Does Cashmere Stretch With Wear? (How to Stretch Cashmere)

It happens to almost all fabrics. Wearing different fabrics tends to pull them out of shape and make them bigger. But that is the risk you take when you buy delicate fabrics. There are simple ways to get them back into the right shape so you can wear those fabrics again.

Does cashmere stretch with wear? Yes, cashmere does stretch and also shrinks. Dry cleaning is the way to avoid those fabric pitfalls. The way to stretch a cashmere is to gently wash it and lay it out flat. Then put your arms inside the sleeves with your fists where your shoulders go. After that pull your arms apart slowly to stretch the fabric.

To learn more about how to stretch cashmere just continue to read our article. It provides you with the instructions you need to safely reshape your cashmere sweaters and other clothing

Is Cashmere Scratchy?

Pure and natural cashmere is not scratchy. It is made from the undercoat of the cashmere goat. That fur is very soft and luxurious helping the wearer to look beautiful and feel confident.

But not all clothing items are made from pure cashmere. When that fabric is blended with other fabrics, the sweater or other clothing item can feel scratchy, itchy, as well as uncomfortable.

The problem comes in with what manufacturers are allowed to do and say about their products. Not all cashmere sweaters, etc., are made from 100% cashmere even though the label says it is. It is those add fibers that cause cashmere to be scratchy.

A simple rubbing the sweater along your neck will let you know if you have pure cashmere or a cashmere blend. This will tell you if it is the latter or the former style of material. Also, roll the sweater into a ball as pure cashmere should not wrinkle.

Does Cashmere Stretch Over Time?


Cashmere can stretch over time. Even simply hanging the sweater in your closet will allow it to stretch a little bit. That is why it is recommended that you fold your cashmere clothing and put them n a drawer or storage shelf.

Then you do not want to hang cashmere clothing when it is wet or full of water. The weight of the water and gravity will stretch out your nice outfits. Those elements tell you that cashmere can stretch when you wear it.

Cashmere is a delicate fabric one that loses its shape when not properly cared for. It is possible to reshape cashmere and get that stretch out. But because it is more of a draping fabric than one with bounce, it is hard to reshape it after the sweater, etc., has stretched.

That doesn’t mean reshaping won’t work.

Does Cashmere Stretch When Washed?

No, but if you use hot water you are almost guaranteed that cashmere will shrink in the wash. Washing cashmere is a harder task than washing other fabrics because of its delicate nature.

Using hot water can shrink the material and if you have a top-loading machine the agitator can create a lot of friction which may damage the clothing or cause it to pill. That means you cannot use your dryer to dry cashmere clothing items. The heat and friction will create the same result.

Hand washing in cold water is the best way to go and use a mild detergent made for wool when you do this. You do not have to spend a long time hand washing then when you are done you lay the garment out flat to dry. Place it on a towel to help soak up excess water.

Does Cashmere Wool Stretch?


Yes, this can be a problem when you buy cashmere to upgrade your wardrobe and something as simple as gravity and a hanger can cause cashmere wool to stretch out of shape. That shows you how delicate the fabric is.

When you wear cashmere on a date, make sure your activities do not include pulling on your garments. That act will stretch your sweater out of shape and make you reshape the fabric or buy a new one.

Cashmere is for those less active events that just require you to look your best and nothing more. Like doing your office work or attending an art exhibit at the local museum.

That is one of the drawbacks when you wear cashmere. You will look great but you run the risk of not being able to wear it often because it will stretch if you do not handle it correctly.

How Much Does Cashmere Stretch?

There is no precise percentage that can be quoted to tell you how much cashmere will stretch. The amount of stretching you will get will depend a lot on the weave used to make your garment.

A loose weave will stretch more than a tight weave. How much is anyone’s guess and will also depend on how you store it, what activities you do while wearing the cashmere item, and so on.

Cashmere will also stretch when wet so you have to be careful how you handle it when you get caught in the rain or hand wash the item. And it will stretch by gravity so simply hanging the item up in your closet is not a good idea.

You should always fold cashmere and place it in a drawer. This will prevent stretching when you are not wearing the item.

