Can You Iron Nylon? How To Get Wrinkles Out of Nylon Jacket

Ironing is not for everyone. But it is a task that needs doing so everyone does it at some point in time. Even man-made fibers need to feel the pressure that an iron brings. The only thing is they do not need to feel the heat. When dealing with man-made fabrics, be careful when you use your iron to get the wrinkles out.

Can you iron nylon? The good news is that it is possible to iron nylon. The only difference between ironing that material over natural fibers is that you need to exclude the heat and the steam. Other than that, you can use your iron to make your nylon clothing items look great again.

To learn how to iron nylon properly, just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you want to know about so you do not ruin your nylon garments by ironing them. Iron is very inclusive but just change the heat settings when doing different fabrics.

Is Nylon Wrinkle-Free?


It may be more wrinkle-resistant than wrinkle-free. The reason behind that conclusion is that complex weaves tend to keep wrinkles out and nylon comes from a complex weave style. But it is not perfect.

If you are looking for wrinkle-resistant clothing then you should look at those fabrics blending with nylon. That additional fabric should help keep wrinkles way and cut down on your laundry time.

The one problem with nylon’s wrinkle-resistant nature is that it may be chemically treated to resist those wrinkles. That means you are placing harmful and possibly toxic chemicals next to you or your family’s skin.

It is a tough choice as nylon is quick-drying, doesn’t hold onto dirt very well, and is easy to wash. Nylon is a fabric for cooler temperatures though.

Does Nylon Wrinkle Easily?

The answer to that question depends on how the nylon fibers were woven. If woven simply then yes, nylon would wrinkle easily. If woven in a complex style then no, nylon does not wrinkle easily.

But with that said, nylon can wrinkle and it may be a pain to get those wrinkles out of your nylon clothing. When those wrinkles get into your nylon clothing, then you have to be careful how you use your iron when making the fabric look good again.

You can use your iron when your nylon items need a touch up in appearance. Just be careful of the heat setting because heat and nylon are not friends. Steam is not on nylon’s friends' list either. Like rayon, nylon can be tricky to iron and take up a lot of your time.

Can You Iron Nylon Fabric?

Yes, you can iron nylon but not like you can iron natural fibers like cotton or linen. The heat of the iron is not good for the fabric and can mess up a good looking outfit very easily. So can steam so you should iron with an empty steam tank when doing nylon fabrics.

But that does not mean you can’t use a little water to help you get those wrinkles out. It is recommended that you have a spray bottle on hand to make the ironing go a little smoother. Just do not make it warm or hot water.

The setting you want to use would be a low or no heat one or if you have a rayon setting that would work as well. Nylon is not an impossible fabric to iron, it is just a sensitive one.

Will an Iron Melt Nylon?


It is possible as nylon has a reputation for burning very easily. That means that you can’t just iron nylon like you would any high heat tolerant fabric. You can’t assume that nylon is just like any other material.

If you do, then you will find that the iron has either melted the material or burned the fabric. The best setting to use when ironing this fabric is 1. That should be your lowest setting and let your iron warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes before using it on that material.

To help avoid the melting danger, put an ironing or pressing cloth over the areas you need to smooth out. This will cut down on the direct heat the fabric will feel and protect your garments from catching fire or melting.

What Happens When You Iron Nylon

If all goes well, your nylon clothing will look like they just came from the store. That is if you followed the laundry instructions on the label. If things do not go well, expect to go shopping soon to replace those items ruined by the iron.

It takes a little work to get the melted fibers off your iron and that will delay your laundry time substantially. Or it may mean you have to buy a new iron if you can’t scrape the melted synthetic fibers off of your old iron.

To avoid this issue, you should not iron nylon with an iron that has heated to over 275 degrees F. That is the benchmark you need to go by. Then start your ironing chores with those fabrics that require the lowest heat setting first. Then move up to hose fabrics that need higher temperatures.

What Iron Setting For Nylon?

It depends on what your iron’s temperature scale has on it. If you just get single-digit numbers then you will want to use the first setting or #1. If your scale has fabric names on it, then rayon is the setting you want to place your iron.

Some irons may also say nylon on it so use that setting. Finally, if your iron’s temperature scale only has degrees on it, then 275 degrees F or 135 degrees C will be your preferred settings.

