How to Alter a Jumpsuit That Is Too Small (Too Big, Crotch)

When the fit isn’t right. Isn’t that the way it is with clothes? You find a clothing item that has just the right color or pattern, yet when you try it on, tweaks need to be made. You can either learn how to perform the tweaks or put it back on the rack for someone else.

One way to make a jumpsuit fit your body style is to baste the fabric and baste everything you can. You want to be comfortable not jumping around like a twitching cat trying to fix your crotch at an important event.

To learn how to fix a jumpsuit so it has you looking like a sophisticated lady just continue to read our article. It goes to great lengths to provide the right information so you do not look like you have ants in your pants when wearing it.

Can a Jumpsuit be Altered?

A jumpsuit is like any other clothing item. Its fabric is flexible and can easily be shortened, lengthened, or even made wider if that situation calls for it. The trick is in getting the measurements right before you start to make those alterations.

There are four key areas that can be altered to make the jumpsuit look form-fitting or at least more comfortable to wear.

  • 1. The arms and legs - these are the most obvious places where alterations can be made. Both can be shortened, lengthened, or even removed if you want. The arms can also be dropped to give you more breathing space if you need it.
  • 2. Add a zipper - this alteration will make it easier for you to get in and out of the garment. It will also add a little extra fabric where you may need it most.
  • 3. Neckline - this can be changed to fit your new attitude. If you want the jumpsuit to flatter your more, then alteration to this area is going to do the trick.
  • 4. Waistline - and this may also influence the crotch. A little taking in will also flatter your body and have the jumpsuit look more attractive. It may also provide a little extra room for your crotch when done right.

Can You Alter the Crotch of a Jumpsuit?


It is possible to alter the crotch zone on a pair of jumpsuits. It just takes a little skill in getting the alteration just right. One of the things you have to watch out for is making sure you leave more length on the rise.

Then you have to make sure there is enough available fabric so you do not get that camel toe look when you put it on. That is the risk taller or larger women run. For petite women, the extra fabric may end up looking like you are wearing a diaper.

Some experienced sewers do a lot of basting in the crotch area to make it fit better and avoid those clothing risks. The key is to make sure you have the right amount of fabric for what you want to do in the crotch area.

Altering a Jumpsuit Crotch


Even for an experienced tailor altering the crotch and have it fit just right is a difficult task to perform. There are many risks involved and sometimes the fabric just won’t play ball.

If you go to a tailor or even an experienced seamstress, you are looking at paying some good money to have them do the work. There will be a lot of time invested and getting the crotch just right takes a lot of experience which you need to pay for.

Look to pay more than $50 to get the job done by professionals. If you have the experience, then block out a large section of time where you won’t be interrupted. If you baste the crotch in you may only gain an extra inch in length and that may not be enough.

That is why some people either return their jumpsuits or forget about altering them. The work involved does not make it worth wearing the garment.

How to Shorten Crotch in a Jumpsuit

Here is one way that you can shorten the crotch in your jumpsuit:

  • Step 1. open the section where the crotch seam and the inseam meet. Make sure to open up at least double the amount of fabric you are going to need.
  • Step 2. Do not open the inseam but take in about an inch on the inside of each inner leg seam.
  • Step 3. Line up the fabric as best as you can and create your new seams. Then trim any extra fabric you won’t need to eliminate the bulk.
  • Step 4. Sew the new seams to the inseam and you are done.

If that doesn’t work you can try basting everything in sight till you have the right fit for your body. Keep in mind that you will be sitting in this jumpsuit so make sure you give yourself some sitting allowance as well.

Jumpsuit Crotch Too High


This is why tailors charge so much. Lowering the crotch takes some doing as it is not a matter of just opening up the seams and letting the fabric out. There may not be a lot of fabric there at the seam to let out.

Sometimes all you have is about 3/4 to a 1 inch of fabric to work with. It is possible to add a crotch piece which should not affect the rise too much or loosen the seat that much. That crotch piece should do the trick and lower the crotch to a more comfortable size.

Just for clarity, the crotch piece is the term used more for men’s clothing. The gusset is the term associated with women’s alterations. Getting the terms right will save you a little confusion when talking with a tailor or a seamstress.

How to Alter a Jumpsuit That is Too Big

Sometimes just regular sewing techniques will work well on jumpsuits as they do on other articles of clothing that need adjustment. If the waist is too big, all you need to do is take it in.

If you need to shorten the leg, a little hemming will do the trick just like you would do on a regular pair of pants. The same goes for the arms but the arms might need a little more work and that could raise the cost if you are using professionals to do the job.

When you are altering a man’s jumpsuit and turning it into something that will be worn by a lady then there is a lot of work involved. There are a lot of adjustments that need to be made to make that jumpsuit look more feminine.

Here is a link to a complete tutorial. It is just too long to paraphrase and place here. There are pictures accompanying the article so you can see what needs to be done when you are working on a similar task.

How to Take in a Jumpsuit


Maybe people are intimidated by a jumpsuit as it combines two pieces of clothing into one. That is why they have trouble doing simple alterations to this piece of clothing when they can do it to a simpler garment without thinking about it.

