DIY Grooming Sling Pattern and Tips (Helpful How-To Guide)

Dogs are great. They provide so much to their masters and never ask for anything in return. Even with their good nature and unselfish attitude, they can get a bit finicky when it comes to grooming time. Having the right equipment ready helps make that time a lot easier on your dog and you.

Dogs can get very nervous when it is grooming time. They move around a lot. A simple dog hammock with 6 holes should calm them down. Just make sure to cut the holes large enough,l use a very sturdy fabric, that is soft and mend any possible tears or frays

To learn more about creating your own dog grooming sling or hammock, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to make a great hammock for your treasured pet and get the grooming task done a lot easier.

Tip #1: Make sure to use a sturdy fabric that has little to no stretch to it. If the material does have too much stretch then your pet can ‘bend’ it out of shape very easily and you will have to make another one.

Tip #2: One of the best reasons for making a soft, comfortable, and strong dog grooming hammock is to help older or injured dogs who can’t stand for a long time. Make sure the material is the best for them.

Finding a Hound Hammock Pattern


Finding a pattern is only difficult because there are so many versions of a hammock. Some are used for humans, others for chairs, and then some for pets. That means you can’t assume that the results are all addressing one project.

This link will take you to about 22 great ideas you can use as patterns for your pet. The only alterations you should need to make is to make sure the sling or hammock is the right size.

There is this location on Facebook which may provide you with some more ideas. Then this link will help you make a hammock with a pouch or pocket to it. That pocket will keep dog treats handy when your dog starts to get a bit nervous.

Then you can go over to Pinterest as they advertise over 400 possible patterns you can choose from. What makes this search hard is that even for dogs, there are different styles of hammocks. There are some for resting, traveling as well as grooming.

Tip #3: You have a lot of freedom when designing your hammock. You can use different colors, designs, and fabrics depending on the weight and size of your dog. Your dog may not care about the color and design but you will appreciate the good looks.

Best Grooming Sling Pattern

Best Grooming Sling Pattern

The best one is going to be different for each size of dog. For large dogs that hate to be groomed, you may need to go to a very strong synthetic material to hold the weight and not tear if your pet struggles.

At the same time that synthetic material should be smooth and not add any discomfort while your pet is suspended in mid-air. For medium-sized and smaller dogs, you can go to different types of fabrics that are soft and comfortable. This will enhance their experience and may calm them a lot more.

Also, the materials used to hold the hammock and the weight of the dog should be made with top-quality materials. The last thing you want is for the holders to let go and drop the animal.

In other words, the best dog sling pattern is the one that will handle the weight of your dog, not be flimsy or weak, and still provides a lot of comfort to the dog inside.

Tip #4: You can make the hammock with both ends open and have 4 holes for the legs. Or you can have the top closed off with support clips and have 6 holes in the design. Whichever way makes the dog the most comfortable.

How to Make a Dog Grooming Sling


There are a variety of ways to make one of these devices and you just have to find a good pattern that will help you make one that fits your particular dog. The process is simple and here are some of the steps you need to take.

First, you need to measure your dog and add in a little extra to be on the safe side. Doubling the length and width is a good idea. Next, you will need to buy the material for the pet sling and make sure you know how many clips or holders you will need.

The clips or holders cannot be cheaply made for if they break there is a risk of harming your pet. Third, measure where the legs will go and make your cuts. Fourth, hem all the hedges so that the material won’t fray and so those edges won't cause any discomfort to your pet.

Once you have finished all the edges, work on the area where the clips will go. You can have one for each corner or use 1 for two sides of the hammock. The key here is to make sure the fabric is reinforced and won’t tear on you when the dog is in the sling.

The sides of the hammock are flexible as well. You can have them enclose your pet or leave an opening that allows the dog to stay cool when they are inside. Simply cut the fabric according to the design you want.

When you are done, make sure to do a test with your dog inside to see if it is strong enough, comfortable and make sure the test is done over something soft.

