How to Fix a Hole in Suit Pants (Sew a Small Hole in Pants)

Keys, fingernails, nails, all of these items and more can cause a pair of suit pants a lot of problems. They are sharp enough to snag the fabric and create a nice hole. The good news is that fixing these holes is not a complicated process.

How to fix a hole in suit pants: There are many ways to fix a hole in a suit pant leg. These fixes will depend on the size of the hole. But there is one word of warning you should listen to, do not use interface or an iron-on product as these items can make the fabric stiff and uneven.

To learn more about fixing holes in a pair of suit pants just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to help you sew better and hide the hole so it can’t be readily seen.

Can You Fix a Hole in Suit Pants?


Yes, you can. The one thing you have to watch out for when fixing a suit pant hole is how the ‘hand’ looks. To avoid any real problems when fixing a hole in a nice pair of pants, you may want to darn the hole back together.

Especially if you are only doing a temporary fix. There is no sense in doing a complicated repair job if the pants are going to be replaced soon. Darning with a thin thread will be as good a fix as you can get.

Reweaving is a good way to go but that will require you to have some of the same fabric lying around the house. It is also a complicated technique that requires a deft and experienced hand to handle the task.

How to Fix a Hole in Suit pants


If the hole in the suit pants is not that large and not in a very conspicuous spot, you can get away with sewing some right colored thread over the hole. This is a back and forth technique that should easily close the hole without causing any distraction.

Another option would be to use a two-sided fusible and cut it to fit the amount of fabric you want to be covered. The patch should go on the inside of the pant leg. Then cut a small amount off the fusible and fuse it to the right side of the patch.

A little sewing by hand and the stitching should be invisible. A third way to fix a hole in the suit pant leg is to use a good bonding agent that works on fabrics. You do not need a lot of the ‘glue’ but make sure your patch matches the suit color and design so no one will know the difference.

If you want to take the easy way out, take the pants to a tailor and have them do some reweaving. It may cost you some money but it will be a professional job and look good.

How to Fix a Tear in a Suit Jacket


A tear in the fabric is a lot easier to fix. That is because you are not missing any of the suit jacket fabric. All you have to do is rejoin the two sides and sew up the tear. Make sure you keep the thread invisible so the repair work is not noticeable.

If the tear happens in the elbow, putting on elbow patches is always a good idea. They are easy to sew and can turn an old suit jacket into a nice casual clothing item you can wear to non-formal occasions.

Then along the same lines, you can place a patch on the inside of the fabric where it won’t be seen and sew the tear together. The patch provides the strength the user will need as they go about their day.

The technique you will use will depend a lot on its size and location. A torn seam is probably the easiest tear to fix and only requires a little time to rejoin the two sides.

How to Patch Dress Pants


There are many ways to repair dress pants. One of the fastest ways to do it is when the hole is not that large. You can get fusible interfacing that is very thin and press it on with a hot iron.

Now there have been some warnings about this but if the user can handle it, this is a fast way to get the patch in place. If you use an iron-on mending fabric be careful not to use them on polyester, nylon or rayon suit pants.

When using those items, stretch the hole very lightly so the cut or loose threads attach to the patch. Also, the best way to patch a hole in dress pants is to use matching fabric.

Of course, you will also need to use invisible thread to make sure you can hide the patch job from other people’s views. You will want to have the patch just a little bit larger than the hole.

How to Sew a Small Hole in Pants


Small holes are easier to fix than larger ones. They are almost invisible to the eye once you get done and you won’t need to use any patches on the outside of the fabric. A small patch on the inside can be sewn into place as long as you bring the fabric together.

Or you can use a fusible interface and same color as the suit thread to patch up the hole. A zig-zag stitch will be stretchable as well as strong. Then you can also use the darning technique. Just move the thread back and forth over the hole until it is fully patched.

Finally, you can turn the pant leg inside out and use a needle to rearrange the closes threads to the hole. Lightly stretch the fabric in all directions and hopefully, the hole repairs itself.

