Does Tencel Wrinkle? (How to Get Wrinkles Out of Tencel)

You are probably in the mood for more good news when it comes to laundry issues that plague most fabrics. The dreaded wrinkles that make you look like you slept in your clothes all night are not as troublesome anymore. It just takes the right fabric combination to get rid of them.

Does Tencel wrinkle? Tencel is both a man-made and a natural fabric. That means Tencel will not wrinkle as much as all-natural fabrics. If wrinkles do show up, it is best to steam them away. This is also the safest method to use.

To learn more about getting wrinkles out of this wrinkle-resistant fabric just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you do not panic when you see wrinkles on this material. Removing them is easy though when they do appear.

Does Tencel Wrinkle Easily?


No, Tencel doesn't wrinkle easily. You would think it would, given that it is a product of natural materials and fibers. Natural materials have a tendency to wrinkle a lot and make laundry day more of a tedious day with lots of ironing to do.

But Tencel lyocell is also made with chemicals and man-made materials. That means it is treated and designed to resist wrinkling. That process gives this fabric only about a 3 to 5% shrink rate so wrinkles will have a hard time showing up.

How you care for the material will determine if your clothing wrinkles or not. Bad treatment in the cleaning area will damage the fibers and create wrinkles. Since Tencel is a form of rayon you want to be gentle with it throughout the whole cleaning procedure or you may create the very situation you want to avoid.

How To Get Wrinkles Out of Tencel

The safest method is steaming and it is probably the easiest method you can use. There are three ways to steam, one is the old hang the clothing in the bathroom and turn on your shower method. This is easy and not as expensive as the second method.

If you do not want to waste water, you can always rent or buy a steamer and run the nozzle up and down the fabric until the wrinkles are gone. Steam should not affect the material except to relax it so the wrinkles disappear.

A third method would be to hold your iron over the clothing, like a hovercraft, and push the steam function on your laundry tool. This is a bit harder on your hands and wrist but it is still effective.

Just do not linger too long over one spot in order to avoid any possible heat damage to the fabric.

Can You Iron Tencel Lyocell?


Yes, you can iron Tencel Lyocell. But if you want to avoid doing more ironing, first hang your pants or outfits up overnight and let gravity tackle the issue first. Sometimes you can save yourself a lot of work by going to the simplest and easiest solutions.

If gravity didn’t get any or all of the wrinkles out, turn your pants or other items inside out and only heat up your iron to warm. Any hotter temperatures tend to harm the Tencel material.

You will want to be careful as you iron as heat is not friendly to this material, just like it is not friendly to other rayon like products. While you can go repeatedly over the material when ironing, be careful not to linger.

Like steaming you do not want to run the risk of burning or scorching the fabric. Proper ironing will have your Tencel lyocell material last.

How To Iron Tencel Lyocell

Besides following any ironing instructions on the care label, make sure not to use too high of a heat. If you have proper setting markers on your iron do not go about rayon or synthetic setting or stick to very low heat if you only have temperatures to guide you.

Make sure to turn the pants and other garments inside out and if working on pants start with the pockets. using your free hand to hold those tight and straight. Then go to the seams and hems before doing the waist. When it is time to do the waist and back pockets, turn the pants right side out.

Keep the zipper facing down when doing this section of your pants. Other clothing items just iron the buttons last. Keep the iron moving but you can go over different sections more than once.

When you are done, just let cool before hanging the item up on a hanger. Avoid metal hangers as much as possible.

What Temperature To Iron Tencel


Hot temperatures will either scorch, burn, or damage the Tencel lyocell fibers. This means that you want to use as low heat as possible without running a cool iron. Some heat is okay as long as it does not go above warm.

It may be best to hang the garment up overnight to see if gravity can spare you the ironing chore the next morning. If it does then you are good to go and have more free time to get ready for work or get the kids off to school.

One tip, use the lowest temperature you can yet that temperature is still able to produce steam. Do a little experimenting to see where that level of heat lies. The steam function will help you remove those wrinkles and possibly speed up your ironing time.

What Iron Setting For Tencel

The lowest setting on your iron that still produces steam is the best setting to use. That setting may say rayon or synthetic which makes getting the right temperature super simple. If it doesn’t use your best judgment to find that ideal temperature level.

Ironing Tencel lyocell is not difficult and regular ironing techniques will not harm the material. But to be on the safe side try to turn all of the clothing made from this material inside out. That way you protect the exterior look a lot better and if you make a mistake the stain should not show through the material.

Use the steam option as much as possible as that will help relax the fibers and allow you to stretch the material out easier. Just be gentle when you tug on the fabric. You do not want to pull too hard and ruin the pants, etc.

Can You Steam Tencel?


Yes, you can steam Tencel and as we explained earlier, you have 3 main options to choose from. You can steam using the steam function on your iron, use a commercial steamer or your bathroom.

The steamer option is the most expensive but it works well and makes it easy to remove wrinkles. The iron method is going to be the hardest one to use as you have to hold the iron up above the material and not let it rest until you are done.

The easiest and cheapest way to steam Tencel material is to hang it up in your bathroom in a spot that lets the steam cover the outfit evenly. Then turn your shower on to its hottest level and let the steam rise.

The drawback to this option is that you have less control over the steam and if you leave it in your bathroom too long the material may still get damaged. It is all up to you which method you want to use and your schedule may have some say in the one you select.

Tencel Wrinkle-Resistant Sheets

This is more good news when it comes to having the Tencel fabric around your home. When the material is made into bed sheets you do not lose any of the positive properties that are found in Tencel clothing.

What that means is that your bedsheets should not wrinkle and you should be able to get a good night’s sleep because those sheets also breathe well. Because you stay cooler at night you sleep should be more comfortable and relaxing.

Plus, you do not have to worry about steaming or ironing your sheets the next laundry day. On top of that good news, these sheets should be as smooth if not smoother than cotton bedding. That doubles your sleep pleasure and makes owning Tencel bed sheets all the more enjoyable.

These sheets usually come with an average of 310 thread count to keep them soft and durable.

Some Final Words

The only real bad news about Tencel fabric is its cost. It has been reported that the material can be quite expensive. But with all of this good news, you may want to try one pair of pants, a shirt, or even bedsheets to see if the material is worth the expense.

With their wrinkle-resistant nature, they just might be.

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