Does Rayon Wrinkle Easily? How to Get Wrinkles Out of Rayon

Switching fabrics is not a sure-fire way of avoiding wrinkles. There are a lot of fabrics on the market today that wrinkle easily. Wrinkles come because of the way the fabric is made. The fibers inside are not made to withstand different elements and they wrinkle in response to them

Does rayon wrinkle easily? Rayon, as you know, is a synthetic fabric. Unfortunately when it was created someone forgot to think about wrinkles. Rayon does wrinkle easily especially when exposed to moisture. Proper care helps remove or stop wrinkles from forming.

To learn all about rayon and its wrinkling ability just continue to read our article. It goes through the topic to glean that information you should know before you buy a rayon fabric clothing item.

Does Rayon Wrinkle a Lot?


Yes it does, at least a majority of its varieties do wrinkle very easily and a lot. One of the reasons for this taking place is that people know more about caring for natural fabrics than they do about synthetic ones.

While rayon is nice and soft, comfortable as well as being able to drape well, it has a weakness. That weakness is water or other forms of moisture. Once it comes in contact with these moisture sources, the wrinkles begin to appear.

Also, rayon is a lot like cotton. The fabric is durable, easy to wear and very versatile. It works best with blouses, shirts, coats, suits and more clothing items. The key is just don't get it wet.

Like cotton, proper laundry care will help this fabric from wrinkling and keep it in top shape. You should be able to go out of your home knowing you look good and be worry-free.

Do Rayon and Spandex Wrinkle?


It probably does not wrinkle that much if it wrinkles at all. Spandex is a stretchy fabric so it may help counteract any wrinkling the rayon may do. It is hard to say, as usually rayon and spandex are blended with polyester to make the garment wrinkle-free or resistant.

Then generally, blended fabrics are put together so that they cut down on the number of wrinkles that rayon gets. If you want a rayon garment that does not wrinkle that much you want one that comes with a rayon polyester blend. Polyester resists wrinkles and helps keep rayon from wrinkling.

Plus, if you want to avoid having wrinkles in your clothing, and still want to wear rayon, you should avoid those clothes that are made from viscose rayon. This is the weakest of all rayon fabric varieties which offsets its versatility and low cost.

The strongest rayon to buy would be the high wet modulus rayon. It is the strongest of the rayon varieties and does well in the wash.

Does Rayon Wrinkle When Worn?


Yes. But the good news is that there is more than one type of rayon fabric that you can wear. Each variety has its wrinkle factor and some do not wrinkle as much as others.

These different varieties of the fabric are often given different treatments and those treatments are part of the wrinkling solution. If the rayon shirt, etc., has been given a sizing treatment then it resists wrinkles a lot better than if it wasn’t.

Also, if the dress or skirt is a rayon polyester blend, expect to face more wrinkles than if the garment was 100% rayon. Besides wear and tear, constant movement and other wear factors that help the fabric wrinkle as the day goes on. There is one big n=enemy of rayon that brings the wrinkles out quickly.

You do not want to get the fabric wet. Rain, splashed water, spills and even sweat can cause the rayon to wrinkle quickly. Keeping the fabric dry will go a long way to avoid wrinkles from becoming a part of your fashion statement.

Will Rayon Wrinkle When Washed?


Since rayon does not like moisture then you can expect your rayon clothing to wrinkle after being washed. It is a fact of life if you have 100% rayon clothing. Even the toughest rayon fabrics should wrinkle some when washed.

This is why some rayon clothing items are dry clean only. This helps keep the moisture away and lets someone else worry about the wrinkle factor. However, if you are not so lucky as to afford dry cleaning all the time, you just have to follow the laundry instructions to keep wrinkles to a minimum.

When you wash rayon clothing make sure to keep the water temperature down to warm or a lot less. Heat tends to ruin the fabric and hot water is no exception to this rule.

Also, once the wash cycle is complete you should hang your rayon fabric clothes immediately. Only iron if it is necessary and use the lowest heat possible. There may be a rayon or nylon setting already on your iron.

Does Rayon Wrinkle in The Dryer?


It may do but you should not be tossing your rayon clothes into your dryer for one simple reason. Heat and rayon do not mix. Heat trends to ruin rayon fabric which is why you should not iron your clothes that are made from 100% rayon.

One of the reasons for this is because of how rayon is made. Wood pulp and fibers are part of the ingredients that make up rayon fabric. These wood pulp and fiber particles are not as durable as say natural fibers like cotton or real synthetic fibers.

On top of that, if your rayon clothes say dry clean only, do not make an exception and try to wash your clothing item in the washer or hand wash them. They are to be dry cleaned only and that is a very strict rule.

