Does Water Ruin Suede? (What Can You Use On Suede Fabric)

Water is fun. It is cooling, refreshing and it allows you to do different activities in your free time. Yet, water is not friendly to everyone or everything. Some fabrics can’t be around water or have it spilled on them.

Does water ruin suede? Yes, water does ruin suede. The reason for that is the suede material is very porous and absorbs the moisture quite easily. That characteristic can leave stains among other damage. Vinegar is said not to damage suede and is safe to use on that fabric.

To learn all about suede and water, just continue to read our article. It is filled with lots of information about that liquid and other liquids. Knowing what you can use on suede is the first step in caring for your suede items.

Can You Put Water On Suede?


A cloth made damp by water is not going to harm your suede items. There will be times you will be told to use this little amount of water to clean certain stains. The problem comes in when you have a lot of water landing on your suede shoes or clothing.

Heavy rainstorms are not good for suede jackets or coats. Nor are good snowstorms. Once the suede has absorbed the moisture, you are looking at receiving a lot of damage to your suede items.

Pilling, stains, or even discoloration are just the beginning of the trouble water can cause you.

Do Suede Shoes Get Ruined in The Rain?

This will depend on how heavy the rain is when you are wearing your suede shoes. If the rainfall is very light, less than a drizzle, then do not expect any damage done to your shoes. Especially if you have waterproofed them.

If you are walking through a thunderstorm and can’t avoid the puddles or running water, then expect your shoes to be ruined by the time you get to your destination. Even if you have waterproofed them. Those protecting coatings do not always hold lots f water volume away from your shoes.

Can You Use Scotchgard On Suede

The answer without any delay is no. This product is designed to be a cleaning agent and the surfaces it works on best are carpet, hardwood floors, some fabrics, glasses, and car upholstery.

Suede is not on the list of approved surfaces. There are good alternatives to Scotch guard you can use and you would be wise to seek the alternatives before making a fatal suede error.

To get the best results when you put protection spray on your suede items make sure to clean them before application. Dirt and grime work hard to keep your suede items vulnerable to the elements.

Scotchgard On Faux Suede


Yes this is a possibility as faux suede is made from plastic or polyester. Scotchgard can work on polyester with ease. The key to using this product on different fabrics is on the labels attached to the different garments.

There should be an X code on those labels letting you know that the fabric cannot be cleaned by water. Those fabrics are also not to have Scotchgard used on them. To amend the previous section a bit,

Scotchgard does make a product that works on suede. It is called Scotchgard™ Suede & Nubuck Protector. That is the only Scotchgard product you can use on suede.

Can You Use Acetone On Suede?

When you have a very tough stain to remove from leather, you can try acetone to clean it but not a lot. Yet leather is not really soft, vulnerable suede. It is a tougher material that can withstand many products suede cannot.

While it may be possible to use acetone on some stains that get on suede, we have seen nothing that recommends that solvent for suede material. It is best to err on the side of caution and not really use that product when you need to clean suede.

We have not seen any cleaning method that says to use acetone.

Can You Use Crep Protect On Suede?

We have some good news for you this time This is a spray protectant that is made to work on suede. It can also work on canvas and nubuck. The twist to this product is that you shouldn’t use it on leather products that are not suede.

Before you use this spray do a test. The cautionary tests should be done on all products you are using for the first time. This protects your fabrics and your wallet at the same time.

One person found out the hard way when they used Crep protect on their leather Air Jordans.

Can You Use Saddle Soap On Suede?


Saddles are made from hard leather. That means that saddle soap is n=made for very tough and durable fabrics. It is not a good idea to use this product on delicate fabrics like suede and other vulnerable leathers.

If in doubt make sure to read the label or check the manufacturer’s recommendations. The makers of saddle soap should have a list of products you can and cannot use this soap on.

You may find some people say the opposite to this so use saddle soap at your own risk. There may be some versions that are safe to use on suede items

Can You Use Jason Markk On Suede?

Yes it is possible to use this brand of cleaner on suede. The key of course is to use as little liquids as you can. Even with this brand you do not want to soak your suede items with their products.

The rtu foam and a premium brush are the two pieces of equipment and cleaner you should use. Like other cleaners do a test first as suede is known to bleed its dye and this product may not be an exception to that rule.

Make sure to clean your suede items and erase other stains before using this product.

Can You Use Sof Sole Water Proofer On Suede?

This is another approved product when you want to protect your suede items from disaster. The good thing is that this product should not cause any discoloration. That means you may be able to apply several coats to make sure your suede items are fully protected from the elements.

Then you can use it on hats, coats, shoes, boots, and almost all suede items you own. Just a friendly reminder, do a test first to make sure you do not own one of the suede items or type of suede that does not accept this waterproofing spray.

Can I Use Resolve On a Suede Couch?


It can be tempting to give it a try but the list of fabrics we saw suede was not mentioned as one of the fabrics to use this cleaning agent. Nylon, polyester, and cotton were on that approved fabric list.

But it makes sense that Resolve can’t be used on suede as it is a liquid that sometimes takes a lot of cleaner to remove a stain. Plus, it is not recommended for you to use it on leather. Suede is a type of leather so be safe rather than sorry and get cleaners specially made for this fabric.

