20 Different Types of Scarves (Shapes, Winter, Guys, Muslim)

The number does not matter... That is because there are so many different types of scarves, that different websites leave too many types off their lists or count some twice. The safest thing to say is that there are many types of scarves available to help you complete your outfit correctly.

Even the number we have chosen to use for this article doesn't do the types of scarves justice. There are many different fabrics you can use, different designs and styles that it is next to impossible to make an accurate count of them all.

To learn about as many types of scarves as can be put in an article, just keep reading ours. It includes as much information as possible to get you the many different types of scarves you can make and wear.

What are the Types of Scarves?


The actual number of scarf types depends on who is writing the article about scarf types. There are lists of 10, 15, and up to 27 different types. Some of these types have to do with the fibers used to create the fabric, while others depict the design or the shape of the scarf.

In each of those categories, you will find natural, synthetic, and in-between fabrics that will help you create them all. There are lightweight scarves, medium-weight ones but not really any technically heavy weight options.

You can have opaque types as well as sheer, which often can be confused with a shawl and more. The fabric list is long as you have cotton, silk, wool, bamboo, linen, rayon, viscose, polyester, acrylic, and then there are the many blends that create durable and good-looking scarves.

Don’t forget about checkered, multi-colored, plaid, and other designs that make any fashion outfit look chic and very fashion-forward. The designs are also types of scarves you can buy or make for you and your family.

Types of Scarf Shapes

This topic may be a bit more reasonable than the topic of types of scarves in existence. There seems to be a limited number of shapes a scarf can come in and some names refer to the same shape but have a larger or smaller size to it. One example would be the Infinity and cowl shapes.

Then there is the antique scarf which may also be called the regular or traditional scarf. However, for women, the antique scarf looks more like a shawl instead of a real scarf. The snood shape looks like the cowl but has a hood option added to it.

To add to the list there is the triangle which is the cowl but with more of a point to it. The boa or stole scarf shape will remind you of feather boas and mink stoles. The muffler looks like the regular scarf while the sarong has a similar shape but is worn differently and usually lower than the neckline.

Finally, there is the shawl or blanket type of scarf although that may be pushing the definition of a scarf to its limits.

Types of Winter Scarves


These types of scarfs are more for warmth than just for looks. They come in different styles and shapes and are made from thicker materials in order to block the cold from getting through to your neck.

The muffler or regular shape is good for winter wear and these scarves can be made from velvet, wool, acrylic, jersey material, and satin. You might be able to get away with some thick cotton but that fabric may be too breathable to keep you nice and warm.

Along with the muffler or regular shape, you might be able to use one of the cowl versions along with a stole or boa fashion style but the material has to fit those styles and make sure the scarf is flexible enough to maneuver into position.

Then when it comes to winter scarves, think length. The longer the better which brings s to another 3 types of scarves you can buy- long, short and medium lengths. The medium and long are great for wintertime while the short may be best for show than anything else.

Plus, crochet scarves are perfect for fashion and the cold weather.

Types of Scarves for Guys

Unfortunately, the selection of scarves, as well as the types available for men, are limited in comparison to what is available for women. While both men and women can wear those types and designs made for the female gender, some questions may arise if your man wears them.

There are formal scarves made famous by characters in a movie and some upper-crust elites may wear them. These are shorter and made from smoother materials like silk and satin.

They also come in some unique color designs but if you are not a horse racing buff or attend some elite social class events, you may not see them that frequently. The muffler, the traditional, and the regular scarves are good for men to wear.

They present a nice strong manly appearance to the person wearing them. Then for fashion sake, many office men may wear short lengths to add a little color and unique appearance to their suit or overcoat.

These shorter men’s scarves are more for looks and fashion sense than they are for warmth or comfort. Men may pull off wearing a checkered, plaid, or bandana scarf as long as it is made in a masculine style and not a feminine one.

Muslim Scarf Types


As you are well aware, different religions have their own style of clothing for both men and women. While the men may not wear a Muslim scarf they may be moderate enough to wear a traditional or regular, muffler scarf when the weather gets cold. That has nothing to do with their religious beliefs.

