Does Silk Wrinkle Easily? (How to Unwrinkle Silk)

Wrinkle-free. Those are two of the best words you can hear when doing laundry. What those two words mean is that you will have less work to do and you can focus on other important duties like spending time with your children.

Does silk wrinkle easily? Silk will wrinkle some but not as much as other fabrics do. If folded they will get creases that need to be taken care of. 3 of the top ways to remove those wrinkles and creases are steaming, ironing, and hanging the clothing on padded hangers.

To learn more about removing wrinkles from silk just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to make this task a lot easier to do. Spend a few minutes to learn to take care of wrinkles that get into your silks.

Is Silk Wrinkle Resistant?


Silk is a paradox. It can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is delicate yet it resists stains, odors, tears as well as wrinkles. So yes the fabric is wrinkle resistant.

Another characteristic that silk has is that it is said to be the most hypoallergenic fabric you can buy. When you are buying silk you are getting a complete package. Not only do you not have to do a lot of ironing with the fabric, but you reap other benefits as well.

Of course, your result may be different as there are different qualities of silk. There may be some inferior levels that are not as wrinkle-resistant as the top quality levels. Keep in mind that there is a difference between wrinkle-resistant and wrinkle-free.

Why Does Silk Wrinkle?

One reason why silk wrinkles is because it is made from natural materials. Its protein-based construction does not necessarily prevent wrinkles from taking place. It will depend on the quality of the silk garment whether it will wrinkle or not.

Another reason why silk wrinkles is because when people are finished wearing the shirt or blouse, they do not hang the item up. They crumple it up and toss it into the laundry basket.

Sometimes the wrinkles come in after they have been washed. The water weakens the fibers and they shrink a little bit creating different issues including wrinkles. A little care in handling the fabric will help prevent a lot of the wrinkles you see from taking place.

Generally some silks are naturally wrinkle resistant but that ability is not present in many of the different levels you can buy silk.

Wrinkles in a Silk Dress


Even though silk is said to be wrinkle-resistant, there will be times where you will find wrinkles in your prized silk dress. There is o need to lay blame as wrinkles can enter through the slightest mistreatment of the garment accidentally.

It seems that silk dresses are the one style of silk that wrinkles very easily. You may find it virtually impossible to keep the wrinkles away. To free your silk dress from the wrinkles that come, just hang the dress up in your bathroom.

Then take a very long, hot shower and make sure there is a lot of steam. Let the steam remove the wrinkles for you. After the steam has done its duty make sure not to wring the dress free of any moisture or you may have to take another hot shower right away.

Just let the dress drip dry to perfection.

Can You Unwrinkle Silk in The Dryer?

Yes you can use your dryer to unwrinkle your silk dress. There is an easy 3 step process that you need to use to get the job done right the first time. This process also depends on if you have a no-heat setting on your dryer.

The first step is to place the silk garment in your dryer. Then set the device to no heat, cool, or air fluff setting. This setting is vital to getting the wrinkles out of your silks without damaging them.

After you have done that, you do not need to let the dryer complete a full cycle. Just check the silks from time to time and when the wrinkles are gone, pull the silks out and hang them up. Using a padded hanger helps protect the silks further.

If you are trying to unwrinkle a lot of silk clothing items then this process may take a little longer than if you were donging them one at a time.

How Do You Unwrinkle Silk Without an Iron?


The first procedure you can try is to spritz the silk clothing item with a little water and when just damp enough, hang it up and let the fabric air dry. This is simple, easy to do, and doesn’t require a lot of your time.

Or you can use the shower method described earlier. The shower method kills two birds with one stone and makes sure your silks look as good as you do. Then there is a final steam option you can try.

Instead of using the shower, you can rent or buy a steamer. If you already have one, that is even better. Hang your silk item up and turn the steamer on. Once you are getting the right amount of steam direct it over your silks and let the steam remove the wrinkles.

How To Get a Wrinkle Out of a Silk Tie

With silk ties, you have a few options you can try and most work at home while some can be used when you are traveling. The first option you have is your trusty iron. Place your iron on the silk setting and turn it on.

Then, place the tie right side down and iron on the reverse. Place a pressing cloth over the tie and gently iron it. Do not press down hard like you are ironing a shirt. Also don’t stay in one spot for very long.

