for cleaning your satin creation. That means you should not shrink the material even after your sewing project is completed.

The biggest problem you should have when sewing with satin is its slippery nature. It is a hard material to keep in one place as you work. Shrinking will be the least of your concerns.

Can You Wash a Satin Dress?


You can and the fiber your dress is made from will guide you in how you are to wash it. Satin can be and is made from cotton, silk, acetate, rayon, nylon and/or polyester and each fiber has its own quirks when it comes to washing and drying.

The best thing to do is to read the cleaning label to see what fibers were used to create the dress and how you should clean it. Like other delicate fabrics, if it says dry clean only, do not second guess the instruction and wash the item.

You want to dry clean those items that say dry clean only. There is no sense in risking a beautiful dress because you want to avoid a dry cleaning bill.

How do You Wash Satin Dress?

The first step in cleaning a satin dress is to attend to any and all stains that have left their mark. You can use a commercial stain remover before washing the dress. If the stain is blood, soak the dress first before applying the stain remover.

Next, determine what fibers were used in creating the dress. If it is made from silk or acetate then send the item out to the dry cleaners. Any type of washing will damage the fibers.

If the dress is made from other fibers than those two, turn it inside out, hand or machine wash gently using very gentle laundry soap. Let the dress air dry.

How to Wash a Satin Wedding Dress

Again, it will depend on what fibers were used to create the fabric for your wedding dress. If they are from silk, satin, taffeta, shantung, and rayon then you need a professional dry cleaner to get the stain out.

Then if there are embellishments, beads, or pearls on the gown you should also take the wedding dress to a professional dry cleaner. Washing your wedding dress at home is a bit risky even if you turn it inside out and use gentle cleaners.

Satin made from these fibers polyester, acetate, chiffon, voile, tulle, organza, and cotton can be cleaned at home but we recommend extreme caution.

Can You Wash Satin Pillowcases?


Yes, you can wash satin pillowcases. It can be done by hand or by washing machine. This will be up to your preference and your schedule. The good news is that machine washing should not harm those pillowcases.

Just because you can wash them like any other pillowcase doe snot mean that you get to forget the washing guidelines. Make sure to read the labels to get the right way to clean those pillowcases.

The real issue will be in drying these items. There are some special instructions to make this part of the laundry go smoothly and easily.

How Often Should You Wash a Satin Pillowcase?

This too may depend on what kind of fibers your satin pillowcases were made from. You should wash them according to the fibers that created the pillowcases. The rule of thumb is to wash them weekly with your sheets.

Some experts suggest that you wash them every two or three days but with your busy schedule you that may not be a doable instruction. It is best if you work out your own schedule so that your washing time does not interfere with other duties or events you have to do or appear at.

Just make sure to follow instructions and watch those cleaning labels.

How to Wash a Satin Pillowcase

Satin pillowcases have the same vulnerabilities as other satin items. So whether you hand or machine wash you need to use cool or cold water. Then for the washing machine, you need to set that to gentle or delicate cycle and then place your satin pillowcases inside.

Avoid placing the pillowcases in with heavy fabrics like denim as the friction can snag the two fabrics together and cause irreparable harm. It is best to wash them with your satin sheets.

After the cycle is over shake the wrinkles and excess water out. Do not wring or you may ruin them. If you do wring them you will put wrinkles and creases in the pillowcases.

What to Use to Wash Satin Shoes


There are two good items you can use. Both should do the job you want to be done. The first tool is a nice dry cloth and you use it to wipe the loose dirt and grime away. Make sure to do this step gently.

The other tool you can use is a soft bristle brush. Again you need to be firm but gentle as you brush away the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your shoes. A final item you would need would be some hand washing soap in a squirt bottle.

Cleaning satin shoes does not take a lot of equipment. It will take some patience though.

How to Wash Satin Shoes

The first step is to gather those few materials you need to do the job right. The second step is to decide between using the dry cloth or the brush. Once that decision is made you gently wipe or brush away the loose dirt. If you don’t do this it is possible to drive it deeper into your shoes.

Next, take a dry cloth and dampen it. You want to blot the stain starting at the top of the shoe, following the grain until you have removed the stain. If the stain persists, squirt a little liquid hand soap on the cloth, rub the cloth until you get soap suds, and dab the stain with the cloth and suds.

To remove the soap from the shoes get another cloth, dampen it and dab to remove the soap. Use a dry cloth and dab the shoes dry

How to Wash a Satin Bonnet

You can wash satin bonnets the same way you wash satin pillowcases, sheets, and other satin items. They should be cleaned about once a week if you wear them regularly. If you don’t the dirt and grime can build up.

When washing the bonnets use cold water as hot will harm them if not shrink them. Use low heat when you put them in the dryer. Of course, if you want to avoid any risks, just hang dry them until they are completely dry.

Wash your satin bonnets with your satin pillowcases and sheets that way all your satins are cleaned the same.

Washing a Satin Shirt


You need to find out which fibers the shirt was made from before proceeding to the cleaning stage. Once that has been determined, wash the shirt according to the fibers nature and the washing instructions that come with the garment.

Use cold water if you hand or machine wash and gentle laundry detergent. The cleaning label will tell you some specific instructions like dry clean only. If you see those words do not risk ruining the shirt by washing it sat home. Let the professionals do the job.

You can dry in the dryer on low heat but remove the shirt before it is completely dry so you can avoid wrinkles and creases. Iron with low to medium heat.

How do You Wash Satin Pajamas?

The best way to wash satin pajamas is to look at the cleaning label. Usually, most satin pajamas will say dry clean only but you may get lucky and be allowed to wash them. If you are lucky, wash the pajamas with your satin pillowcases and sheets.

That way you know you are getting the best results. Do not wring any excess water out of the pajamas but shake them to avoid wrinkles and hurting the fibers. If the pajamas are made out of silk satin then you have to be very careful with them.

Soak the pajamas in lukewarm water and mild soap for 5 minutes. Gently rub stains under the water and then rinse with water and 1/4 cup of vinegar mixed together. Rinse in cold water again and let dry on a towel.

Can You Wash Satin Gloves?

Yes, you can and the best way to do it is t first put the gloves on your hands. Next, you wash your hands as you would normally do using a very mild soap and water solution. After that, you need to rinse well.

Once the rinsing stage is over you dry your hands on a soft towel with the gloves still on. Next, remove the gloves and reshape them, letting them sit on the towel till they are dry. Keep the gloves flat when you are drying them

Cleaning Satin Curtains

Some times curtains can be too big or thick for your washing machine. If this is the case you may have to hand wash them or simply clean them where they lie. Or if they say dry clean only, which some satin curtains will say, take them to your dry cleaners.

If they are small enough, wash them in your washing machine as you would other satin materials. Use mild soap in either case. Satin is not friendly with harsh chemicals and you could ruin your expensive curtains if you do not use mild soap.

Then once you are done, hang dry them outside

Some Final Words

Washing satin can be a bit of a chore. There are different methods to remember when it is time to clean them. That is because satin is not a pure fabric. It is a method of weaving and satin items can be made out of different fibers.

The best way to clean satin is to clean them according to the cleaning instructions for those different fabrics. Just remember that satin can shrink. Read the labels first before trying to clean your satin items.

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