Do Viscose Sweaters Pill? (How to Stop Viscose From Pilling)

You have spent hours in the gym just to keep yourself looking young. All that effort and money can be wasted if you put a sweater that pills very easily. Pills make sweaters look old and worn, something you have spent time avoiding. Don’t defeat your effort by wearing a fabric that pills easily.

Do Viscose sweaters pill? Yes, Viscose fabrics do pill and for your information, almost all fabrics will pill to some degree. The pilling amount depends upon the weave of the fabric. The best way to stop Viscose from pilling is to use a fabric shaver and cut those pills off. No one method stops pilling from taking place.

To learn more about Viscose materials and their pilling ability just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need so you can avoid looking old and worn.

Why Does Viscose Pill?

Like any other fabric, Viscose pills because they come loose and the friction from rubbing turns them into little balls of fiber. Even your washing machine can create pills in Viscose because it causes friction to take place during the cleaning action.

If your Viscose made clothing is tightly woven then those items will not pill as much as those made from a loose weave Viscose material. Then a fabric blend will pill more often and that is because the stronger fiber will hold on to its material a lot better.

Also, Viscose is a delicate material that contains many vulnerable factors. These factors contribute to pilling making your new viscose made sweater look old and worn out. Proper care should help prevent some pilling from taking place and leave your Viscose clothing in good shape.

Does Viscose Pill Easily?


This is a tough question. The reason that it is originates from the process and materials used to make Viscose fabric. This fabric is made from natural fibers but it is not categorized as a natural fabric. The reason for that is the process used is long and uses a lot of chemicals.

Thus Viscose is in a fabric no man’s land regarded as neither natural or man-made. If Viscose material does pill easily it will be due to the quality of the weave used to create the fabric. The tighter the weave the less pilling you have to deal with.

Natural fibers pill faster and more often than man-made ones. The reason for that is the natural fiber weaves are looser than the man-made weaves. So technically Viscose may pill easier due to the natural fibers and not the man-made influence.

Does Viscose Nylon Pill?

Yes, it will pill but this fabric option is categorized as a man-made material. That is good news as the nylon fabric you use will come with a tighter weave. That construction style keeps the loose fibers tied to the fabric making sure they do not come loose when friction hits the sweater or other clothing item.

Since man-made fabrics are designed for performance over looks. some may pill more than natural fibers. A lot will depend on the quality of the nylon material you are using or wearing and what activities you participate in.

If you blend nylon with a weaker fabric it should not pill as much as the fabric it is blended with. If nylon is the weaker fabric then expect it to pill more than the blended material.

Does Viscose Rayon Pill?


Yes, it will. Rayon is like nylon, a man-made product, so it will pill somewhat. It may not be as strong as nylon due to its vulnerable attributes so expect it to pill more than if you were wearing a nylon sweater, etc.

Rayon is as delicate as Viscose is which means that water may weaken the fibers quicker allowing the fabric to pill more often than natural materials. It is not a very strong fabric in that it is also vulnerable to heat.

Those conditions and friction are not rayon friendly and can contribute to the material pilling more than cotton and other natural fibers. Make sure to care for your rayon clothing items and clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions to help avoid too much pilling.

Polyester Viscose Pilling

This is the case where one fabric is stronger than the other when blended to make one complete fabric. Polyester is a lot stronger than Viscose so it will not pill as much as the Viscose side of the material.

What helps stop polyester from pilling is that it can resist abrasions or friction. This characteristic makes sure the loose fibers do not break away and gather into a little fabric ball.

Then polyester is not vulnerable to water. That keeps that part of the fabric in top shape and avoids weakening the fibers that cause pilling. If any pilling takes place, look at the viscose side of the material. If its fibers have weakened then you can expect to see more pills even when blended with polyester.

Does Bamboo Viscose Pill?


All fabrics will pill to some extent. It doesn’t matter which one you use to create your fashion look, you can expect to see some pills at some point in time. Bamboo viscose is not an exception to this rule.

How much pilling does this blend do is the real question and that is one question that is hard to answer. The reason for that statement is that bamboo is a strong material but the process to create bamboo fibers is long, uses a lot of chemicals, and degrades that strength over time.

The different processes, both chemical and natural, are designed to soften bamboo and turn it into a very comfortable article of clothing. This weakening of the fiber and adding it to an already weak Viscose fabric does not prevent pills from appearing on your articles of bamboo and Viscose clothing.

Does Viscose Rayon Pill?

Yes, this blend will also pill. Unfortunately, both versions of this fabric are not that strong so you may expect to see a lot of pilling take place. If you use your washing machine to clean these fabrics then the friction created inside the machine will contribute to the pilling problem.

One way to get rid of the pills is to invest in a good fabric shaver. These shavers take away that old and worn look pilling brings with it. Which side of this blend will pill more is also up to debate. Both are delicate fabrics and depending on their weave they may both pill at the same rate.

Do Viscose Sweaters Pill?


Yes, they will and if you do a lot of romantic activities while dressed in a Viscose sweater, then expect to see a lot of pilling take place. Friction is not a good situation for Viscose sweaters to be in.

Of course, if the weave is very tight and strong, then that Viscose sweater should not pill as much as one made from a looser Viscose weave. Hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid pilling as the washing action is very gentle and does not create as much friction as a washing machine would.

Hang drying the sweater will also avoid friction and pill causing situations. The dryer, even on no heat, still creates friction which is not good for Viscose made sweaters.

How to Stop Viscose From Pilling

It is practically impossible to stop pilling from taking place no matter which fabric you use. Pilling happens. But you may be able to delay that situation by following some key steps.

First, check the weave of the fabric. If it is tight and strong then buy that version. Second, watch how you clean those Viscose made clothing articles. The dryer and the washing machine create too much friction for even tight weaves to avoid pilling.

Third, watch out for how much you rub against other people, walls, doors, and so on. Those actions create friction and help your clothing to weaken and pill. Fourth, watch the Viscose blends as well. If the Viscose fabric is the weaker of the two then it will pill more frequently than its material partner.

Some Final Words

You might as well resign yourself to face the pilling situation no matter what clothes you buy. Viscose will pill and since it is a weak fabric you can expect it to pill often. Especially if the fabric comes with a loose weave.

One way to keep your Viscose clothing items looking young and new is to buy a good fabric shaver. They are the fastest way to solve your pilling issue. These machines are often battery powered so you can move freely to get all the pills off quickly. They only take a few minutes to get the job done.

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