How Do You Measure Back Waist Length Easily? (6 Tips)

Getting measurements is not always a simple task. The human body is not designed for you to take measurements alone. You do need help somewhere along the line. That is the first tip in getting your back waist measurement. Ask someone to help.

How do you measure back waist length? The easiest way to get your back waist measurement is to go from the prominent bone at the base of your neck to your natural waist. Make sure you keep the measuring tape in contact with your skin at all times.

To learn more about getting the measurement of your back waist length correct, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to do the job right.

Tip 1: If your front and back measurements do not align, you may have to make a swayback adjustment of about 5/8 to 1 inch.

Tip 2: Watch your S curve as your body shape may throw the measurement out by an inch or so.

What Does Back Waist Length Mean?


For those new to sewing, the back waist length is not that hard to figure out. It is the measurement of your back’s length from your neck down to your waist. It is usually the shortest length you will come across when trying to find clothing that fits you.

Since every body type is not the same. Each person is going to have a different back waist length and other physical issues to deal with. Learn what alterations and adjustments you can make so the clothing you make for you and your family will fit like they are supposed to.

Tip 3: Be careful as every abnormal posture may not be the result of a swayback issue. Some people have very erect backs and still have an S curve, while others may have one hip higher than another and other issues that will throw the measurement out.

How do You Measure Back Waist Length


If you want the technical terms, you start at the C7 vertebra and go on down to your natural waist. In layman’s terms, you go from the top prominent bone just at the base of your neck and head down to your natural waist.

It is actually a very simple task if you get help. The bone in question should pop out for you when you move your head. Now be careful some people have used where their necklace naturally lies.

This is not a good option to use because the necklace is not stable and moves around when you move your neck and head. Stick with the bone as it always remains in the same place.

Tip 4: There are no shortcuts or special maneuvers to do when you want to measure your back waist length. You will need help even if it is just to read the tape measure.

Average Shoulder to Waist Measurement


This category is separated into 3 parts. You can have a short, long or regular length depending on your physical size. To take the measurement you need to have one end of the tape measure place on the very top of your shoulder.

Then you go down on a slight angle till you reach your center back waist spot. That will give you your shoulder to waist measurement. The average should fall somewhere between 12 and 14 inches but do not worry about the average.

Every body is different and there will be quite a few people who do not meet that average measurement. The key is to make sure you get the angle right and that you start and end on the right points.

Tip 5: There is no one size fits all in sewing. You will have to deal with individual sizes and ailments in order to find the right back to waist measurement.

Shoulder to Waist Measurement Chart

Some times it helps to see a chart when you want to learn how to get those shoulder to waist measurement correct. Here is one chart for handling those measurements when your kids are still little

Body area 12 months 18 months 24 months
Shoulder to waist 5 1.2 inches 6 inches 6 inches
Chest 19 inches 19 3/4 inches 20 1/2 inches
Waist 19 inches 19 3/4 inches 20 1/2 inches
Shoulder to hem 19 inches 20 1/2 inches 21 1.2 inches

Person Back waist length Hip length Tunic length
Child Actual body measurement 2 inches down from waist 6 inches down from waist
Women Actual body measurement 6 inches down from waist 11 inches down from waist
Men It only varies 1 to 2 inches From actual back hip length

Tip 6: There is a way to shorten your back to waist measurement. Just slip the upper portion of the pattern over the lower. This maneuver will also shorten your shoulder dart making the shirt or blouse more comfortable for some people.

Some Final Words

Taking your back waist length measurement needs an extra set of hands. That is the only difficult part of this measurement. If you have a friend who knows how to keep a secret then you should enlist their aid and get your exact measurement before you start working on your sewing project.

If you are making the shirt or blouse, etc., for someone else then you need to be the one to keep that secret. There are no other real measurement tips when it comes to measuring your back to waist length.

The key is to make sure you start and end at the correct points so your measurement is accurate. Even if you do not like the news you are receiving. Once that is done you can make any alterations you need to make just in case your body does not conform to the average.

This is one of the aspects of sewing that keep the hobby challenging and very interesting.

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