Can You Use WD40 On Suede Boots?

We are not trying to be absurd here. Instead we are trying to cover as many bases as we can. Some people say that this product is safe to use on leather. That may be so for hard leather items but suede is a different story.

Spraying WD 40 on greasy or oily stains that have found their way to your suede items may ruin your items. If you do use this product on your suede items be prepared to do a full cleaning afterward.

You are not going to be able to throw the suede item in your washing machine to get rid of the WD 40 stain.

Can You Use Ugg Protector On Suede Boots?

You should already know that Ugg makes suede boots and things. It should also come as no surprise that they have created their own protector for suede materials. That means yes, you can use this product on suede.

Just make sure to do it in a well-ventilated area and shake well. The product is supposed to be biodegradable, non-toxic, and free of animal products. This product is sold separately so you do not have to spend a lot of money to get it. Having something made specifically for suede is the way to go.

Use Leather Conditioner On Sued


It is possible to use a leather conditioner on suede but we would like to provide a little caveat here. Even though suede is made from leather not all leather products are the same. Nor can they be cleaned o conditioned in the same way.

What would be best to do is find a leather conditioner that is made specifically to be used on the suede materials. If you have doubts about a leather conditioner, keep searching till you find one that works best on suede.

When using a leather conditioner pay special attention to the nap and do not let it flatten.

Can I Use Vanish On Suede?

There can be no other answer than no. That is because one of the company’s website clearly states not to use Vanish on products that are not suitable for wet cleaning. That rules suede out of the picture.

It also rules out leather, brocade, velvet, and similar fabrics. Getting suede wet is a big no-no and you would have to get suede really wet to use this product. Keep in mind that there may always be exceptions to the rule and your results may vary if you do not wash your suede in the washing machine after using Vanish.

Can I Use Oxiclean On Suede?

This product may be better used to clean faux and microsuede than real suede. If you own Uggs they clearly state to use a cleaner made specifically to clean suede materials. You can find those at any good shoe store in your town.

Oxiclean may work on most fabrics but it needs water to really get those stains out. Water is something you do not want to put on suede in large amounts. It is best not to risk your expensive suede items on a common household cleaner when there are better products you can use.

Err on the side of caution here as well.

Can You Use Shout On Suede?


Using this product on suede would be like using Oxiclean on suede. Some of you may get great results while others may only see their prized suede item ruined. Shout is not a product that is made to work on suede materials.

It is made to work on stains and some fabrics but suede does not appear to be one of them. Instead of using these chemical stain removers, you should look to natural ingredients to handle the cleaning duties.

While some stains may be tougher than others if you do turn to Shout to get the residue out, be careful, and do not use a lot. Too much liquid may put a new stain on your shoes.

Can You Use Sharpie On Suede?

Yes it is okay to use a Sharpie marker on your suede shoes or other suede items. It might be better to use a fabric pen though as Sharpies are not really made to work on fabrics.

The key to using a sharpie would be to rub the color into the old dye so that both the old and new will blend in better. The other important thing to remember is to get a Sharpie in a color that matches or almost matches your suede item.

These are used when you have cleaned your suede shoes or clothing and a little light spot appears. You do not want to use a sharpie on a big spot. Those will require redyeing to get rid of.

Can You Use Goo Gone On Suede?

You can answer a lot of application questions just by visiting the manufacturer’s websites and reading the information. The makers of Goo Gon say these are the fabrics you can use their products on- wood, carpet, glass, fabric, and sealed stone.

Here is a list of products that cannot have Goo Gone used on them- Silk, Leather, Suede, Rubber, Unfinished wood, Unsealed stone, Unpainted walls (drywall), Faux stainless steel.

Notice that suede is number 3 on that list. That tells you that you should not even think about using Goo Gone on your favorite suede items. This product may be great at removing certain stains, but like water it is not made for every surface.

Can You Use Febreze On Suede?


Even though suede shoes can smell up a place like any other shoe fabric, it may not be a good idea to use Febreze on your suede shoes. In fact, the maker of this product says not to use it on suede.

That kind of shuts the door on this option. Whether you can use it on micro or faux suede is another question that needs an answer. Since those two fabrics are not real suede then it is safe to use Febreze on them.

That should be good news for all those people who own fake or micro suede products. They can eliminate bad odors and replace them with the soft scents that Febreze contains.

Can You Use Fabsil On Suede

We end with a bit of good news. This product is safe to use on suede as well as nubuck and leather. Plus, it maintains the breathability nature suede and those other fabrics are known for.

This spray helps repel water from those materials helping them to last longer and delay any possible damage that may come their way. Read the label to get the application instructions.

The company has been around for 80+ years so it knows a thing or two about waterproofing. It is a good idea to go with a well-established company. That way you can get some action when the product doesn’t work like it is advertised.

Some Final Words

In researching for this article, the brand name Kiwi kept getting mentioned. They are a shoeshine company that makes some top polishes. They also seem to make a good product for suede items. It is worth checking them out and see if they have what you want or need.

In cleaning or protecting your suede items sometimes it is easy and a natural move to reach for a cleaner or protecting spray you use on other fabrics. Don’t assume and think they will work on suede. Read the labels to make sure they will work.

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