Does Nylon Fade in the Sun? (How to Restore Faded Nylon)

The sun is good. It brings health, light, warmth but it also has a dark side to it. Its UV and other rays tend to discolor or fade fabrics. That is not a good thing when you want your favorite clothes or upholstery to last a long time.

Does nylon fade in the sun? Yes, nylon does fade when exposed to the sun but the good news here is that nylon does not fade as quickly as cotton does. It does fade faster than polyester though which is a fabric that can resist UV rays.

To learn more about why nylon fades in the sun just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to make sure you take proper care of your nylon clothing and other materials.

Does Nylon Fade?


Yes, nylon does fade over time and if you leave nylon clothing out in the sun. This may be a good thing if one of your outfits is too bright. You can leave it in the sun for a few hours and dull the color a little bit.

But there is a fade-resistant version of nylon that is said to not fade. It is made with a solution dye that locks in the color and makes sure that color penetrates thoroughly whereby even the sun can’t or shouldn’t fade the nylon carpet, and other nylon products made with this process.

In comparison to cotton, nylon, the regular version, does not fade as fast as cotton will when you leave both in the sun. Polyester is a fabric that holds up better under the sun than nylon and the good thing about both fabrics is that they resist mildew.

Is Nylon Carpet Fade Resistant?

If it is made via the solution dye process then it is said to be fade resistant. The color is added through the formation process of the fibers so that it is a permanent color. This process also makes some nylon carpets stain-resistant.

There are supposed to be two types of process for nylon carpeting, the 6 and the 6.6 with the latter better than the former. But improvements have been made to the nylon 6 process making it almost as good as the nylon 6.6 process.

Those improvements have made the nylon 6 as colorfast as the nylon 6.6 process. What this means is that it will not matter which version you buy as both are as good at keeping their color as the other. The only difference right now is that the 6.6 version has a higher melting point than the 6 version.

Does Nylon Fade in The Sun?


Yes, it can but it will be at a slower rate than most natural fibers. Nylon is one of the fibers you want in your curtains as it does resist fading and helps your curtains survive longer. If you want your curtains to last even longer, then go with a polyester blend as those synthetic materials fade slower than nylon

What causes fading in nylon clothing will be either a chemical reaction that may be influenced by the sun or wear and tear. Friction plays a big role in nylon fabric fading sooner than it should.

The type of physical activity you do will big a big determining factor when you see the nylon clothing items lose their color. This does not mean you stop those activities, rather you just need to be prepared to replace your nylon items sooner than expected.

Does Cotton Or Nylon Fade Faster?


A lot will depend on how cotton is made and that manufacturing will increase or decrease the fading process. But cotton is said to fade faster than nylon especially if it is made from 100% cotton. Bends may take longer to lose their color.

One example is denim. The way denim is made has the dye sitting on the surface of the fibers. This position means that denim will lose its color a lot faster than those cottons whose dye has been allowed to penetrate the fibers.

Of course, denim is a fine example of cotton fading faster than nylon. But not all synthetic fibers are made the same and some will lose their color almost as fast as cotton does. What keeps many of these fibers, including nylon, from fading is the chemical treatment they receive.

That treatment helps prevent fading but it may not be good for your skin or if you have allergies. Harsh chemicals are also not good for the environment.

How To Restore Faded Nylon


The simplest solution would be to find a dye that comes as close to the original color of the clothing or product that has faded nylon on it. Mix the dye according to the instructions that are on the box or bottle and put the solution in a spray bottle.

Then spray the faded parts of the fabric and let dry. Still following the dye’s manufacturer’s instructions wash the fabric and let dry again. Hopefully, everything turns out well for you as there are no guarantees.

Instead of spraying the dye on select areas, you can completely dye the whole fabric the same color or a darker one. That choice is up to you. The process is similar to other dyeing processes just make sure you get a dye that is made to work on nylon.

If you use the wrong dye or the wrong color, you will only waste your time and effort and make yourself do it all over again.

How Does Nylon Degrade?

There are a couple of ways that nylon will degrade on you. The first is exposure to heat. Certain nylon fabrics and products with nylon ingredients will degrade if exposed to too much heat. But you really do not have to worry too much as the heat required to do this is very extreme.

The other way that nylon degrades is through exposure to the sun. Too much sun is not healthy for nylon just like too much sun is not healthy for people’s skin. UV rays take their toll and you should protect your nylon clothing from too much exposure.

It is a good thing that nylon is not a fabric you should wear in the summer or other hot days. That helps protect the material from too much sun exposure. Then a nylon sleeping bag won’t degrade as fast as a nylon tent will.

Even though it is not exposed to the sun age will help the nylon degrade over time. Nothing lasts forever.

Does Nylon Last Long?


If it is taken care of properly, yes nylon can last a long time. A nylon tent may not last as long as a nylon sleeping bag but that is due to the amount of exposure to the sun than to anything else. A tent should last about 10 to 15 years unless you pitch it in the shade every time you go camping.

A sleeping bag made from nylon should last about 20 years. Those are good lifespans and each nylon product will have different lengths of time before they degrade too far. It will depend on how they were made, the quality of the nylon, and other factors.

Wear and tear will influence how long nylon will last as well. If you abuse the nylon made product then do not expect it to last for a very long time. Proper care will ensure a lifespan that helps you get your money’s worth.

How To Fade Nylon Fabric

The easiest and cheapest way to fade nylon would be to leave it in the sun for some time. But if you do this, you need to check the material regularly. The sun may be a slow fading tool but it can also fade an item too far. Regular checks will prevent that from taking place.

You can try about 1 cup of bleach in a washing machine full of hot water and let the material soak for a while but that is also risky unless you want the color to come completely out.

It is possible that the second method may damage the nylon as heat and bleach are not friends of the fabric. A color-safe bleach would only stop the fading process and undermine your objective.

Some Final Words

Nylon is an interesting fabric to use in a sewing project. It has stretch, good color and it takes a while for it to fade. But when it fades you need to either replace the material or restore the color. The best way to do that is to use a dye made for nylon.

Once you get the dye color close to the original, no one will know that you dyed it. To prevent fading just watch the material’s exposure to the sun and heat.

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