The Craftool Pro Stitch Master Sewing Machine Review

Finding the right sewing machine is essential if you want your sewing projects to come out looking great and like a professional did them. If you have a lot of sewing to do you may want to pick up a great industrial sewing machine.

This is an industrial machine so do not expect to pick it up for less than $1400 unless it is a used model. Industrial machines handle a lot of sewing and they are built to be durable. When you have the right machine expect to be able to do your sewing without a lot of issues cropping up.

To learn more about this top industrial sewing machine, just continue to read our article. It reviews this fine piece of machinery and lets you know how great a job it does and can do for you.

Stitch Master Sewing Machine


The stitch master sewing machine is made by Sailright a company that was started back in 1969 when the founders Jim and Connie Grant decided to make their own sails.

Their story all began when a local sailmaker could not make the sail that Mr. Grant needed for a regatta that was approaching fast. His second-place finish raised a lot of interest in his newly made sail and a company was born.

Out of that humble beginning, Mr. Grant created a correspondence course on sailmaking and then the company went on to make a variety of products including about 435 sewing machines.

It was in 1981 that the company produced the first portable industrial sewing machine and it was modeled after the Brother B652 model. That machine carried them through to the year 2000 when the company made an improved sewing machine called the Ultrafeed. 20 years later it is still the best seller for the company.

It wasn’t until the year 2018 that Sailbright created the Craftool Pro Stitch Master for the Tandy leather corporation. It is this solid foundation that has made that sewing machine a product that is worth having in your home or sewing business.

Tandy Leather Sewing Machine


As stated the Craftool Pro Stitch Master sewing machine specifically for the Tandy Leather company. It is a machine that is designed to be used in either your home or your business and should handle all your sewing tasks with ease.

Inside the sewing machine comes with a speed reducer. This allows you to change speeds on the go. Plus, you can alter the power without losing any time. This reducer works with the Workhorse Servo motor which in and of itself is a very powerful and durable piece of equipment.

Also included in this machine is a variable stitch by stitch speed operation that is manipulated by the top walking foot. That foot is made to handle leather fabrics without breaking into a sweat.

But those are not the only features that come with this top industrial sewing machine. Also included are a sewing table and magnetic light along with #92 polyester thread and needles sized at #18 and #20. The machine is versatile enough to use any needle between the sizes of #10 and #22. Those are leather needles.

With a broad thread range, from home thread sizes to #92 you should be able to create some great sewing projects. The power of the motor also makes sewing tougher fabrics a lot more enjoyable.

Then the table size measures 23 by 18 1/2 by 27 inches giving you lots of room to maneuver the fabric and yourself. Despite its 16 by 7 by 8-inch size, this top sewing machine packs a powerful punch when it comes to sewing.

Craftool Pro Stitch Master Pros and Cons

Every product will come with its own set of pros and cons. That is because that product may work well for some people and not so well for others. Not every machine is made for everyone, even industrial machines.

This model is no exception to the rule and it has its good points and its bad points. First the positives about the machine


  • It comes with a very powerful motor
  • Handles about 10 ounces of leather with ease
  • Can sew layers fairly well
  • Comes with a needle size range
  • Comes with a large thread size range
  • The sewing table is just large enough and made of wood and metal
  • Well built and easy to use
  • It is very durable
  • Made by Sailright specifically for Tandy
  • Variable speed and reducer option


  • It is fairly expensive to buy
  • Hard to find service centers
  • ​It doesn’t meet every sewer’s needs
  • ​Only handles 10 ounces of leather or less
  • ​The motor can be noisy
  • May mark the leather

Where to Find the Craftool Pro Stitch Master

It seems that this sewing machine is found only at Tandy Leather stores. They have about 100 locations around the world but the majority of those stores are located in America, Canada, and the UK.

They also have stores in Spain and Australia if you happen to live in Europe or South East Asia and New Zealand. This lack of locations may make it more difficult to find a qualified repairman if anything goes wrong with your new sewing machine.

What Others are Saying About This Machine


Reviews are coming in and some people really like this machine. It handles their workload well and one reviewer went as far as to say that it is better than his Juki leather model.

Others like the ease of use and the sewing table size. They also liked the wide needle and thread size range. That versatility along with the speed reducer option made the machine very flexible and they could make the machine match the work they are trying to do.

Others are not so nice as they feel this is a very expensive sewing machine option with little support to back up the sales in case anything goes wrong. With only 100 stores worldwide it is easy to see that person’s concerns.

Then another person did not like the noise that the motor was making and the whining got on their nerves after a while. These are normal complaints and par for the course.

The real surprise was that the many people who place top 10, top 8 top 5 and even top 23 industrial sewing machine reviews on their blog sites did not mention this machine at all.

There was one Tandy in one competition but the rest did not mention Tandy or this top product. The went with the more famous name brands like Janome, Juki, and so on.

This may be normal as the machine has only been out for a couple of years and due to its price, those reviewers may have decided to review more economical machines. Or they just decided not to review for any number of reasons.

The fact that the machine has the power one needs to sew through leather a lot easier and it has great speed control is lost on those reviewers. Not every sewing machine will please all the people looking to use it.

Our Opinion of This Sewing Machine


From what we were able to determine, this Craftool Pro Stitch Master seems to have the tools and features most sewers need. The speed reducer is a great feature that lets you make alterations to your speed and power even while sewing. That is a handy tool to have on hand. It makes sewing a lot easier to do.

Then we liked the sewing table. It is a good size and allows you to manipulate the heavier fabric without slowing down or getting it caught. The only drawback that we noticed was the price. Industrial machines are going to cost a lot more than regular sewing machines so you better have a real use for it if you are going to purchase one.

The thread and needle size range may not be to everyone’s liking but it is wide enough to make sure you can use the proper needle or thread for your heavy-duty sewing projects.

All in all, it may be the machine for you and it may not be. Not all sewing machines are built the same and you never know, you may go home with one of the best ones made in that model line.

Some Final Words

You may or may not like the Tandy Craftool Pro Stitch Master sewing machine. One of the positives it has going for it is that Sailright made it. That means you are getting top quality components inside a tough machine that handles leather products.

Whether you like it or not will depend on you, the condition of the machine, and the projects you intend to use on it.

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