How Hard Is It to Use a Sewing Machine How Long to Learn

How Hard Is It to Use a Sewing Machine? How Long to Learn?

It’s usually very easy to use a modern sewing machine. However, learning to actually sew and prepare everything needed beforehand can take some time.

Sewing is still a very popular hobby. Why? Simply because it can help us either to create or to fix something. It is the result that drives us forward.

Learning to sew can sometimes be frustrating as we usually have to go through many mistakes in order to get to a certain level when we’re actually able to finish something successfully. But it is, however, very rewarding. When we have a skill like that, we can even say goodbye to spending money on certain clothes. Just imagine being able to actually sew a shirt and customize it to your liking. Not only will you be able to create something straight out of your imagination, but everything you sow will be perfectly tailored for your measurements.

Before we started sewing, many of us had certain doubts. We were usually worried about whether we’d be able to master it. Also, we were afraid that we’d spend too much time trying to be good at something without any results. In the end, some good will, patience, and steady hands are all that matters.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss everything that we need to know about learning to sew. We’ll try to see why we shouldn’t be afraid of it, and how much time we need to spend in order to tailor our first, real piece of clothing. Stay with us until the end of the article, and we’ll try to help you let go of any doubts when it comes to this amazing hobby.

How Easy Is It to Use a Sewing Machine?

How Easy Is It to Use a Sewing Machine

Sewing itself is very exciting. However, it can be a bit frustrating when we don’t know how to use all the gadgets. They can even scare us when we try to make our first stitch.

When it comes to the stitches, there are literally dozens of them. They fall into four main categories:

  • coverstitch
  • lockstitch
  • chain stitch
  • overlock

All these stitches are actually functional and have their own purpose. But if we start talking about stitches that exist purely for aesthetics, then the number of those that exist is even higher.

Learning how to sew all those stitches can take some time. However, once we master the basics of our sewing machines, we will be able to quickly incorporate them.

It is easier to learn to use a home sewing machine than the industrial one. They are smaller and are designed to be used by one person. Also, they are optimized for using a single stitch type. A modern sewing machine makes things so much easier simply because the fabric will glide in and out without the help from needles and other things we need for hand sewing.

We all started with hand stitching first in order to get ourselves better at making small corrections or sewing buttons. It is advisable that we do this too since it will help us to better understand the basics of tailoring. We will be better prepared to actually use a proper sewing machine. Also, sometimes we will need to use hand stitching even when we’re doing most of the work on the machine.

Threading is also something that requires enough patience in the beginning. But once you get used to it, you’ll push the thread through the spool in no time.

How Difficult Is It For a Beginner to Sew a Men’s Shirt?

How Difficult Is It For a Beginner to Sew a Men’s Shirt

Sewing a man’s shirt won’t be difficult if you know how to use your sewing machine and if you follow the instructions carefully. Patience will also play a large part in it, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Above all, you must understand what all the pieces of the pattern are and where they go. The best way to do it is to lay them on the floor and go through the instructions.

Trying to figure it out while sewing will cause you a tremendous amount of stress and you might actually give up easily. Also, don’t try to sew a shirt that you plan to wear immediately. The materials are quite expensive, and you need to practice a bit. Get some cheap fabric or take an old sheet and use that instead. Once you’re satisfied with the end product, then go and get the real thing.

There are certain parts on a men’s shirt that can be hard to sew, which is why we always pay special attention to them. Collars are tricky because there are multiple ways to sew them together. They also usually consist of multiple parts, so it is very important that we follow the pattern to the point. We can also say all of that about cuffs.

When it comes to choosing patterns, we wouldn’t advise you to start with those from Burda. They are usually far more advanced and require more skill. Try something easier in the beginning, as getting good results will inspire you to sew even more.

In the end, sewing a shirt can take anywhere from half an hour to more than twenty hours. If you’re skilled and the pattern is fairly simple, you will be able to do it in no time.

How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Use a Sewing Machine?

The time needed to learn to use a sewing machine depends on many things. However, sewing is something that you will learn for your whole life. Every sewing machine works on the same principle, but they can also be somewhat different when it comes to the functions.

A good sewing teacher will be able to explain to you the basics in a few hours. However, it will take a good amount of patience and dedication in order for you to be able to create wonders with it. But once you sew your first piece together, it will literally make you want to sew more and more.

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