Then there is the steamer option and you want to hold the nozzle about 4 inches away from the tie. Let the steam waft around the tie and in about a minute you should see wrinkles disappearing.

You want to make sure that no water drips on the tie. Then if the wrinkles do not go away after two or three attempts, it is time for a new tie.

How To Unwrinkle a Silk Shirt


One of the keys to unwrinkling your silk shirt is not to linger on one spot for too long. Keep the iron moving so that the heat does not scorch the shirt as you iron. Make sure you use the silk or coolest setting on your iron. That prevents too much heat from hitting the fabric.

Before you start, dampen the shirt slightly but make sure it is completely damp. When you are done, just hang the shirt up. You can use your dryer if you do not have time to iron.

In this method you have to avoid applying direct heat to the fabric. Set your dryer on the coolest setting and let the silk tumble for a few minutes. Keep checking the shirt until you see that the wrinkles are gone. At that point you just hang the shirt up and wear it when you need it.

How To Unwrinkle a Silk Dress

You can use any of the methods we have described so far. The hot shower method is good as that generates enough steam to get those fibers relaxed and the wrinkles out. Or you can use the steamer method. Hang the dress up and do not let water drip on it.

The key to getting wrinkles out of silk is steam. But be careful not to apply the steam directly to the fabric. Direct heat is not good for it and you may cause more problems than you are trying to solve.

Another method is the dryer one. Keep the dryer on cool and frequently check your silk dress. Finally, you can use your iron. Just turn the dress inside out and place a pressing cloth over it before using your iron. The silk setting needs to be on and move the iron over the fabric without lingering in any one spot.

How do You Get Wrinkles Out of Silk Curtains?


Steam is the key element in removing wrinkles from silk curtains or any silk fabrics. In this case you do not even have to take your curtains down to get those wrinkles out.

If you own a steamer, just close the curtains so that all the fabric is exposed to the steam. Start your steamer and move the wand up and down the curtains. The steam wand should not touch the silk and you need to be careful not to let water get on those curtains.

It shouldn’t take that long to remove the wrinkles using this method. Let the curtains dry before pushing them back into position on either side of the windows.

How To Unwrinkle Silk Flowers

One method would be to put them in your dryer and let the dryer remove the wrinkles. The tumble action should help remove those wrinkles and get the flowers back into shape.

The word of caution here is do not leave the flowers in the dryer for too long as the plastic stems may melt and cause you some dryer issues. Steaming is another good method if you have nothing but time on your hands.

This method takes a long time to do and you may not have perfect results. To steam, you can use a steamer or hold the flowers over a steaming hot water kettle, like the one your grandmother uses to make tea.

It is going to be tedious work so you might want to have your television or radio on to help break up the boredom.

How To Keep Silk Wrinkle-free


One of the ways you can keep your silks wrinkle-free is hanging them in a closet in a cover that has good breathing characteristics. This cover will let the fabric breathe while keeping them from getting any moisture on them and from touching other clothing.

The trick is to know what variety of silk you own. Certain silks, like crepe de chine, habotai, noil, charmeuse, and ahimsa do not wrinkle very easily. Just keeping them separate from other clothing should help keep the wrinkles away.

When it comes to silk dresses, you may be faced with a challenge that is very hard to overcome. This style of silk seems to wrinkle the most no matter where it is or how you treat it. You may be ironing, steaming, and moving the dress constantly in hopes of preventing wrinkles.

How To Pack Silk so it Won't Wrinkle

One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles when you pack them for a trip is to put tissue paper between the folds. Once the tissue is in place it somehow keeps the wrinkles away.

When it comes to those vulnerable silk dresses, you should pack it in the middle of your other clothes. Make sure the dress lies flat and is covered by other items. The next top layer should be another delicate clothing item, then more regular clothes after that.

Alternate the layers and where the collars lie to make sure you can prevent wrinkles. Finally, lay a clothes garment bag as the top layer before closing your suitcase. That will help prevent creases and wrinkles from forming.

Some Final Words

Depending on the quality and style of your silk clothing you may or may not face a lot of wrinkles. But if you do find some, you now know how to remove them without harming your expensive silks.

Treating fabrics right is one way they will last you a long time. Wrinkles are not the end of the world and they can be removed without too much time spent or trouble.

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