If your iron is very old or cheaply made and there are no temperature scales on it, then go with a no heat or a very low heat. The key is to keep the temperature as low as possible and not to use the steam function if your iron has one.

What Temperature do You Iron Nylon?


275 degrees F is the maximum temperature you should be using when ironing nylon. It can’t be any harder than that as nylon is a man-made fabric that has lots of vulnerable characteristics. Going too hot may melt the fabric or burn it.

Then make sure to turn the fabric inside out if possible, and cover it with a pressing cloth. That way you will protect the material the best way possible and keep it in shape. Using the right ironing techniques will spare you the hassle of replacing the item.

Always remember, nylon is the same as rayon and it needs low to cool temperatures to survive. Also, make sure not to press too hard when you are removing wrinkles from this fabric. The pressure is also not that good for nylon. You want a light smooth stroke.

How To Get Wrinkles Out of Nylon Jacket

The first thing to do is to turn the jacket inside out so that the iron does not touch the fabric and harm it in any way. The second thing to do is to use the right pressing cloth between the jacket and the iron.

When you have those two things done, make sure your iron is on the lowest setting and warming up. Once the iron is warm, go ahead and press the jacket. Again, you do not want hard, heavy strokes, but smooth light ones.

Plus, you should not linger on any one spot for any length of time. Those strokes should be quick to avoid overheating the material. To start, try the collar or the sleeves first, then move on to the rest of the jacket.

How To Iron Nylon Jacket

As previously mentioned, the collar should be the first place to start. Then go to the sleeves. Or you can reverse that order but one thing is for sure, do the rest of the jacket after you have done those two sections first.

Make sure you use a pressing cloth to keep direct heat away from the material. One thing is for sure you want to use light quick strokes so the fabric doesn’t melt ruining your iron. Or give you an extra cleaning task to get done before you move on to other fabrics.

Also, turn the jacket inside out for even further protection. Taking the right precautions helps you get the ironing done right without harming your garments.

How To Get Wrinkles Out of Nylon Flag


This is a simple task to do as the heat settings are the same. Once you get the flag-off of its pole, lay it out on your ironing board and let the flag drape without touching the floor.

Next, use your hand to smooth out any wrinkles before you get started using your iron. With the iron on low, use quick motions so that the heat does not influence the look of the flag in the wrong way.

For each section of the flag, you iron just repeat those simple steps and the task will be over before you know it.

How To Iron Nylon Flag

Being careful is how you iron a nylon flag. You can’t let it touch the floor and that is not for cleanliness reasons but other ones that have little to do with laundry. Make sure to remove the flag from the pole so it sits flat on your ironing board.

Your hands are a good tool in getting wrinkles out of nylon flags so do not be bashful and let your hands remove as many wrinkles as possible. Then with your iron on low, just move it along quickly so that the flag material doe snot overheat at any time.

Also, do the flag section by section. This will make it easier to get the job done.

How To Iron Nylon Shirt

The ironing technique here is just about the same as it is with other nylon clothing. The iron has to be on the lowest heat setting possible, the shirt should be turned inside out and a pressing cloth should be used.

Make sure to start at the collar first. Then move on from there. Use quick, light strokes to make sure the material is treated just right and in no danger of overheating. You should do the sleeves before doing the rest of the shirt, but that order of ironing is up to you.

How do You Steam Nylon?


You shouldn’t steam nylon clothing. The heat of the steam does not do the fabric any good. BUT, you can steam nylon carpets using a steam cleaner. The reason you can use this device is that steam is not really being used to clean nylon carpets.

Hot water is pressurized and sent into the carpet and then immediately vacuumed up. That means the heat in the hot water does not remain on the nylon and the nylon carpet is not affected.

This is the only method that cleans carpets nice and deep and it does work on nylon versions so you get a nice clean healthy carpet to walk on. Trying to steam wrinkles out of clothing may end up ruining them

Some Final Words

Getting wrinkles out of your nylon clothing is not that difficult. You just have to be careful when you do it. Remember to use the lowest heat setting, quick and light strokes and you should be fine.

That technique works on all nylon clothing items. Just remember not to steam as you iron. Use a spray bottle filled with cold water to help get rid of wrinkles.

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