Then if the tag says it is okay to wash your rayon clothes in the washing machine, you want the most delicate cycle possible and nothing over cool water temperatures. Rayon, even though a synthetic fabric, is a very delicate fabric to work with.

Why Does Rayon Wrinkle So Bad?


The answer to this is basically in how it is made. Even though there is a wide range of rayon fabrics, each style or type is not made the same. Some rayon varieties are very tough and durable, resisting wrinkles but they are made with tougher ingredients.

Those rayon fabrics that are made with weaker ingredients, like wood pulp and wood fibers, do not have the strength to withstand very much. Also, chemicals are used on the wood products to get the cellulose out of the wood so it can be spun into fabric.

The weaker rayon fabrics only have to have your arms crossed and it will wrinkle. Rayon is not very strong when it comes to certain activities. That is why it is always good to buy a rayon blend.

Those added fibers help rayon be stronger and resist wrinkles better. The last reason why rayon wrinkles so easily is that it does not have a memory. Once stretched it does not know how to return to its original position.

Wrinkles are the least of your worries when it comes to rayon. This is a topic for another day but you also have to worry about the fabric shrinking on you when you make a heat mistake during its laundry time.

How To Get Wrinkles Out of Rayon


This can be a very tricky situation. The reason for that assessment is that ironing a rayon skirt, etc., is difficult because of its inability to handle the heat. Sometimes irons come with a special rayon and nylon heat setting because of this problem.

If you are going to use your iron, you want it on the lowest heat setting possible. Then you need to turn the rayon shirt, etc., inside out. Keep it on a flat surface and if you do not have an ironing board, a towel and your dining room table will suffice.

Next, place a cloth, towel or handkerchief over the area of the shirt, etc., you are about to iron. Start with the collar or other stiffer parts of your clothing item and use a very gentle touch.

Iron lightly and use long quick strokes. If you are ironing a rayon dress or skirt, make sure to go from the bottom to the top (hem to waist). Finally, once you finish one area, move on to the next section till you are done.

Another way to get wrinkles out of rayon clothes is to hang them up and use a steamer. Steam works wonders on rayon crated wrinkles.

How to Keep Rayon From Wrinkling


This may be harder than you think as rayon is a very difficult fabric to wear. Not that it doesn’t look good but that it is so fragile and delicate even wet hands can get it to wrinkle. That is the first trick in keeping the fabric from getting wrinkles. Dry your hands thoroughly before handling rayon.

Next, if it is summer or you are having a hot spring or fall day, do not wear your rayon clothes. Sweat will make the clothing item wrinkle very quickly. An undershirt may help solve this problem if you want to wear rayon on those hot humid days.

Then if you use body lotions make sure they have dried before placing your rayon fabric clothes on. That little bit of moisture can ruin your appearance at a drop of a hat.

When you travel and are spending a few days at other locations at your home, pack your rayon outfits on the bottom so the flat hard surface protects those clothes fro being wrinkled.

Another way to protect your rayon clothing items is when they are not being worn. Use a plastic cover to keep any accidental spills or humidity from hitting the shirt, etc. Finally, use a nylon screen when you vacuum any rayon items. Don’t place the vacuum directly on the material.

Rayon Wrinkle Resistant


Rayon may be a difficult fabric to wear, own and clean but there is some hope. With rayon coming in different varieties, you can have rayon clothes that resist wrinkles. One of those options was mentioned earlier.

The high wet modulus rayon is the strongest of all the varieties and it should not wrinkle as much as lesser forms of the fabric. Another wrinkle-resistant type of rayon is Lyocell.

It is a very soft alternative and is strong enough to handle machine washing. The fabric also rapes nice for being a semisynthetic rayon variety. Then there are the blends.

When combining rayon with say cotton, spandex, and polyester you are going to have a very good wrinkle-resistant fabric. Blends were created to help the weaknesses of one fabric get stronger by using the strengths of another fabric.

About the best blend to have is the rayon polyester one as polyester is great at resisting wrinkles. Most fabric blends can be wrinkle-resistant if the right companion fabric is found. Cotton adds some strength but still wrinkles easily.

The problem is that most rayon clothing items are made from the weakest rayon fabric type available. Viscose rayon is weak but it is popular and the most used type of rayon because it is versatile and it is cheap.

Try to get a stronger rayon fabric for your clothes.

Some Final Words

Rayon clothing may be inexpensive and look good but it is one of the most difficult fabrics to take care of. If wrinkles were not enough you have other issues, like shrinkage to worry about.

Even dry cleaners have a hard time cleaning rayon clothing. That is because of the stiffening agents used by clothing manufacturers for draping are complicated and hard to work with.

Some of those stiffening agents are not water-resistant and can discolor or stain very easily. The best advice is to save yourself a lot of hassle and avoid 100% rayon clothing items.

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