Gripper Silicone Gel For Clothing: Options and How To Use

Women have it lucky. Not only do they have a variety of clothing items to wear, but they also have a variety of ways to make sure those items do not malfunction and cause them any embarrassment. Some of those tools make you think that the woman took it out of her husband’s toolbox.

This top gel is a lot like silicone but it may come under different names. They all serve the same purpose- they hold up those clothing items that are not very secure. The only thing to watch out for when you use it is allergies. Other than that it is very effective.

To learn more about Gripper Silicone Gel and other similar products just continue to read our article. It has the straight information you need to read to make sure you find the right stuff when you want to go strapless.

Silicone Gel for Clothing


There is no real silicone gel that will work to hold up your clothes. The items that are commonly used these days are silicone gel strips. That is where the silicone gel is placed in the strip of mesh, fabric, or some other materials and the two combine to hold up strapless bras, socks and so on.

One company does sell a silicone gripper elastic that does the same job but it is elastic based. This silicone gripper elastic works with strapless bras, dress straps any clothing item that needs help staying in place.

There is the possibility that you can substitute puffy pain for silicone gel. This takes making a track with painter’s tape so the paint lies down where you want it. Then remove the tape before the paint is completely dry.

It is a good option when you want to wear a skirt. It holds well and you should not have any trouble throughout the evening. There may be a way to find that is not marketed on the internet. You can check with bra makers, and clothing manufacturers to see if they stock the silicone gel still.

This used to be a good product several years ago but it may not be around anymore. One reason would be that there were a lot of people who became allergic or were allergic to silicone.

Iron on Silicone Grip for Clothing


There is one place that we were able to find the iron silicone grip for clothing and that was at Alibaba’s marketplace. There are a few selections you can choose from but those selections look like wholesale only and you have to make a minimum purchase.

If you are only looking for a short strip this may not be a good place to shop. They want you to purchase at least 100 to 500 yards of the material. It is possible to use silicone glue to help keep socks and bras up. This option can be found at your local department store.

GE makes a silicone adhesive that should work. It is found at this link and that may be your best bet. Your local fabric store may also have a few leads for you to check out. Right now the internet is like a desert when it comes to this topic.

Silicone Rubber Strips for Dresses


There are a lot of products out on the market that uses rubber and silicone to hold things in place. But their uses are not necessarily for dresses and other clothing items. Although they should work it is a bit risky and the strips can be quite bulky.

Alibaba also has some silicone rubber strips made for use with dresses but again, it seems that this marketplace is for wholesalers who want to make some money. The minimum purchases are in the range of 3000 meters or 9,900 feet approx.

This marketplace also stocks some double-sided silicone tissue tape but you are looking ta purchasing 1000 rolls before the company will send it to you. Sew Sassy Fabrics has an elastic silicone strip but it is more about elastic than ironing on a silicone strip.

These little strips come in 2 sizes, 3/8 and 1/2 inch and they both have a 1/8 inch strip of silicone down the center. In a pinch, this might be the route to go and the prices are $4 and $.60 for a 3-yard package.

Silicone Gripper Dots for Clothing


The good news here is that Amazon has a couple of selections that include gripper dots. These selections are rolls of fabric with gripper dots on them. You can use them for a variety of clothing items if you want. Their price is between $10 and $20.

You can try Joann’s and Hancock or some other fabric chain to see if they have any of these products available for sale. Again, Alibaba seems to stock about 83 different products about this silicone dot topic. You would need to buy more than you want to get them.

A quick check at Wal Mart shows no items are sold through their outlets although you may be able to adapt some of their jar gripper dot pads and create your own. You may have to become very innovative and see what is on the store’s shelves that will work for you and your clothing need.

Silicone Gripper Tape for Bras


When it comes to strapless bras, the best to look for any help holding them in place is at a bra maker. They should have some sort of adhesive that works well with your skin as well as with the fabric.

One such company is Bra Maker Supply and they carry two widths of Silicone Gripper Elastic for you to use. There is the 1/2 inch version and the full 1-inch version. You get to choose which one is best for you.

Another place to look for this product is at Amazon. They seem to have a varied collection to look at. Not all of their choices may be good for bras but it is better than nothing.

The prices for the selection at Bra Maker are between $2.50 and $3 per meter while the Amazon prices have a variety of prices starting at about $10 and going up from there.

The question you have to answer is do these silicone options work? For some people who have tried them, the answer is no. But your experience may be different. Or you may just have that tape pulling at your body hair while irritating your skin.

Silicone Waistband


There is one store that seems to stock silicone waistband and other varieties of waistbands for your clothing needs. That store is Wawak and it seems to have the products that help your clothes stay up all the time without using a belt.

Of course, Alibaba is right there with its wholesale supply making sure the product is readily available if you want a large amount. If you have scars you want to hide, there is a 10-inch silicone waistband that measures 10 inches wide and is made from a very breathable fabric.

The company, Comfizz, has a large size selection so you should be able to get one that fits your waist. Other waistbands are more for show and creating your fashion style. They come in a variety of bright colors and work like belts.

