Does Sherpa Shrink? (How to Shrink a Sherpa Jacket Easily)

Knowing your fabrics and their purpose will help you avoid fabric nuances like shrinking and stretching. Since Sherpa wool is used more for lining there are a lot of depends factors involved especially since it is not always made from wool.

Does Sherpa Shrink? If sherpa does shrink, the shrinkage and shrink rate will depend on what fibers this wool is made from. If it is made from polyester it may not shrink at all. Then if the fibers can be stretched, a bucket of cool water, some baby shampoo, and a little handwork on your part should do the trick.

To find out more about sherpa wool and if it shrinks or stretches, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make alterations to your sherpa clothing when they are the wrong size.

Does Sherpa Shrink?


This is an interesting question as there is a 100% sherpa wool that may shrink like any other 100% wool product, this lining is also made out of cotton, polyester, acrylic, and other fibers.

The cotton version may shrink but the polyester option may resist shrinking. It will all depend on if the lining has been coated with an anti-shrink chemical or not. Then since it is used as lining for the most part, the shrink rate, if it does shrink, will depend a lot on the shrink rate of the outer material.

The best that can be said here is that Sherpa wool can shrink if it is made from natural fibers that shrink. If it is a blended fabric with material that does not shrink, then do not expect it to shrink but if it does it may not be that much.

Does Sherpa Fleece Shrink?


This product is usually made from polyester and with polyester’s reputation, it is highly unlikely that sherpa fleece will shrink. If it does it may not be a lot as you know polyester resists shrinking.

Fleece on its own can shrink but the shrink rate and when it shrinks is not known. All fleece products shrink at different rates and different times. There are a lot of different fleece blends or fibers and hot water will shrink many of those different fleece varieties.

Sherpa fleece may be one of those varieties that is vulnerable to heat and will shrink when the water or dryer gets too hot. You can shrink fleece on purpose and all you will need is hot washing machine water and high dryer heat but this is more of a trial and error process as all fleece products are different.

Does Sherpa Shrink in The Dryer?


It is possible and again, this action will depend on what the Sherpa material is made from. Cotton sherpa and polyester sherpa can shrink in the dryer when you get it hot enough. How much these shrink is unknown and will depend on the quality of the fabric and fibers.

If the sherpa material is made from wool, it may just appear to have shrunk when washed, but if you lay it out flat the wool may respond and return to its normal size. But if you dry the wool in a hot dryer, the heat will not only shrink the material it will set it at that new size. You won’t be able to stretch the wool out any further.

If it is sherpa fleece, then heat should make the clothing item smaller. How much it will shrink is anyone’s guess but be careful if you are trying to do this on purpose. Results may not be as desired.

How To Shrink a Sherpa Jacket


It is possible to shrink a sherpa jacket and to do that you should wash it in hot water and then place it in a dryer and turn the heat up. But since there is no standard measurement, the results you get may be good or you may have created a nice baby’s jacket.

There is another problem as well. Shrinking sherpa lining does not produce great-looking results. It was tried on a denim jacket and the lining ended up a big mess. Another way to shrink the sherpa jacket is to wash it in cold water and dry on low heat. This may prevent the mess from appearing and keep the shrinkage low.

If you really want the sherpa to get smaller so it fits better, the one way to control the shrink rate is to take the jacket to a tailor and let them alter it for you. This is the safest way to shrink sherpa clothing.

How To Stretch Out a Sherpa Pullover


There is no guarantee that this method will work with sherpa materials. That is because of the factors already mentioned above. You can try this method at your own risk.

Fill a pail of water, or a tub, with 3 gallons of cool to cold water, add 3 to 4 tbsp. of baby shampoo mixing it in the water till soap suds appear. Soak your sherpa pullover for about 20 to 30 minutes before removing it and towel drying the excess water off.

Next, hang the pull over up or lay it out flat and use your hands to stretch those spots you need larger. Be gentle and when you are done, let the pullover dry in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.

Some Final Words

Shrinking or stretching sherpa is not an easy task. A lot will depend on the fibers it is made from and the exterior material the lining is attached to. Shrinking may happen when you least expect it to and how much shrinking takes place is up to many factors.

Check the material it is made of so you know what to expect.

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