The Elna Lock Pro 5 DC Serger Review (Price, Manual, Parts)

For hardcore sewers, sergers may be the ticket to help them get all their sewing projects completed on time. They are versatile, help cut time and make sure you have the thread you need when it is time to use it. They may cost a lot but the time they save you is worth the extra expense.

Either people love these machines or they trade them in for better ones. That explains the difficulty in finding a current price for this model. But there are manuals and parts available and they may be easier to get than finding the current price for a used model.

To learn more about the Elna Lock Pro 5 DC serger, just continue to read our article. it has the information you want to know about to see if this is the used serger for you. The used price is going to be a lot lower than the new one so it may be a bargain.

Our Elna Lock Pro 5 Serger Review


One of the first things you will notice about this machine will be the touchscreen. Not only does it help you set the proper tension, it lets you know that it is a more recent model than other sewing machines that have stopped production.

The speed adjustment is one of its finer features especially for those people who like to sew more slowly. But when you need the power or the speed, this machine is capable of boosting it up so you get your work done on time.

There is a differential feed style that makes the machine powerful enough to handle a lot of different fabrics and you can use 2 to 5 cones of thread at one time if you have the right model.

Its computerized design takes a lot of the sewing work out of your sewing projects and there will be some time needed to learn how to use this machine correctly. The main features are the adjustable presser foot as well as the adjustable stitch width and length.

A rolled hem is possible to do when you use the Elna Lock Pro 5 Dc and that is a good feature for those sewers who like that hem style. The knife seems to be durable and strong as it remains sharp for over 20 years. Some people have reported that they are still on the same one even though buying the machine n the 90s.

For those that like sergers, this may be the time to buy one of these models. Their prices are low even though they still sew up a storm and do not cause anyone any trouble.

It is a nice sewing machine when you want to upgrade to a computerized version without having to pay the computerized cost.

Elna Pro 5 DC Price

We are looking at different prices and it seems that 12 years ago you could pick one of these sewing machines up for between $125 and $200 if you found the right seller. That is encouraging news until we came across a more up-to-date cost at eBay.

There is one on sale at the time of this writing for almost $500. But it is a 5 thread serger that looks in great shape. If you go to this link, you will find one model on sale for about half that amount, $250, and another for $350. Both models are being sold in Ithaca, NY.

That gives you an idea of what you should be paying for this computerized sewing machine. Sharpen up your negotiating skills if you come across a model that is selling higher than those figures.

When these models were new, it is said that they cost more than a Bernina and a Pfaff so that tells you that it is a machine that holds a lot of features. Plus, you never know when you will run into a motivated seller who will let you have it for a steal.

Finding an Elna Pro 5 DC for Sale


This may harder than it looks as our searches have turned up very few of these Elna sewing machines for sale. Either people are hanging on to them and waiting to pass it down to their children or no one is selling one at this time.

We found one at eBay and we mean just one and then only two at that link we provided in the previous section. That means you may have to search for one the old-fashioned way and do a little leg work.

First stops will be vintage sewing machine stores, sewing machine repair shops, antique stores, and thrift stores. You never know what you will in any of these places but for the non-thrift stores, the cost may be a bit on the high side.

Then check the classified ads as they will have some people looking to make space in their homes and want to get rid of their older sewing machines. Craigslist is always an option and its detailed setup allows you to search in different states.

Then, as usual, there is a myriad of garage, yard, estate sales as well as your local flea markets. It is a gamble doing this but along with a nice Elna pro 5 DC, you may find some other treasures to bring home.

Download the Elna Pro 5 DC Manual

We are getting a bit disappointed in one of our go-to download manual websites. While they have a host of owner’s manuals you can purchase for a small fee, they seem to be missing the Pro 5 DC booklet.

We will give you the link to it anyways in case you have other Elna sewing machines in your home or by the off chance they finally get one. Another option will be this link. It comes in a PDF file and we are not sure how much this option will be.