The first step is to decide how much of the fabric you want to take off the jumpsuit. To do this just put the jumpsuit on and pinch the fabric at your waist until you get the fit you want. Then take a tape measure and measure that fabric between your fingers.

The second step is to remove any stitching in the waist by using a seam ripper. Turn the jumpsuit inside out and pin the excess fabric to the seam. Then use a straight stitch to sew it into place.

After that close up the opening, you made and you should be good to go. This is just one method you can use and your jumpsuit may not work according to the design this example has.

Can You Make a Jumpsuit Bigger?

Yes, it is not impossible to make a jumpsuit bigger and it doesn’t take a complicated calculation and pattern making to get the job done. The easiest way to make a jumpsuit bigger is to replace the old zipper with a new one.

That little change can add at least an inch of new fabric to the jumpsuit. Plus, it won’t take that long to do. You can wear your altered jumpsuit the same day if you want. For arms and legs, you can make them longer by lowering the hem.

Then you can look to see if there is any selvage you can use to create more interior area for the jumpsuit. You do not have to let out a lot. Even a 1/2 inch can make all the difference.

Just look for those special areas that will add a little fabric without you doing a lot of sewing, cutting, and so on.

How to Alter a Jumpsuit That is Too Small


This sewing task will depend on where the jumpsuit is too small. The smaller crotch can be altered with the addition of a crotch piece if it is fr men and a gusset if it is for women.

For the arms, you can always drop the armpit down a little and provide more room for them as well as your chest area. If the sleeves are too short then undoing the hem and letting the fabric out will cover that shortage in no time.

The legs' length would be the same operation as the arms. Just undo the hem and let the fabric fall to the length you want. For when the shortness comes in at the shoulders, a change in the neckline should alleviate that problem.

It is best to have a good discussion with a professional seamstress to get a list of all the tips and tricks you can do to make that favorite jumpsuit fit again. Sometimes all it takes is letting the selvage out just a tiny bit and the jumpsuit will fit.

Can You Alter a Jumpsuit Into a Dress?


You may like the idea of wearing a jumpsuit. After all, on the right person, the colors and patterns really flatter a body. Unfortunately, when you try one on it just doesn’t look that great on you as it does on someone else. Don't give up hope.

It is possible to change the jumpsuit into a nice dress that will have all eyes in the room marveling at how well you look. The process may take some time so make sure you block out enough so you can work on your new project without any distractions.

Unless you want to turn your jumpsuit into a mini dress. All you have to do there is cut the legs off and hem. That is as simple as it gets when it comes to altering a jumpsuit.

A regular dress will take a little more as you will soon see.

How to Alter a Jumpsuit Into a Dress

Jumpsuits are not for everyone. Even those ones that you find that are in color, style, or pattern you like. Some people just should not wear a jumpsuit. But before you throw that item away or give it to a thrift store try following the upcoming instructions and turn it into a very chic dress.

What you will need are a seam ripper, a pair of scissors, thread, pins, and a sewing machine. Once you gather all that you should be ready to go and don’t forget the jumpsuit.

  • Step 1. use the seam ripper to remove the hem, inner leg, and crotch seams. The end result of this work is that you have something that looks like it is missing the middle piece.
  • Step 2. Turn the jumpsuit inside out and put it on. You need to see how much excess fabric you have that can be changed into a dress. Also, you need to see how the suit drapes around your hips.
  • Step 3. Pin the front of the legs together pulling them toward you. The difficult part of this step is keeping the crotch flat as you do the pinning. After you finish with the front, do the back in the same manner.
  • Step 4. This is where you sew the legs together along the line of pins. The difficulty here is restricting the size of the pucker that will appear as you sew. This pucker will come at the top of the seam where the former legs met the crotch.
  • Step 5. Turn the jumpsuit right side out and try on. Make any adjustments you deem necessary. Now trim any excess fabric that is not needed from the inside of the seam you just finished working on.

One note, the wider the jumpsuit leg the more excess fabric you will have.

  • Step 6. This step involves hemming the jumpsuit dress at a length you are comfortable with wearing. Trim any excess and iron a double hem before sewing. Pin and then sew when that is done.

That is how you turn a jumpsuit into a dress. It will take some time and you may be frustrated by the puckers or the billowing but you can get through it if you are patient enough.

How Much Does it Cost to Alter a Jumpsuit?

As usual, when this type of question is asked, it will depend. The cost depends on what you want to be altered and who does the altering. The costs will not be uniform throughout the country. Tailors may charge more than seamstresses do and so on.

The price at one tailor starts at $15 for a simple hem at the ankle. The price goes up to between $25 and $50 if you want the waist or arms taken in. After that, the cost will depend on all the work you want to be done so the jumpsuit fits your body and avoids all the risks that come if there is too little or too much fabric.

The best thing to do is call the people in your locality and ask them what they charge for a specific alteration. The figures above just give you an idea of the expense that is involved.

Some Final Words

Jumpsuits have had their day, yet there is still a chance to wear them again if you make the right alteration decisions. Jumpsuits can be altered to fit your new body style if you have the skill, the time and the money to get it done.

Why throw out old clothes when they can be refurbished, look new again, and flatter your body when the alterations are done.

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