Is Silk Static Free? (How to De Static Silk Clothes Easily)

If you’ve experienced static while wearing silk clothing, you already know first-hand how uncomfortable it can get. You have your clothes clinging on to your body, your hair standing up, and you most likely have looked for ways you can de-static your silk clothes easily. This article will tell you everything you need to know – from why clothes are static, to how you can stop static in your silk clothes.

Is silk static free? Silk is not a static-free fabric. In fact, it is among the most common fabrics that cause static along with wool, polyester, and fur. You see it when your silk clothes stick to your body, or you shake hands with someone and feel static.

Luckily, there are several easy steps you can take to get rid of static from your silk clothes, but first, let’s understand what causes static in our clothing.

What Makes Clothes Static?


Clothes are static when there is a build-up of static electricity. Static electricity is a result of friction between two different materials that come in contact with each other in a dry environment. In other words, static electricity accumulates in your silk clothes when the dry silk fabric runs against your dry skin.

As such, you are more likely to experience static with your clothing during the winter, or if you live in a dry region.

Even when you are not wearing it, your silk clothes can accumulate static. For instance, if you hang them in your cupboard close to other clothes of different fabric and the two materials rub against each other, this can make your clothes static.

Another instance is when you have just taken out your clothes from its paper packaging for the first time. Since it must have rubbed against the paper (different material) inside the package (dry environment), you will likely experience static in your clothes when you take it out, causing it to cling on to your body or make your hair stand up when you wear it.

Why is Silk Static?

Like any other fabric that rubs against another material, causing friction, silk can produce static electricity too. But compared to other fabrics such as cotton, silk is much more likely to cause static.

This is because silk, as a material, is a poor conductor of electricity. A poor conductor is a material that does not allow electricity to flow through it easily and instead, resists the flow of electrons. As such, the electrons cannot flow through the material (silk) easily, leading to a build-up of electrical charges from one place to a different place in the material.

So, when your silk clothing rubs against your body, the electrical charge cannot flow through easily, leading to its accumulation in the silk. This causes the static in silk.

How To de Static a Silk Shirt


You’re wearing a beautiful silk shirt that completes your entire look, but it keeps clinging to your body, making you extremely uncomfortable? Don’t worry because there are multiple solutions that can help you de static your silk shirt easily.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to remove static from silk is by adding a little water. Since static build-up can only happen in a dry environment, adding a little moisture can help you solve your problem in no time.

You can invest in a spray bottle to help you out. All you have to do is spray some water on your clothing before you go out, just enough to dry before you head out, and your static problem is gone.

Another simple method is to let your silk clothing hang alone to dry after washing it. It may sound very simple, but it works. You probably already know that you should never put your silk clothes in the dryer after you have washed them, and the best way to dry them is by air-drying them and letting them hang. But did you know that hanging them alone can help you avoid static?

The science is simple – when you hang your silk clothing alone, it does not come in contact with any other type of fabric and, thus, does not have an opportunity to rub against something to create friction, and no friction translates to no static. So, after washing your silk clothing, you can simply hand it in a hanger and let it air-dry.

How To Stop Static Silk Dress

A silk dress can be beautiful but also uncomfortable if it has static. But here’s how you can de static it easily so that you can look and feel your best for the evening without having to worry about your dress clinging on to your body.

This one is called the wire hanger trick and is used when you want to quickly de static silk clothing. Take a regular wire hanger in your hand and hold the straps of your dress on the other hand. Then, gently glide down the wire hanger against your dress. This helps to neutralize the charged ions in the silk that cause your dress to cling on to your body. You may hear a gentle cracking noise, and the wire glides down, but don’t worry. This means that what you’re doing is working.

Another easy trick is to use a tumble dryer sheet. All you have to do is take a tumble dryer sheet and rub the inside of the dress as well as your legs with it. This will help eliminate the excess build-up of positive and negative charges that are causing the static.

How To Get Static Out of Silk Pajamas


If you are having trouble with your silk pajamas because of static, add fabric softener while you wash it. The way you care for your silk clothing can also affect the amount of static it has, and using a fabric softener helps to ensure that your silk pajamas are not too dry. Not only this, but it also helps to give the fabric a soft, supple, and fluffy feel, making them even more comfortable against your skin.

It’s best to hand-wash any silk clothing. Not only does putting your silk pajamas in the washer increase the chances of static since they would be rubbing against other clothing items with different materials, but it also helps to prevent shrinking.

If adding fabric softener doesn’t work and you still have static problems, try adding distilled white vinegar while washing your silk pajamas. Vinegar is non-toxic, and it acts as a great alternative to static sprays and synthetic fabric softeners. It helps to restore moisture to the fabric, thus eliminating the chances of your silk pajamas clinging to your legs.

The best part is that it can achieve this without using any harsh, harmful chemicals that could affect the quality of the fabric. What’s more? Vinegar even helps to remove soap residue from your clothes while you wash them, ensuring that your clothes are completely clean and conditioned.

How To de Static Clothes at Work

If you are at work and you find that your clothes are clinging on to you, there are a few simple things you can do. First, simply moisturize your legs or arms or the body part that your clothes are clinging on to. This removes the dryness and adds some hydration to your skin, thus helping you de static.

Another solution is to wear a slip-on that is made of cotton underneath your silk shirt. Cotton is a better conductor of electricity compared to silk, and this allows the cotton slip-on to act as a protective layer that stops your silk shirt from clinging on to your body.

We have mentioned that adding water is a great way to de static silk clothes. But if you are at work, you may not have access to a spray bottle. What you can do is wet your hands lightly and then wipe them on the inside of your clothes to dampen them, or on the body part that your clothes are clinging on to. Make sure that you don’t use too much water since you are at work. Also, be prepared to have several wet spots on your clothes, but these will quickly dry off in no time.

You could also invest in anti-static sprays that you can easily find in stores. There are all kinds of brands available to choose from. Buy a small bottle and keep it on your office desk or carry it with you every day in your bag. Then, when you start to feel your clothes clinging on to you, all you have to do is spray the solution on your clothes, and your problem is solved.

While silk is a beautiful and comfortable fabric, it can be the opposite when there is static. Especially when you are outside, the fabric hugging your body can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. But with these tips above, you can wear your silk clothes comfortably anytime, anywhere.

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