Can You Wash Velvet? (How to Clean Velvet Clothes or Durag)

There are three tried and true methods of washing fabrics- handwashing, machine washing, and dry cleaning. Unfortunately, each method comes with its own negatives that do not make them the perfect way to get clothes clean no matter which fabric those clothes are made from. One wrong move spells the end of those clothing items.

Can you wash velvet? Real velvet, crushed velvet, and stretch velvet can be washed while other versions need dry cleaning. Different variations of the same material are cleaned in different ways.

To learn more about washing velvet, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you do not ruin your nice, expensive velvet fabric. It will only take a few minutes to get those details and clean your velvet items the right way.

Can You Wash Velvet?


Not every type. There are at least 12 different types of velvet and most of them are not cleaned in the same manner. traditional or real velvet can be hand washed but shouldn’t really go in the washing machine. Crushed and polyester velvets can be hand washed or washed in the gentle cycle of your machine.

Most other types of velvet need to be dry cleaned. The only way to know for sure which can be cleaned in which manner, you need to look at that manufacturer’s label. There have been news stories and blogs talking about ignoring those labels and washing dry clean only fabrics.

While there is some truth to those stories and points of view, you are still taking a risk as you do not know which dry clean only clothing can be washed until you washed them for the first time. That is a big risk to take especially with velvet as it can ruin fairly easily if you use the wrong temperatures or toss the clothing into the dryer.

Does Water Ruin Velvet?

Water can ruin velvet but not all velvet is vulnerable to water. Hot water is a no-no and you should avoid using it even with those clothing items that can be washed. You should also avoid using it with those types of velvet that need to be hand-washed.

The dry clean only option is iffy as some of them can be washed and some of them should never be washed either by hand or by your machine. All we can say is be careful as the people telling you to forget about the cleaning labels are the same people who will not donate to your clothing budget.

Can You Wash Velvet in The Machine?


Crushed velvet and polyester or stretch velvet should be safe to wash in your washing machine. All other types of velvet should not be thrown into the washer unless the cleaning label states that it can.

While some have had success at washing dry clean only velvet clothing, they may not be washing the exact same item you are. That means you have to take their words of encouragement with a grain of salt. Not every dry clean only velvet item can be washed instead.

Just be careful you do not ruin a nice velvet dress by following the wrong advice.

What Happens When You Wash Velvet?

One thing that is sure to happen is that those washable velvet fabrics will come out nice and clean. It is the obvious answer but one that still needs to be mentioned. That result will apply to the non-washable velvet types but those items will have different things happen to them.

First, if you use hot water, the velvet will probably shrink on you or its texture will be ruined. Even the washable velvet my experience this as hot water and velvet do not mix. Then you may see the fabric ruined if you are not careful and mistakenly used the wrong laundry soap, bleach, or the wrong fabric softener.

Can You Wash Velvet in Cold Water?


When you are allowed to wash velvet this is the ideal temperature to use. Hand wash or machine washing needs to keep the temperatures as cool as possible to protect the fabric from shrinking, etc. Be careful about the laundry soap you use as well.

For velvet fabrics, blazers, and suits, it is best to only spot treat the material to keep it safe from harm. Then you have to watch out for the type of fibers your velvet is made from. Since velvet is made from silk, cotton, rayon, linen, polyester, synthetic fibers, and so on, you will have different washing instructions for each type of fiber. Read the label to make sure.

What Temperature to Wash Velvet

Cool is the operative word here. That temperature is somewhere between cold and slightly warm. Not everyone’s idea of cool is the same but if you go too warm you run the risk of damaging the fibers.

Then there is some difference between velvet for clothing and velvet for upholstery. The latter may take warmer temperatures than the former because it is made from stronger fibers. Then the temperature may change depending on if the velvet has color or is white.

Many people simply say use cold water for the safest temperature. You may get away with warming the water to 92 degrees F if you are washing your furniture material, but the keyword is may. Cold or cool is best when using your washing machine or hand washing.

Does Velvet Clean Easily?


This will depend on who you talk to. Some people say no, velvet is a fabric that is difficult and tricky to clean while others say that it is not. The latter claim that the difficult reputation velvet has acquired over the years is wrong. Your experience will say which side of the fence you sit.