However, the types of scarfs women are allowed to wear are related to the Islamic faith and its instructions. Also, how the Muslim woman wears these scarfs depend on their interpretation of those instructions.

The term hijab is how most non-Muslim people know a Muslim scarf or headscarf. However, the hajib can be worn in different ways depending on the culture of the country the woman is from.

The fabric for the hajib can vary but will depend on the style of the hajib and the beliefs of the woman wearing the material. Then there are about 15 different terms and styles for Muslim scarves. All with a different look and way of wearing them.

The fabrics used to create these materials will vary from soft silk to nylon and fabric stops in between those two boundaries. Sheer material is not out of the question either.

What is a French Scarf Called?

The French like to set fashion trends. The women in France like to wear scarves all year round even if it is hot out. The women put their scarves around their necks, in their hair, and under their hats. They use this fashion accessory to its fullest potential.

Then these women have 3 different types they can wear. There is the Une echarpe, which is more like the muffler or regular type of scarf. Then there is the Un foulard style which is made from the lightweight category of fabrics and are worn in the hair of the french woman.

The Un foulard is very decorative, silky smooth, and nice to look at. It is also worn around the neck of a stylish female complementing the other parts of their fashion outfit.

Finally, there is the Une etole or the stole style of scarves. This option looks a lot like the muffler version but it may be thicker, longer, and wraps around the neck to secure it in place.

The material used to create this type of scarf is thin and usually made from viscose, acrylic, and wool.

What are Small Neck Scarves Called?


The name for this style of scarf is ‘small neck scarf’ or it can be called a bandana scarf or neckerchief. These are not large by any stretch of the imagination and the bandana style can be as short as 20 inches.

These smaller scarves can be made from wool, cotton, silk as well as any number of other fabrics used for scarves. How yours would look would depend on your selection of color and design.

Then these scarves are fairly versatile as you can tie them into your hair, ponytail, or wrap them around your neck or wrist to make a unique fashion statement. They also work well for almost any event or ceremony you will be attending from casual to semi or formal occasions.

These shorter scarves can add a unique feature to a dress you may have worn before and change the gown’s look so no one will notice it is a repeat. With the variety in colors and design, you can match these little scarves with just about any outfit you own and keep you in the eyes of all the attractive men at the party or event.

What is a Circular Scarf Called?

Several different names apply here. Each name reflects a little twist to the circular design. The most common name you should be aware of already would be the cowl. The cowl scarf is sewn circularly and is made for the winter chilly weather.

It is not worn as a hood though. it is strictly a scarf unlike another version of this design called the snood. This name refers to the ability of the cowl-like scarf to be worn as a hood at the same time. Instead of just keeping your neck warm, you can pull it up and keep the chilly night air off your head.

Finally, there is the infinity scarf and the only difference between this version and the cowl is that the hole you poke your head through is larger than the cowl’s hole.it is called an infinity scarf simply because it is bigger, longer than the cowl and it can make the infinity sign when wrapped right.

These scarves can be knitted, crocheted, or sewn using a varying amount of different fibers. Leather, fur, faux fur are just some of the options you have.

What Kind of Scarves Are in Style?


This is kind of hard to say as some people like scarves so much that they will wear them at any time whether they are in style or not. Right now, the French women wear them in all seasons making all three french options in style at this time.

For winter, you have a wide assortment of styles to choose from that are not out of fashion. The fabric these winter scarves are made from may not be so lucky. Fleece seems to be in style while velvet may not be.

Then many scarves are worn out of personal preference than they are due to what is in or out of style. For example, tassels may still be in while animal prints are not but some people still wear the latter style because they like them. The scarf goes well with their outfit or their frame of mind.

Crochet-style scarves were big back in the 1970s but they may not be back in style yet. That brings up the good point that style is cyclical. What was once in style, then out, is now back in. It is hard to keep up with what is fashionable and what is not. Especially when people wear all styles all the time regardless of their status.

Some Final Words

There are so many styles and types of scarves that you may not run out of scarf options. The key would be to pick the style and the type that fits your fashion style and personality and not worry about it.

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