Do Fur Coats Make You Look Fat? (How Cold to Wear Fur Coat)

The reality is if you are already chunky, pleasantly plump, slightly overweight, and other appropriate adjectives, almost everything will make you look fat unless it is in the right color.

Do fur coats make you look fat? Fur coats can make you look fat. Depending on how the fur was made, most fur coats, stoles, vests, etc., add bulk to your form.

How cold does it have to be to wear fur? That is up to you and your ability to endure cold weather. Low 50s, high 40s is a good benchmark to use and you could go colder.

To learn more about fur and if it makes you look fat just keep reading our article. It delicately explores the issue so you have the information you need. When you wear fur is up to you.

Do Fur Coats Make You Look Fat?

They can as the style of fur is often bulky. But then most furs are made to be worn on special occasions and when it gets cold out. They are not for summer attire when your figure needs to look its slimmest.

Then it is the color of the fur, or any fabric, that will make you look fat or thin. Black is supposed to be the slimming color so black fur should hide those unwanted bulges you have not been able to get rid of yet.

Light colors will tend to highlight those unattractive areas and exploit those unsightly pounds. Even faux fur can make you look fat because it is made in some bulky styles. It must be remembered that fur is made to help keep you warm not looking like Twiggy.

Should Fur Coats Be Oversized?


Not really but then this is a subjective question and the answer depends on where you live in the country, how cold it gets, and if the style suits your figure. if you want to be really warm, then yes they should be oversized.

If you simply want to make a fashion statement, then no they shouldn’t but do not be surprised if you feel cold in that ‘fashion statement.’ When it comes to furs, real or fake, the bulk, the size, or the fit is up to you. You have a lot of freedom here as furs seem to stay in fashion in some circles no matter if they are oversized or not.

You need to use your best judgment here and find one that suits you and meets all of your needs.

When Can You Wear a Fur Coat?

Generally, furs were made to help women stay warm when the temperatures dropped. But with the influence of fashion designers and the changing of how fur coats are made, it is almost practical to wear fur during any season of the year except summer.

Summer is too hot for fur even if it is not a bulky fur coat but a very hip and stylish one. Furs are better for those cooler days of Spring and Fall, as well as the cold days of Winter. keeping you warm is their first priority.

Another good time to wear fur is when you are going to a formal event or the Opera, symphony, or similar events. Furs have an elegant style about them that makes the wearer look sophisticated and rich.

How Cold to Wear a Fur Coat


Everyone handles the cold weather differently. Some people say when the needle hits 30 degrees F or in the 30s, that is when you start to wear fur. Other people are not so lucky and can’t handle the cold that well so the 40s and 50s are good temperatures to start wearing fur for them.

What temperature you start wearing fur is up to you and how well you handle the cool or cold weather. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and if you want to wear fur when it is 60 degrees F and higher, that is up to you.

Some styles of fur coats, etc., are made for those higher temperatures. They are also made to make you look like a high fashion model.

What Temperature to Wear a Fur Coat

One thing is for sure, wearing fur when it is 70+ degrees F outside is more of an act of lunacy than fashion. Furs are not made for hot weather nor should they be worn when the sun is at its heat peak.

To comfortably wear fur, you should wait until the temperatures drop below 70 degrees F and then only if it feels cool to you. The last thing you want to do is sweat inside a real fur coat. They are expensive and they are not cheap to clean.

Even faux fur is not cheap and should not be worn under the wrong conditions. Whether it is fashionable to do this should not matter. There is a proper time to wear fur and a time when you shouldn’t wear fur.

When to Wear a Faux Fur Coat


There is enough freedom left in this world where you can wear faux fur just about any time you like. The best time is the same time as when you can wear real fur. The guidelines are basically the same as faux fur was made to replace or mimic real fur.

But the real issue here is not when to wear faux fur but if you should wear it. It is like everyone wearing jeans. Jeans are comfortable and soft but there are some fabrics and styles certain people should not wear.

For example, fat men at the beach wearing male thong bathing suits. Some fashions are not the right fit and faux or real fur is not the right fit for some people. But if you do, wear it for formal events.

Can You Still Wear Fur Coats?

Despite what we just said, you are free to wear whatever clothing item you want. Whether other people like or accept that clothing decision or if it is the right look for you or not is another issue for another article and another day.

Yes, you can still wear fur coats but you must keep in mind there are militant and extremists out there who will disprove your clothing choice and make their opinions known in a variety of ways, including illegal ones.

If you can handle those and other anti-fur attitudes, then you can still wear fur. if you can’t, then it would be best to avoid wearing fur until you are ready for the contrary opinions sent your way. Furs serve a good purpose and have a good history with that purpose.

Does Anyone Wear Fur Coats Anymore?


Yes, they do like a good fur coat to many women is a sign that they have made it, are a success, or come from old money. It is possible that older people still wear fur coats because it is warm, makes them look good, sophisticated, and elegant.