Because velvet attracts lint, it is best to launder it inside out. That is one of the tricks you need to do when washing his material. Then do not put velvet into the dryer. That move should ruin your clothing faster than anything else.

Lat the item out flat or hang dry it so that it can air dry slowly.

Should You Wash Velvet Before Sewing?

Knit or woven velvet does not matter. It is always best to pre-wash both just to be on the safe side. There is nothing more frustrating than to spend hours on a beautiful velvet gown sewing and pinning, etc., only to have that gown that fit perfectly before washing, shrink on you.

As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry, and forgetting about pre-washing is something that should only occur once in your sewing life. You spend good money on the material so you should protect that investment at all times and pre-washing is one of those steps to take.

How do You Wash Velvet?


If you are hand washing, you should use a laundry detergent made for delicate clothing. Woolite comes to mind as an example and similar products would be best to use when you can hand wash this fabric. Just agitate gently when you do.

The gentler the soap when you use your washing machine, the better. Velvet has enough issues to face without adding harmful laundry soap to the mix. If you are hand washing, you can let the material soak for up to 30 minutes without a problem.

Other than that, use the dry cleaners when in doubt or your schedule is too hectic to spend time washing your velvet items.

How to Wash Velvet Durag

These items need to be washed to get rid of any foul odors or grease that has built up over time. If you want to use your washing machine, then you need to use a very gentle cycle and do not use hot water or the dryer.

Hand washing you can use warm water, a little gentle soap, and also a little rubbing of the fabric. The warm water should be running out of your tap. That water will turn dark when it gets to the other side. Wash until the water turns clear. When that happens, hang the durag up to dry.

How to Clean Velvet Clothes


Velvet tends to attract lint, so you will want o turn those velvet clothing items inside out and wash them without adding lint producing clothing or other items. Stay away from hot water when washing in the machine or by hand and keep the agitation or cycle down on gentle.

Then you can remove any stains through spot cleaning. Depending on the type of velvet you own, you can use natural or synthetic spot removers. Also, you can try steaming some velvet materials to freshen them up a bit.

Or simply avoid the problem and send them to the dry cleaners for top-quality care.

Dry Clean Velvet

This is the preferred and most recommended method of cleaning your velvet clothing. Most velvet items are dry clean only and if you are going to buy some then be prepared to budget some of your money to cover the cost.

Not all velvet items need to be dry clean and it is up to you if you want to send the washable velvet to the cleaners along with those dry clean only clothing items. Then if you want to protect your clothing, and feel a lack of confidence in washing them yourself, use the dry cleaners. It is the safest method to use.

Washing Velvet Curtains

This is a task that should be done once a year. More specifically, once every 12 months. The first step is to vacuum the curtains before you do anything else. Next, try to remove small stains with water only. Use warm water and little pressure.

Third, mix dishwashing liquid with warm water in a bowl. Take a clean cloth and spot clean those stains. Again, do not apply a lot of pressure. After you are done, take a dry, clean towel and dab the wet area to dry the curtains off. Finally, brush the curtains with a soft-bristled brush.

Washing Velvet Scrunchies


It is possible to clean them like you would your velvet curtains. It is a bit time consuming but it should produce excellent results. or if you buy the right kind, some manufacturers make their scrunchies machine washable, toss them in with your other washable velvets and let the washing machine handle the chore.

Hand washing is also an option and uses gentle soap when doing this or machine washing. Never place velvet into the dryer no matter their size or type. if you are hand washing a pail or the sink will suffice and you should be able to let them soak for a bit before rubbing them gently to get them clean.

Cleaning Antique Velvet Upholstery

This takes a lot of patience to do and you have t be very careful as you work. Antique upholstery is very delicate, fragile ad difficult to clean,. it takes a lot of time as well. First, you need to add the brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner and vacuum slowly.

Next, you need to apply the dry extraction foam with a foam sponge rubbing gently and lightly. Then use a towel to absorb excess moisture. While the item is still wet, vacuum a second time. Finally, place some fans around the furniture and let dry. It may take between 4 to 9 hours to dry.

Some Final Words

Caution and patience are the keywords when you want to wash velvet. It is a beautiful fabric but it does have its quirks. Follow any cleaning label attached to the fabric to make sure you get the job done right.

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