Tip #4: Dog grooming slings will not work for every dog. Plus, dogs should not be held in the sling for a very long time. 5 minutes is all some dogs should handle. How long you keep your pet in its sling will be up to you.

Grooming Sling Large Dog


Not only is the material important when you make your sling, but you also need to make sure that the apparatus holding the sling will be up to the task. Large dogs are heavy and you will need a good metal frame, made from steel or tough aluminum, to hold the weight of the sling and your dog.

Then the clips used to hold the material need to be able to bear the weight placed upon them. These need to be able to hold more weight than your dog weighs. On top of that, the frame holding the sling should be solid and steady. You do not want a flimsy frame that wobbles all the time.

This frame is going to add to your costs so you need to factor in how much your dog weighs to your patterns to make sure the materials will be strong enough to support your pet safely.

Also, the fabric is going to have to hold the weight of the dog without tearing. That means cotton and similar fabrics are not good choices. You will have to go to a strong synthetic material that also provides a lot of comfort.

The thread you use to make the sling should not be weak either. A good nylon type should do the trick but double-check to make sure. You do not want to leave anything to chance.

Tip #5: When you have an injured dog, you need to make sure that the sling will not add any more discomfort to your pet. You may have to make alterations in the pattern to accommodate this issue. The goal is to keep your pet comfortable and calm throughout its time in the sling

For Small Dogs


When it comes to small dogs, you have a lot more leeway in the construction of the hammock. Your fabric choices go up as the weight of the smaller pet should not exceed most weight limits on most fabrics. This means you can get softer fabrics.

Plus, the frame does not have to be as strong for a small dog and the reduction in size and class of the materials for the frame should also reduce your construction costs. The thread you use should still be very strong and a good polyester thread may do the trick.

The color of the material and the design is totally up to you. All the dog cares about is that it is safe and comfortable. That should be your guiding inspiration when you make your small dog sling.

When you make this hammock make sure that the construction is done in such a way that the weight of the pet is distributed evenly throughout. This allows for the clips to hold your pet better without straining their ability to hold on to the frame and the fabric.

Safety will be your main concern for when accidents happen, dogs can be hurt and you will be facing high vet bills in some cases.

Tip #6: It is not just the hammock that needs to be soft and comfortable. The table under the hammock should be firm, strong as well as padded. This protects the pet in case any accidents do take place and your dog falls.

Grooming Sling for Medium Dogs


Medium-sized dogs cover a large variety of species and a lot of weight classes. That means you have to tailor your sling to meet those two challenges. Everything that has been said for both the large dog and small dog slings applies to medium dogs as well.

The only real difference will be the size of the sling and the frame. You may find that heavier fabrics or synthetics will be the best choice for this level of dog. Also, the hardware you need will need should be on par with the ones you would use for a large dog.

You can go a little bit smaller but why take chances. Using the best hardware that holds the most weight cuts down on any risks or accidents. Also, use a very strong material so rips and tears are not going to be an issue. That means a good synthetic fabric that is also comfortable may be your best choice.

Homemade DIY Dog Grooming Hammock Sling Tips

While we have listed some tips already, there is always room for more. The next tip would be that to make sure you have the right materials for your dog’s weight and size, buy a new one. It saves you time, frustration and should include everything you need.

Another tip is to err on the side of caution. Even if the sales clerk says that a smaller clip will hold, opt for the larger one. There is no sense in taking chances with your pet. It isn't wrong to overcompensate in this area.

Then, fabric choices and designs will be totally up to you. Make sure that the material can handle having holes cut in it. Double up the fabric if necessary to make sure it will hold up for many years.

Finally, there are lots of options you can choose to make. Find the one that will fit your dog the best and keep it nice and comfortable at the same time.

Some Final Words

Grooming your pet can be quite a challenge. Some dogs hate it with a passion and fight with all their might. That is why having a good dog grooming hammock on hand is a good thing.

These hammocks stop the dog from struggling and keeps them comfortable at the same time. They also make your grooming effort a lot easier and smoother to get done. Just make sure to err on the side of caution when you make your own.

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