Next is this link and the price is a lot lower coming in at $4.99. eBay had only one but the price there is a lot more expensive than anywhere else. It is a hard copy as well so you would have to wait for shipping before you can look at it.

Hard copies are not that bad, it is just that download manuals are easier, faster, and usually a lot cheaper than hard copies. We also like to encourage people to contact the company directly.

They do have a support system that often turns up manuals no one else has. Their support page is at this link but Elna is not Singer so you may have a rougher time looking for what you want.

Check with Etsy as they claim to have very good electronic copies for sale.

Elna Pro 5 DC Parts and Accessories

Elna Pro 5 DC Serger Presser Bar Lifter

To get things started, we will do first what we finished within the previous section and tell you to try Elna directly. They do have an accessories page but those items may not work on your Pro 5 DC model. But you never know what you will find out when you contact them.

Or you can go to their authorized dealers and repair shops to see what is in stock, what may still be available, or at least a lead to those items. Since we are talking about servicing machines that were produced 30 years ago, this is a long shot.

However, all is not lost as this company advertises parts for the pro 5 DC model. Then there is this company that seems to have a lot of parts for a variety of Elna sewing machines including the Pro 5DC.

The parts may be limited so you are going to have to search these sites to make sure they have what you need. eBay had some parts listed as well. You would probably have to be specific in your search to see if the part you want is available.

With outlets like eBay, pickings may be slim as they have to wait till someone lists those parts and they may be available, just not at eBay. Then there is the old-fashioned way to find parts and accessories.

Garage sales, yard and estate sales, as well as flea markets, are your best bets if you want to stay local and keep your costs down. That is if you can find parts at those places. Sometimes it is just cheaper to pick a complete machine at a thrift store if they have them, and use that for parts.

The only trouble with having an extra machine around for parts is that the same part you already used may break down again and you back to searching again. There are good and bad points when it comes to this option.

How to Thread the Elna Pro 5 DC


To start, we should explain that it is difficult to get anyone writing about how to thread one of these models. We did come across a good video series that tells you more than just about threading the machine and the images in these videos will make it easier to understand.

The series starts off by talking about the different needles and stitch plates you need if you want to avoid any trouble with breaking needles. It is a 5-minute video and will help you see which parts you will need.

The second part in the series is 8 minutes long approx. and it provides you with the guidance you need when you want to thread the Pro 5 Dc model sewing machine. You can view this video at this link.

Normally, we would go into a long explanation but with up to 4 to 5 different threads that need to be threaded, we thought it would be best to simply show you and not confuse you with a lot of words without diagrams.

The color-coding on the Elna Pro 5 will help you a lot and make threading easier to do. You will find that chart on the inside of the front cover. This is not going to be hard to find as you have to take the cover off to thread this machine.

You will be starting with thread cone #3 as that is the upper looper and make sure to follow the color for that threading option.

Where are Elna Sewing Machines Made?


This company was originally a Swiss sewing machine manufacturer. They used to produce some great sewing machines throughout their early years. For about 60 years, Elna was an independent sewing machine manufacturer until the competition got too great.

It joined forces with Janome in 2004 to help cut costs and it was during that partnership that the latter company started thinking about buying it out completely.

The reason for that decision, which took place in 2006, is that Janome wanted access to European designers and other technology.

So while Elna has some European influence it is mostly a Japanese company. Janome uses factories in Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan to make their sewing machines as well as the many Elna models you can still purchase today.

Chances are that your machine is made in Asia and not Europe. This does not take away from the quality of the machine and the pro 5 Dc was made under European management not Japanese

Some Final Words

The Elna Lock Pro 5 DC serger is a difficult machine to find for sale. Its price is right and the fact that it is still sewing 30 years after production means that it is a good machine to have in your home.

When you want a computerized serger but hesitate because of the price tag, the used market is the best place to save money and still get a top-quality serger. It will take some time to learn how the computer works though.

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