How do You Stretch Cashmere Fabric?


The first step is to find another similar garment made from another fabric that is the right size. Then trace that garment’s size onto a piece of paper. This gives you a template to meet when stretching your cashmere fabric.

Next, you fill a tub or bucket large enough to hold all your shrunken cashmere clothing with warm or tepid water. Add 1 Tablespoon of baby shampoo or hair conditioner for every quart of water you use.

Once that is done, place your cashmere outfit or outfits into the water and let them soak for about 10 minutes. After that time has expired pull the item out and gently squeeze the excess water out. Empty the bucket or tub and refill it with clean tepid water and rinse. Then get rid of the excess water carefully.

Now place your wet cashmere item on the template and start gently stretching your item. Continue to do so until the garment matches the template. Then put heavy objects around the garment till it is dry.

If there are stubborn areas you can use a steamer or steam function on your iron to help loosen the fibers up.

How to Stretch Cashmere Sweater

This process is even easier than the last one. When your favorite cashmere sweater has shrunk do not despair. You can stretch it out and be able to wear it again in a little while.

First, you hand wash the sweater in cold water. Next, you lay the sweater out flat and be careful about it. After that is done, you slip your arms. hands first, up the sweater opening until your hands are at the shoulders and your elbows are at the hem.

Slowly move your arms apart and do not try to stretch too much too soon. You want to go in little increments to make sure you do not damage the sweater. That damage may result in a hole in the fabric so be very careful when you do this.

Repeat the process for the arms going up the sleeve hands first and repeating your gentle motions. Try to stretch the fabric so you get an even look all the way around. Once you have accomplished all that let the sweater dry.

How to Stretch Cashmere Socks


The process is similar to stretching other cashmere clothing items. But you just need smaller amounts of supplies. To start all you need is about a dime-sized drop of hair conditioner is a sink filled with warm water.

Then add your socks and let them soak for a few minutes. At least 5 and no more than 10 minutes should loosen those fibers. Next, you rinse the socks in warm water and towel dry after squeezing the excess water out. You do that by avoiding wringing and twisting.

Using another full-size sock as a template, just gently stretch your cashmere sock until it reaches the same size. Place some heavy objects on the sock so it doe snot shrink while drying.

Another option may be to do the same process up until it comes time to stretch the socks. Try placing them on your feet while damp and see how much stretch you get. This also avoids the heavy object stage and keeps your socks natural to your foot design.

Will Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves Stretch?

It should be possible as both fabrics do have some stretch in them. You just have to be careful how you do it as cashmere is far more delicate than leather is and the stretching methods for leather may damage the cashmere fabric.

One method is to get the gloves nice and wet and then remove the excess water gently. You should not ball the gloves up and wring that excess water out but gently remove the water. Then you wear the gloves to stretch them out to fit your hands again.

The only trouble you may have with cashmere lining in your leather gloves is that the cashmere does not have a long lifespan. They may wear out after a couple of years of use. Stretching the gloves may negatively contribute to that already short lifespan.

Some Cashmere Faqs

Besides stretching, you may have other questions about this fabric. Here are a few good questions most people ask about this material.

1. Does cashmere pill?

Yes, it will. All fabrics will pill at some point and the lower quality cashmere, the knitted variety, will pill more than other cashmere weaves. Tight weave pills less than a loose weave.

2. Does cashmere shed?

This will depend on the quality of the cashmere fabric. Low-quality material should shed on your other clothing if you are not careful. Higher quality material should not shed. The shorter the fiber the more likely it will shed some material.

3. How do I store cashmere clothing?

When you are constantly wearing your cashmere clothing items you should simply fold the sweaters, etc., and place them in a drawer or on a shelf. When storing for longer terms wash them first and place the items in a breathable fabric bag. Your main concern will be to keep moths away.

Some Final Words

Cashmere is delicate and it will stretch or shrink if not handled properly. People love how they look in the fabric but they do not love the cleaning challenges that come with the fabric.

With a little practice, you can master the cleaning process, protect your cashmere and your love for the material will overcome your dislike of the cleaning process.

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