Many people do not wear fur anymore due to changing social opinions about animals and their rights. Some go to extremes to express those views and intimidate many women keeping them from wearing something that helps them stay warm.

Some people think that wearing fur is merely wearing animal skin as a decoration. While that is only partially true, fur does serve a higher purpose than that. It is also a very durable coat to wear.

In the end, there are a variety of opinions and you should wear what you want as it is your choice what you put on your body.

Where to Wear a Fur Coat

If you are merely wearing fur for decoration or as a fashion style, then you can go just about anywhere wearing fur. Sporting events would be excluded as would beach activities and hiking.

Usually, women wear furs to church, their temples, weddings, formal events, special occasions like going to the opera, and so on. They wear fur in places where they can make the right impression on the people around them.

While furs were originally meant to clothe people and keep them warm, they are now used a lot to impress others. Or make a fashion statement showing their distaste for the attitudes and opinions of the anti-fur communities.

Furs are not usually for casual events even if the temperatures are cool but some women wear them on dates when they want to impress a possible romantic partner.

Can You Wear Fur Coats in The Rain?


Yes, you can as real fur coats are made to repel water and moisture. The reason for that behavior is because the animal hairs and natural oils put up a protective barrier and keep the water away.

That advice is for average rainfalls or snowfalls. Extreme storms may make it unwise to wear your fur coat outside during those times. if the fur coat gets wet, hang it up to dry out of direct sunlight. Avoid using the dryer or the direct sunlight as those handy drying elements harm the fur.

Keep that area where you hang the fur well ventilated and let the air handle the drying process. Once the fur is completely dry then you can return it to its regular storage spot to wait to be worn another day.

Can You Wear a Fur Coat in The Snow?

Yes, you can and the same principles apply here as they do with wearing fur in the rain. Extreme snowstorms are not the best time to wear fur but average snowstorms are okay. Even a light sprinkling of snow is okay to wear fur.

if your fur coat gets saturated or really soaked with rain or snow, then you need professional help to protect it from ruin. Seal the fur up in a clothes bag and take it to your furrier.

Dry cleaners are not furriers. That is the thing about furs. It takes special care to keep a fur coat clean and in top shape. Not everyone can do it. When your fur coat gets soaked or has dirt or paint thrown on it, you need to go to the people who have the knowledge and expertise to clean it all up. That is furrier.

Can a Man Wear a Fur Coat?


They can and they have. Back in what is now called the roaring 20s, it was no unheard of or rare to see a man wear a fur coat. The 1950s also saw a lot of men wearing fur coats. In fact, about 50% of fur coats sold during that decade were to men.

Right now that percentage is down to 5 but men still wear fur but they may look different from previous fashion renditions. Men get cold too and fur coats for men are ideal when they want to stay warm.

Some men’s fashion only puts a fur collar on stylish double-breasted men's coats. that added extra touch raises their look and provides an air of class and sophistication to their look.

There are formal occasions and special events where a fur coat will help upgrade the look of a tuxedo. Plus, a good fur coat is great for business as it shows the man’s good taste and sense of judgment when worn at the appropriate times.

Why do Guys Wear Fur Coats?

They wear fur coats for 2 of the same reasons women do. They want to stay warm and they want to look good. Making good first impressions applies to men as well as women and a good fur coat achieves that goal.

Men can be as vain as women and they also can have some very large egos. Wearing furs seems to put those character traits on display for the whole world to see. Usually, though, men wear fur coats because they are the right clothing option for their situation.

Furs are durable, warm, and help them look classy. They last and can take some rough treatment men are known to dish out. Plus, men want to look good, at least some of them do.

Do furs make men look fat? Hardly but that is due to the way men’s fur coats are made. Even the ones worn in the 20s and earlier may have been bulky but they just didn’t alter a male’s figure like a bulky fur coat will a female’s.

How to Wear a Fur Coat Casually


The first step is to make what you wear underneath the fur does not clash with the color of the fur you are wearing. there are lighter styles of furs that help you breathe so wearing them when the weather is warm is not an issue.

Turtleneck sweaters or t-shirts are ideal when you want to appear casual. Or you can go with a fur jacket or vest to tone down the formal look furs tend to have. Furs can be worn with jeans and other casual pants as well.

While fur has a rich, classy, sophisticated look and reputation that does not mean you cannot wear different styles of fur when you want to relax and just be yourself. Then a good style of fur coat is perfect for those chilly nights that happen from time to time.

You get warmth without overdressing for the event you are attending. The key to wearing fur casually is not to wear it when you are dating a vegetarian, vegan, or going someplace where there are lots of anti-fur people around.

Some Final Words

If they are bulky yes they will but they also tend to make you look elegant, sophisticated, and well off. It is a trade-off you have to decide if it is good for you or not. Furs have their place in fashion and they do make the wearer look elegant and sophisticated.

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