You can always check your favorite fabric stores to see if they have this product in stock or any idea where you might find them if they do not.

How to Add Silicone Grip to Clothes


Before you attach the silicone grips to your clothing, you need to make sure you are not allergic to any of the materials used in its construction. The allergic reaction is not pretty and may turn off your romantic date.

One way to apply these silicone grips is by sewing them into place.. Some come with enough fabric allowance that sewing is a viable option. Those with elastic can also be sewn into place. Just do not sew through the elastic and cut off its grip on your body.

Seattle Fabrics have gripper elastic options but they do not provide any instructions as to how to attach them to your clothes. You can make a casing for them and slip them inside like you would when using elastic to hold up sweat pants replacing the drawstring.

Glues and other adhesives just pour onto your clothes like regular glue which makes application very simple to do.

How to Sew Silicone Elastic


This is going to be a simple task that may only take a few minutes of your time.

The first step is to use a zipper foot on your first zig zag. To do this you need to move your needle to the right then adjust the stitch size. The stitch width should be about 3mm and the stitch length should be only about 2mm.

Next, make sure your needle is not going to touch the foot while sewing. After that is done, you need to change the presser foot back to standard. Now turn the elastic to the inside and topstitch with a zig-zag stitch pattern.

It is okay to have the silicone strip touch the needle plate. It won’t stick to it. Make sure to go all the way around and you are done.

DIY Silicone Gripper Elastic


One option, and you may get mocked for even thinking of this, is top use automotive silicone. There are many brands of this stuff at your local automotive parts and supply stores but one, in particular, Permatex high temp silicone RTV gasket, is really good.

All you do is lay the shorts or clothing item you want to apply this silicone to flat. There is no need to enlarge them or have them on a dummy to hold them in place. Then when the shorts are in place, just squeeze out a good steady stream of silicone and slowly, but not too slowly, go around the shorts.

If you go too slowly you may run the chance of having the silicone glob up on you. When done, just let dry and your shorts should not ride upon you.

Another option is to use a little hem tape and squeeze out some normal household silicone. The kind you use to fix holes in windows, doors and other places. You do not need to buy the tubes that need a caulking gun to administer.

There are smaller handheld tubes you should use that allow you to produce a nice steady stream of silicone at the right bead to make this idea work. The hem tape can be at different widths as long as you have room to sew it into place.

Once the silicone is in place, wet your finger and smooth it out till it makes a nice rounded mound. Let this silicone dry after that and then machine stitches it into place in the clothing item you want it on.

One final DIY idea is to take the nylons that have the elastic silicone grip already in place. If they have run in the stocking that is okay as you will be getting rid of those and keeping the top part with the silicone.

Cut the top of the stocking off and throw out the stockings. Now you can cut the top from one width to the other to make one long straight line of elastic silicone and stocking strip.

Then hand sew the newly made strip with the silicone towards the body on a bodice or other article of clothing that needs the help. Once that is done your clothing item should not suffer from a clothing malfunction.

There may be more options you can choose from to do it yourself. These are just three to get your mind thinking about other ways to DIY.

The Benefits of Using Silicone Elastic Grippers

No matter what article of clothing you use them on you is given a lot of benefits by adding these silicone elastic grippers. You should be spared many an embarrassing moment with the right one in the right place.

Here are some benefits you get:

  • Your bras stay in place - this allows you to wear strapless gowns that just make you look beautiful.
  • Your gowns stay up - you do not have to keep tugging at your dress to keep it in place. This action can be a distraction when your romantic interest is trying to have a conversation with you or wants to dance with you.
  • You can bike easier - your riding shorts or plain gym shorts should not ride upon you as you pedal. This spares you some embarrassing moments as well as sunburns.
  • You get a little peace of mind - you can relax and enjoy the evening or outing without having to worry. You know your clothes are in the right place and won’t fall on you.
  • You can wear a variety of different fashions - the silicone elastic grippers allow you to widen your wardrobe range and let you dress in the most flattering light whether the occasion is formal or casual.

Silicone Grippers Other Uses


This other use is more to protect one’s dignity. After you have had surgery, you may not want others to see your scars. That means that you stop wearing those fashion items that are too short, expose a lot of skin or just won’t cover the scar area.

There is a solution that will allow you to wear those fashion items again without stressing out if someone sees your scars or not. These silicone pads cover surgery scars and a lot more.

Their flesh tone should blend in so all people see is your skin color and nothing else. These are great little pads that help you wear the fashions you want and go out where you want while participating in some fairly active activities.

You can find them at Amazon and they have a very wide selection so you can get the ones that match your lifestyle or event. The prices range between 12 and 60 dollars.

Some Final Words

Finding the right material to keep your strapless bras or dress in place is not going to be an easy task. The products may not be widely marketed and found only in limited areas of the fashion world.

Sometimes the best solution is to create your own silicone elastic gripper. That way you can spare yourself the frustration and time of searching for products many stores do not have.

The do it yourself way is also a cheaper way to go especially if you are using regular silicone that carpenters and repairmen use.

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