Does Corduroy Shrink? (How to Shrink Corduroy Easily)

Corduroy has been around. While it is not sure where it was created or who created it, the material has had its uses over the generations. Yet, despite its long history its fame came late in the 20th century and was made popular only n the 1970s.

Does corduroy shrink? Yes, corduroy does shrink but only if too much heat is used in the washer or the dryer. Other than that it is a very hardy material that can keep your body warm when the temperatures dip below normal.

To learn more about the corduroy fabric and its shrinking weakness, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about for the next time you go shopping and corduroy clothing catches your eye.

Does Corduroy Shrink?

Yes, it does shrink on you if you are not careful. While the majority of corduroy items can be washed, the jackets made from this material need to be dry cleaned. Generally, it is the length that will shrink on you, not the width.

Like other fabrics, it has a care label inside to help guide you in cleaning your corduroy items. Then when you wash it, be careful as the dye can bleed out and ruing the color of any other garments you are washing with it. A small load of clothing is ideal so you do not crush the pile during the wash cycle.

Does Corduroy Shrink in the Dryer?


The biggest enemy corduroy has when it comes to laundry time is the heat. The material can shrink in the legs if you place the dryer heat up to high and leave the pants, etc., in the dryer for too long.

The best way to dry this material is to keep the dryer heat on low, do not let the pants, etc., stay in the dryer for a long time and then while still wet, hang dry them. When removing them from the dryer, shake the clothing and the good news is that usually, corduroy items do not need to be ironed.

How to Shrink Corduroy

The best way to shrink this material is to apply heat. You can try the washer first and set the water temperature to very hot and let the pants, etc., go through a cycle. After that cycle, check the length, and if they have shrunk enough hang dry the material.

Or you could wait until its the corduroy fabric’s turn in the dryer and let the dryer heat do the work. Turn the heat up to high and let it go for a while. The only problem with either of these options is that you have no control over the amount of shrinkage.

Do Corduroy Pants Shrink?


Yes, they can and usually, you will find that shrinkage taking place in the length. Shorter legs may work for some fashion styles but not for them all. Then you have to be careful how you wash the corduroy fabric.

The items made from that material should not be placed in a wash load containing other materials that produce lint. If you do, be prepared for a long cleaning time picking lint out of the corduroy material.

When you iron this material make sure to turn the clothing item inside out before you start. Of course, you do not need to iron this material.

Can You Shrink a Corduroy Jacket?

Jackets are another story. The structure of that clothing item tends to keep it from being washed. Normally, you will see dry clean only on many corduroy jackets due to this issue. If you wash this clothing item, it is possible you could ruin it in other ways not just by shrinking.

If you do not want to dry clean corduroy blazers, etc., then hand washing in cool to cold water is okay. The color of the material will also influence the water temperatures with dark colors needing cold water and pastel colors can be washed in warm. Just watch out for any dye bleed and wash like colors together.

How do You Shrink a Corduroy Jacket?


The answer to this question is going to be to apply heat. Hand washing in warm or a little hotter water temperature would be the best method to use. The reason we say that is because of the structured design of the blazer or jacket.

If you use your washer and dryer just keep the temperatures warm and use the gentle cycles on both. The other problem you have to worry about will be the nap and care needs to be taken not to ruin that look.

The best and safest option would be to visit your local tailor and have him alter it for you. That way everything will be maintained and your look will still be great.

How to Shrink Corduroy Hat


The safest way to shrink the hat size would be to use some hat tape. This tape can be cut into smaller pieces and placed strategically and evenly inside your hat to lower the size. Just make sure to get a comfortable fit.

You can apply heat to the hat but this is an uncontrolled method that does not guarantee satisfactory results. You can wet it and use your hairdryer for a bit more control, but do not be surprised if the hat shrinks too much.

If you get any shrinkage it may be at the brim only.

Some Final Words

Corduroy has had its fair share of bad jokes, insults, and so on. But it is still a good fabric to wear, especially when you live in a damp, cool to cold climate. To maintain the correct size of the fabric, just be careful how much heat you apply.

Hang drying is the best method to dry this material and you protect the nap as well as the pile when you do this. Remember to not include lint-producing materials when washing corduroy.

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