Simple techniques are always the best to use. They are easy to do and do not take up a lot of time while still giving you great results.

How to Fix a Hole in The Pants Knee


As with any other hole in the suit pants issue, the type of fix you apply depends on the size of the hole. Smaller is always better to fix as there are so many ways to hide the holes.

For larger holes and this is for non-dress pants, you may want to bring the patch back in style. A good size patch will solve your problem and reinforce the pant leg. Plus, you can make the patch thicker to give it more comfort and durability.

Another way is to put a layer of fleece on the inside and a layer of cotton on the outside. This allows you to be a little creative in design without losing strength or comfort.

For dress pants, it is going to be a little more complicated and if you do not have extra fabric, then it may be best to take the pants to a professional tailor and have them reweave the pant knee for you.

Fixing dress pants are always difficult because of the fabric, design, and color involved. They also have to look good after the repair work is done. You may not want to try to fix this issue by yourself.

How do You Fix Holes in Pants in The Crotch Area?


Crotch areas wear out not because the fabric used to make a pair of dress pants is no good, weak or flimsy. They wear out because of overuse and the fabric rubs together with every step you take.

Then some men have legs that are close together which makes the rubbing a little more intense. A visible repair would be cutting some similar material into a triangle shape and stitching it to the damaged fabric.

This method adds strength and it will add a lot more stiffness. The other option would be to cut out the damaged section and replace it with a new piece. This results in a diamond shape seam but it should be invisible. Unfortunately, you can’t stop the wearing down of the fabric and the patches will end up damaged eventually.

How to Fix a Hole in a Pants Pocket


In this situation, you should turn the pocket inside out to see what type of hole it is. If it is a split seam, then just get rid of the loose thread and resew the seam like you would any other seam in the suit.

If the hole is not in the seam, then all you would need is a nice lightweight patch, a little thread and a little time. Place the patch over the hole, pin it in place and then sew the patch in place.

You have a lot more freedom patching a hole in the pocket as that is one part of the suit that is rarely seen by other people. If you do not want to use a patch or do not have one handy, then you can always use the darning method if the hole is not too large.

These methods should work even if you have a lined pocket area to work with.

Fixing Holes In The Pants Inner Thigh


It happens and it may happen a lot if you wear the same pants multiple times every week. Holes will appear in the most awkward spots and they need to be fixed. The inner thigh is one of those areas but not to worry, the repair is simple.

The first thing you need to do after getting your supplies is to trim away the frayed edges of the hole. You are cleaning it up so the replacement fabric can blend in better. Then turn the pant leg inside out.

After that, you cut your replacement fabric to the correct size, leaving you some sewing allotment all the way around. Then place your fusible around the edge for reinforcement but do not let it overhang the edge of the hole or it will be seen.

Next, place the patch over the hole keeping it nice and centered and iron the patch into place. When that is done, stitch the patch into place using short but not too short of a stitch length. Go all the way around the patch to make sure it has the strength to remain in place.

Match the color of your thread as close as you can, using a light color for worn areas and darker for less worn spots. Trim off any excess fabric and you should be done. Unfortunately, your stitches may still show once you are finished.

How to Fix a Hole in Pants Without Sewing


If you do not feel like sewing, then there are good alternatives to patching holes without turning on your machine or threading a needle. The first thing you need to do is cut the frayed edges off so that you have a nice clean hole to work with.

Then cut the patch to be a bit larger than the hole. After that is done, you just take your tube of fabric glue and squeeze out a little glue going around the hole in a continuous manner.

Once that is done, you can press the patch into place. If the edges of the patch do not touch the glue, then go around the patch and add more glue so the edges stay attached to the pants.

Some Final Words

Patching dress pants, suit pants or even jeans can take a little time. It will depend on the size of the hole and its location. Many people will advise you to take your dress pants to a professional and let them handle the task.

This is the easy way out but not always the most economical. With a little practice, you can mend those pants with the right method yourself and save.

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